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 FIREWORKs disaster

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Fireworks Disasters: Tell Us Your Story

Many holiday events that will end with a bang—fireworks, that is—may be entertaining for people, but they are not nearly as much fun for animal companions or wildlife.
Animals' hearing is far more sensitive than ours, and unpredictable and deafening blasts from fireworks can cause them immense pain and fear and even damage their hearing.
Dogs, cats, birds, and other animals often become frightened and confused by the noise, causing them to panic and attempt to flee—frequently with devastating results. Many holidays end in tragedy when alarmed animals break out of screen doors and fenced yards and become lost or are hit by cars.
Fireworks are just as disastrous to wildlife. Since pyrotechnic displays produce high-particulate emission-laden plumes, birds, who have sensitive respiratory systems, often choke when caught in or near pyrotechnic blasts. Such horrifying stories are not restricted to nonhuman animals. Every year, bystanders and professional fireworks operators are injured and killed in fireworks-related incidents.
Some displays have even ignited fires that have damaged property and habitat. Holiday stories involving lighting displays don't need to end in horror. This is because there are safer, affordable alternatives to fireworks that are just as magnificent and festive.
Laser and light shows can give families, including their animal companions, real cause to celebrate.
Do you have a story about how fireworks ruined your holiday celebration? Or any ideas for how cities can light the sky with less bang and more cheer? Please enlighten us by leaving a comment ...


  • Tash commented:
    Jul 8, 2012 7:28 AM
    I've never particularly been madly into fireworks as I tend to be noise sensitive. The loud sounds always scared me as a child and still startle me now. One time when my dog was a puppy I was in the car with her and the poor little mite was trying to hide underneath the front passenger chair in the footwell in fear from the noise. They scared the ferrets my family had at one point and both of our cats as well. It truly disgusts me to think that I breathe the same air as the scum idiots who mess round with fireworks and don't give a damn about other people and the wildlife animals along with people's pets - they have just as much right as us to not suffer stress and fear! Also to think of the cheek they have of messing with fireworks then expecting hospital treatment after it's their own fault. What about the animals? I recon medical staff should be able to say 'it's your own fault you got hurt, so we're not going to treat you! Of course you can't always tell what's happened, but if people genuinely have been up to no good, it serves them the bloody hell right!

  • Melany commented:
    Jul 7, 2012 7:55 PM
    We have a lot of pets, and most of them have no reaction to the fireworks. However, we used to have a Great Pyrenees dog named Pyro. He used to be terrified of them. Our house is right on the edge of town and the town right next to us always has fireworks for New Year's and Dia de las Mascaras. We couldn't keep Pyro indoors because those dogs grow really big, so we kept him in our backyard. (He enjoyed it; we have a large terrain, but he wasn't allowed past the fenced yard alone.) Every time there were fireworks, he would find his way into the house, and sit there shivering and whining. One year, my grandfather left him locked in his cage in the back. We had forgotten what day it was, since Dia de las Mascaras doesn't pertain to our town, and had left him alone. He managed to find his way out of the cage, but all of the fear from the fireworks caused him to have a heart attack. Now I can't stand to listen to fireworks or thunder because it reminds me of how he might have survived if we hadn't left the house.

  • Carolyn commented:
    Jul 4, 2012 10:57 PM
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FIREWORKs disaster
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