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24 January 2011

Call me un-Australian, but …

Is a certain television commercial featuring a certain football-has-been telling you how un-Australian you are for not eating lamb on Australia Day driving you crazy? Me too!
A few things to remember –
1. Sheep aren't even originally from Australia.
2. Masses of native vegetation have been cleared to graze sheep, irreversibly changing the Australian landscape.
3. Countless native Australian animals are extinct or endangered because of habitat loss through land clearing (livestock production being one of the main causes of this land clearing). In fact Australasia leads the entire world in species extinction Sad
4. Sheep produce methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide, which is affecting the whole planet (which btw includes Australia).
5. Sheep have wonderful personalities and are just as smart and deserving as the beloved dogs and cats in the homes of countless Australians.
And finally, this:

Would anyone seriously want that adorably cute and bouncy critter to have to die for their dinner?
These undisputed facts only point to one conclusion – Sam's got it backwards: it's eating lamb that is un-Australian!
Take that Kekovich!
I wanna know how you'll be spending Australia Day?
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Sheep : Meat
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