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2000 r&b
Keith Sweat, T-Boz He say she say R&B 
Keith Sweat Real man R&B 
Koffee Brown After party R&B
Dead Prez, Keanna Henson They schools RAP, R&B
Keith Sweat, Da Brat I put you on R&B, HIP HOP
Keith Sweat, Marion Satisfy you R&B, RAP
QBS Finest, Nas, The Bravehearts 'Oochie Wally R&B, RAP
T-Boz, Mack 10 Tight to def R&B, RAP
Keith Sweat, Busta Rhymes, Rah Digga Things R&B, HIP HOP
Solé, JT Money ‘4, 5, 6 R&B, RAP
T-Boz 'My getaway R&B, DANCE POP
De La Soul, Chaka Khan All good HIP HOP, ELECTRONIC, UK GARAGE
Nelly Furtado 'Shit on the radio (remember the days) ELECTRONICA, TRIP HOP 
mocha, missy elliott, lil' mo mardi gras r&b , hip hop
marcia butler ' this time 
P.O.D 'Lie down' ROCK ¿?? 
Lucy Pearl Lucy Pearl's way R&B, NEW JACK SWING
Beyoncé, Amil ‘I got that HIP-HOP, R&B
Jagged Edge, Run DMC Let's get married (remix) RAP, R&B
Joe ‘I wanna know R&B
Hinda Hicks my remedy R&B 
Hinda Hicks our destiny R&B, POP
Kelly Price, Method Man like you do R&B, RAP 
jamelia ' room 101 ' r&b , dance pop 
Chanté Moore 'You can't leave me R&B, DANCE POP 
next shorty r&b 
spice girls ' right back at ya ' r&b , dance - pop 
jamelia , beenie man ' money R&B , DANCE POP 
Lucy pearl ‘ ,they can’t ‘ r&b , neo soul ( lento 
D'Angelo , Method Man , Redman 'Left & right R&B, NEO SOUL , HIP HOP , FUNK
Kelly Price at least (the little things) R&B 
All Saints 'All hooked up R&B, DANCE-POP, HIP HOP
‘Truesteppers, Dane Bowers, Victoria Beckham ‘Out of your mind’ DANCE, UK GARAGE 
craig david Fill me R&B, 2-STEP GARAGE
Before Dark, Solé 'Baby' R&B, DANCE POP, RAP
Tamia 'Wanna be' R&B, DANCE POP
Before Dark 'Monica' R&B, DANCE-POP
Wyclef Jean, Mary J Blige '911 R&B 
Kelly Price 3 strikes R&B
All Saints 'Black coffee SOFT ROCK, ELECTRONIC
All Saints 'Dreams URBAN, POP, DANCE-POP
Changing Faces 'That other woman' R&B (lento
Before Dark ' come correct' R&B, DANCE POP
Next, 50 Cent 'Jerk (club mix)' R&B, HIP HOP 
Ashley Ballard 'Hottie POP, R&B 
Fierce 'Sweet love 2K R&B
Mary Mary 'Somebody R&B
Chanté Moore 'Straight up' R&B 
Before Dark 'How could you' R&B, DANCE POP
Tamia 'Un'h to you' R&B, POP
Changing Faces 'Ladies man' R&B lento
Monifah ( how) ya gonna love me OLD SKOOL R&B, NEW JACK SWING
Craig David ‘Can’t be messing ‘round’ R&B, DANCE-POP, RAP
All Saints 'Love is love LATIN, DANCE POP, R&B 
Craig David 'Booty man R&B 
Joy Enriquez 'Tell me how you feel R&B 
chanté moore 'Nobody' R&B, DANCE POP 
chanté moore, Da Brat 'Take care of me R&B, DANCE-POP
Craig David ‘7 days R&B
Craig David ‘Walking away R&B
Monifah home (I can tell remix ) R&B 
Next wifey R&B
En Vogue 'Riddle (red zone remix) R&B
Nobody's Angel 'Cherry crush' R&B, POP
Janet Jackson 'Doesn't really matter DANCE-POP, R&B
Innosense 'You didn't have to hurt me' POP, R&B
Craig David 'Apartment 543 R&B, 2-STEP GARAGE
Mikaila 'Straight to my face' R&B, POP, DANCE-POP
Sisqo, Foxy Brown ‘Thong song uncensored (remix) R&B, RAP
Nobody's Angel 'Wishing on you' R&B, POP
Dream 'He loves u not (remix) R&B, POP
Mya, Jadakiss 'The best of me R&B, RAP 
Craig David 'Stop messing around' R&B, 2 STEP 
Mikaila 'Playground' R&B, POP, DANCE-POP
En Vogue 'Latin soul LATIN POP, DANCE-POP, R&B 
Melanie B, Missy Eliott ‘I want you back R&B, RAP
