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Philosophy Forums » Metaphysics and Epistemology » Metaphysics Essay. » Metaphysics Essay.
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Metaphysics Essay.

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Metaphysics Essay.

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Posted 01/27/10 - 5:58 AM:
Subject: Metaphysics Essay.
There are probably ample grammar errors, this is the draft copy of an essay on metaphysics that will be handed in in a week. Please do not be to critical in critiquing it, i am just a high school kid. But I hope you enjoy and perhaps we can have a discussion.

---------------------------------------Brock Wallace---------------------------------------

When questioning what we are and our purpose here, it is vital to take into account that our life is comprised of two entirely different but reflective factors. Those being the mind and body. On the subject of where our body as well as our mind comes from there are ample different theories ranging from creationism to reincarnation. Unfortunately we have not yet been given the keys to understand fully what our purpose is, we can only philosophize.

----------------------------On the inquiry into the human body-----------------------------

The human body is a combination of many different perfectly interactive parts, coming together to create a working system. Like the human body, everything in our environment is comprised of smaller parts; the smallest that we know of, being the atom. The atom itself is made of a centre of gravity with multiple electrons revolving around it; these are the building blocks for life.

The limits of human knowledge on our environment extend only to the borders of our solar system. The largest thing humans know is curiously similar to the smallest. Our solar system itself is made of a centre of gravity with multiple planets revolving around it, very congruent in structure with the atom. The only thing we know about outer space is it is infinitely larger then us. Is it not a justified statement to say that it is likely for our solar system to be a piece to larger puzzle, a building block to something exorbitant? With this statement put forth, it is just as likely for atoms to be small scale universes.

Plato’s allegory of the cave intrigued me a lot. I see a lot of resemblances to our world in the story. We are trapped on this planet and unable to explore the true boundaries of the material world. I believe that Plato saw this and felt trapped, he felt enclosed. We can not physically explore past our limits, nor can we mentally. With the understanding of how little we truly know he created a metaphor for the human mind, entitled allegory of the cave.

There are thousands and thousands of not only discovered but undiscovered species of life on this globe. We are amongst them. When dealing with questions of metaphysics it is critical to understand the relationship between us and “animals”, we believe that animals are below us because where “smarter”. When the reality is, we can not say that we are more intellectually advanced then animals. We do not know what is going on in an animal’s mind therefore it is not possible to judge the true intellectual capabilities of them.

Darwin’s theory of evolution talks about natural selection, and the idea that all species have consistently evolved creating more species. In my opinion, this is the closest theory to the truth. There are fundamental physical laws that all life follows. Within those laws, life pulsates. When observing other animals we see them evolve. They change appearance to suit the changing predators, and they develop new techniques to survive the changing environments. In life our body changes appearances multiple times, as does our mind. We literally become a different person multiple times over. This is evolution. With the human body evolving constantly it would only make sense that natural selection happens on a larger scale, creating new species.

-----------------------On the inquiry into the human mind----------------------------------

Thomas Hobbes, a materialist, believed that this existence is comprised totally of material objects. He thought that the human consciousness was just a physical anomaly that we have yet to figure out. This can not be. There is no way that our intuitions and subconscious thoughts are governed by physical laws. If they where, then all thought would be uniform, and there would be no way of evolving. In the evolutionary cycle intelligence piles on intelligence. If our thoughts where governed by physical laws, then intelligence would be linear and unable to build.

The human mind is the biggest mystery to man. We are not even close to unlocking the key to understanding why it is put into this person. All our memories and thoughts, our traits, as well as our consciousness comes together to create an energy known as the soul. This soul is a very powerful tool and holds many secrets.

The soul is totally independent and specific to a person. The material world is the only thing we have that brings all our minds together, and it is viewed differently depending on the individual. Take for example, the color blue, how can we be sure that the sensory experience labeled “blue” is actually general to all minds, my blue may be your red.

The soul is totally separate from the body. As the body dies, the soul moves on, continuing to learn. The soul is the part of our existence that connects us to our much more general reality. When the body dies the soul moves into another existence, weather this existence runs parallel with ours or it is a different form from humans all together is a matter of choice in the spirit world.

The Christians believe that there is a kingdom of heaven and that humans are chosen creatures, they believe that when our souls die we live eternally with our creator or choose to come back to live on earth. This is obscure in my opinion. While the thought of a creator is not so “out there”, the Christians views that humans are a superior life form does not make any sense. The material objects of this existence are so intricate and beautifully made; it would not make sense for them just to exist. There must have been something that created them. This aspect of Christianity I agree with. However if there where a god that chose humans to be a superior life form then our ignorance would not be justified. There is a god that created the world that we are a fragment of. However this specific existence is not in anyway different to that of another homo-sapiens’s. As it’s not different to that of a rabbit’s. God didn’t just create humans or this prefect little green planet, he created all, and where just life forms within that all.

A belief that intrigued me was the views of the Gnostics. They believe (among other things) that a piece of our souls in the spirit world was stolen by a lesser demon in the kingdom of heaven-a lesser deity of god. The demon created this hell for us to live on and trapped our mind here with the illusions of time and ignorance to torture us. The thought that this life is a hell is not so obscure. We endure pain and countless hardships to build towards what could quite possibly be the end. We are a species that has evolved to question our own existence, however where not given the intellectual keys to truly understand anything with certainty.
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Posted 01/27/10 - 9:54 AM:

I suppose this is an undergraduate paper you are handing in for a philosophy class. Dn't worry what we might say on this Philosophy Forum. The important thing is your instructor's reaction.

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Philosophy Forums » Metaphysics and Epistemology » Metaphysics Essay. » Metaphysics Essay.
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