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October 28, 2010

Canned Lion Hunting Is Cruel: An Activist Spotlight

On a canned hunt, animals, such as lions, are either placed in an enclosed space or bred specially to be hunted. Canned hunting serves as a major source of foreign revenue for the hunting industry -- making it hard to convince government officials to end the practice many consider unethical and cruel.
One petition author, Ula, felt compelled to take action:
"I had one of two choices really: I could continue to mourn this atrocity, which is cloaked in the name of sport in South Africa, or I could do something about it."
"Concerning the Canned Lion Hunting issue, I believe it is unspeakably cruel to hunt an animal, that in many cases, has been raised to trust humans, and to do the hunting in a confined space where the animals have no way of escaping. It really can't even be called hunting."
Ula recently witnessed the power of another petition first hand:
"In July, I started a petition to stop rhino poaching in South Africa and it was possibly coincidental, but a few months after delivering the petition with 3,506 signatures from around the world, a massive poaching ring was uncovered in South Africa."
One major challenge is the fact that canned hunting is currently legal in South Africa. But together, Care2 member signatures from all around the world can help show the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Ms Buyelwa Sonjica, that you are serious about putting an end to this practice.
The petition author has strong hopes for the petition and will not give up.
"My greatest aim with this petition is to change the view of the South African government on canned hunting. It must be declared illegal. They make big money from thi trade, so it is not going to be easy, but it is the right thing to do."
If you believe canned lion hunting is cruel, sign this petition today!
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