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 Dogs dying on the highway ,we don't care about em, me me me!

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MessageSujet: Dogs dying on the highway ,we don't care about em, me me me!   Mar 20 Aoû - 12:24

animals dying on the highway

More importance is placed on the transportation business than on the lives of living beings. Millions of dogs suffer this fate, imposed by "civilization" across the world, not to mention the atrocities to which dogs are subjected by industries from dogs for human consumption to fur and the pets and pet food industry.

cats suffer the same fate, then there are the rhinos for their horns, elephants for their tusks, sharks for their fins, whales and dolphins for both their meat and the sheer "sport" of senseless murder. Animals for religious sacrifice, animals for entertainment, animals for work, animals for laboratories, animals raised by the billions to be slaughtered for the butcher shops. we exploit, abuse humans and animals, we inflict atrocities on humans yet.

This human race is a million miles away from being civilized. This is a death and destruction obsessed society, screwed up by perverted institutions, governments, crime cartels, mass ignorance and the self centered ego of those who place more importance on "Me first, everything else will have to wait until my house is filled with all the garbage for sale today, and tomorrow". Social status based on absolutely nothing remains priority above all, let others, or God, worry about Life........

Let's Adopt Global video

If only humans opened their eyes and realized the fact that all other animals have just as much right to live as we do. The voiceless are not trash — they are living beings! All life is precious! All life is equal! BE THEIR VOICE! SPEAK OUT! Help us spread the message, join us! If you agree that animals feel, suffer, love and the truth about their abuse should be exposed, please “like” our page. Thank you!
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Dogs dying on the highway ,we don't care about em, me me me!
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