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January 20 th 2014

Please share this an aweful lot thanks

Catholic charities common prayer  

GOD, open our eyes that we may see You in all our sisters and brothers. Open our minds that we may understand their hopes and dreams, their sorrows and pain, their longing for You. Open our hearts to give generously of ourselves. Grant us wisdom to respond effectively to the needs of your animals and people with grace and compassion. Give us the courage to speak your words of life, peace, love, mercy and human and animals solidarity. Bless the animals and humans whom we serve, and strengthen the staff and volunteers who reach out to them every day in your spirit of Charity. Amen. In Jesus name. the LORD will bless his people with peace Psalm 29

Prayer is a lifting up of the minds and the hearts to GOD. This is GOD's message to mankind : find GOD please before it's too late.The LORD is our strenght and our shield . The end is near but it is not too late to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior , and live your life by the word of GOD . GOD loves all His creatures and that is because GOD is love.GOD loves all His creatures even the sinner while he is still living . If you truly know the LORD and knew that what you did was not right in the sight of GOD we believe in our heart that though they are lying and dying like they were, if right then and there you repented and ask GOD to forgive you for what you did , then you are clear

Hello dear brothers and sisters of planet earth . I love you . GOD bless you . These petitions are of critical importance . Please take a moment to sign it .Please share this by skype twitter emails facebooks print it many times if you want talk about this show this to everyone . Thanks . We got to pray for our animals and vegetables and human brothers & sisters because if many of us pray for the same cause all over the world,thousands or millions of humans pray,we are helping all our brothers and sisters tortured in this earth by humans,our human brothers and sisters abused by humans, our animal brothers and sisters abused by humans and and our vegetable brothers and sisters abused by humans . The power of prayer is incredible,we can save lives by praying our loving Father to make stop all cruelties happening in this world and made by humans because not a few humans'll pray but many Christians and Catholics all over the planet,so this is very POWERFUL. Please never stop to pray for the abused beings of this world,who are abused not only in your respective country but in all parts of the world,not only the beings who suffer in your region or city or state but in the whole country you live in,not only for the beings you personally know who suffer from disabilities or who are beaten by their husbands or raped by their dads ect who are facing terrible cancer or angel dogs raped by their dads or for the homless angels in your town ect but also for all the ones who face these horrible abuses everywhere even if it's far form where your being is and even if you don't know them,in other words, please pray for all humans and animals .

They sould do animal testing on animal killers, animal rapists, zoophile,s toreros, human killers, rapists, pedophiles ect not on innocents animals. Animals don't deserve to be abused they're SAINTS. They should do human testing,corridas,leather,fur,hunting on these sub humans who abuse and kill animals and humans . Thats the punishment GOD should give these abominable 'creatures' , filthy so-and-so for the crimes they commit against their ANIMALS SAINTS and humans brothers and sisters . Being part of the good humans isn't only never being mean.It's so much more than that.It's also ---helping--- out the world the ones you hear about, or you see who aren't fine.Be it in a magazine,on tv,on the internet, wherever you hear about beings who are abused or are poor just try to HELP. That is what kindess is all about because it's never being --indifferent-- to the ones who arent ok. Because how could anyone just walk the other way or close their eyes when they see a stray sick a dirty fragile animal or homeless human ect say i'm a good person . So being helpful,being a kind person is being compasisonate and collaborate to change the world making it so much better,deleting the suffering like we delete a word with a keybord on a computer. Just trying as much as posible almost becoming an obsession or becoming an obsession , even better : suppresing all the bad stuff,all the injustices that humans do in this world. That should be the reason to live of all single human beings in this planet.

Let's pray for all humans to behave good and ourselves , today and all the days that will come, to be the farest posible from satan and the closest to YOU GOD . Let us pray for all of us to be good today , to have no evil thought, to do no evil thing , to do good deeds today and everyday, to pray a lot, to talk to YOU GOD a lot . If some humans don't like animals they don't like GOD because GOD is the Father of all creatures and He loves and cares for them.You 're a bad human if you don't care about animals because it means you don't care about GOD.

We always have to make self examinations as often as posible . Everyday . We must not have the attitude of thinking we did nothing wrong , our behavior is always perfect . Because it can't be and because that is not how an self - examination should be . We must always have a critical view of ourselves, always trying to identify the bad things we did one day, the day we are and ask pardon to GOD and to the animals and humans we hurt morally , physically and in any other way . We must always try to find what wrong we did . So we have a conscience . If we think we always act perfectly we got no conscience . That way GOD You're happy with us because we did what YOU wanted us to do . We have to be humble and modest and always try to say no to sin once and for all . We must always avoid sin at all costs . It's bad to sin . It is evil . Let's try to be always good , as good as posible . Let us always promise GOD and the beings we hurt we won't do that sin again . Don't mean we will never sin again . It just means we'll try not to repeat that particular. Because it is stupid if you know something is bad, you realized that after sininng, to sin thousands of time the same sin in the future . We have to learn lessons . So that when we did a sin and after making it we udnerstand it was wicked we promess YOU we'll never do that ever again . There is no point in keep on doing that eternally . It means we don't learn from our past mistakes . We have to evolve . Becoming better thanks to these lessons . That's why they are there . They are useful . These mistakes are because they help us learn that this was bad and that we musn't do that .
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mandé mis analisis filosoficas
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