Nobody's Angel 'Keep me away' R&B, POP
Samantha Mumba 'Baby Come on Over (This is our night)' POP, R&B
Spice Girls 'Holler' POP, R&B
Amanda 'You don't stand a chance POP, R&B
3LW ‘No more (baby I’m a do right)’ POP, R&B
Samantha Mumba 'Lately' POP, R&B
3LW ‘More than friends (that’s right)’ POP, R&B
Pink 'Most girls R&B, HIP HOP
Monifah i can tell (extended remix acapella) R&B
All Saints 'Haha R&B, POP, RAP
Samantha Mumba 'Believe in me' POP, R&B
A1 'Too bad baby' DANCE-POP, R&B
Melanie B ‘Tell me R&B 
Changing Faces 'That other woman (Sunship remix) R&B, UK GARAGE, UKG, 2STEP 
A1 'No more' POP, R&B
All Saints 'Whoopin' over you DANCE-POP, POP
Mary Mary ‘Shackles (praise you) R&B
All Saints 'Ready, wiling and able DANCE-POP, R&B
3LW 'Is you feelin' me' R&B 
Next beauty queen R&B
Stacie Orrico 'Genuine R&B
Mya ‘Case of the ex R&B
All Saints ‘All hookep up HIP HOP, R&B, DANCE POP 
Jamelia ‘Call me’ R&B
Changing Faces 'That other woman (sunship radio edit) R&B, UK GARAGE
3LW 'I think you should know' R&B
Jason Forde, Jamelia 'I do (remix) R&B 
Craig David ‘Fill me in R&B
Lil Kim, Sisqo ‘How many licks R&B
3LW 'Crush on you' R&B, POP, RAP
All Saints 'Pure shores ELECTROPOP, R&B
Pink ‘There you go RNB, HIP HOP
Sugababes ‘Just let it go’ R&B, POP
Zoegirl 'Stop right there POP, R&B
Billie Piper 'Walk of life (whirlwind mix) POP, R&B
M2M 'Give a little love' POP, R&B
Innosense 'Rain rain' R&B, POP
Jamelia ‘I do’ R&B
Kandi 'Don't think I'm not R&B

Janet Jackson ‘All for you DANCE-POP, R&B
Cleopatra 'Bingo my love' R&B, POP, DANCE-POP
Toni Braxton ‘He wasn’t man enough R&B
Toni Braxton 'Maybe R&B
En Vogue 'Love u crazay R&B, POP
Changing Faces 'Come over R&B
Cleopatra 'Who's your woman' R&B, DANCE-POP
Tamar Braxton, Toni Braxton ‘Can’t nobody R&B
Tamar Braxton ‘Can’t nobody R&B 
Martine McCutcheon 'What you see is what you get' POP, DANCE-POP
Before Dark, Solé ‘Baby’ RAP, R&B
En Vogue 'Riddle R&B
Samantha Mumba, Omero Mumba 'The boy' RAP, R&B
ZOeGirl 'Anything is possible TEEN POP, DANCE-POP
S Club 7 'Never had a dream come true' POP BALLAD
Westlife 'If I let you go (USA mix)' POP 
Martine McCutcheon 'Wishing' POP, DANCE-POP
S Club 7 'Spiritual love' POP, RAP
Mikaila 'Talkin' bout me R&B, DANCE-POP
S Club Seven ‘Natural’ DANCE POP, R&B
Samantha Mumba 'Gotta tell you' DANCE-POP, R&B 
Kelly Price good love R&B 
3LW, Nas 'I can't take it no more (no more remix)' R&B, RAP
Mystical, Nivea 'Danger R&B, RAP
3LW 'Til I say so' R&B, POP 
Samantha Mumba 'What's it gonna be' R&B, POP, DANCE
N'Sync 'It makes me ill R&B, TEEN POP
Sugababes ‘One touch’ R&B, POP
Billie Piper Caress the gold DANCE-POP, POP, R&B 
Samantha Mumba 'Body II body' POP, R&B 
Sugababes ‘New Year’ ACOUSTIC POP, R&B, URBAN
Chanté Moore, Da Brat Take care of me' (2000) R&B, DANCE-POP, RAP 
Monifah fairytales R&B
All Saints 'Saints & sinner POP, DANCE POP
Jennifer Lopez 'Love don't cost a thing POP, R&B
Mary Mary 'Somebody R&B
Mikaila 'Perfect world' POP, DANCE POP, R&B
Keesha 'Keep it real' R&B, DANCE POP
Sugababes ‘Run for cover’ URBAN, R&B
All Saints 'Surrender URBAN, POP, DANCE POP
Tamia 'Go R&B, DANCE POP
Keesha 'Come to me' R&B
Tamar Braxton 'Can't nobody R&B, DANCE POP
Keesha 'What you gon' do' R&B
Tamia 'Dear John R&B
Sugababes ‘Lush life’ R&B, OLD SCHOOL
Toni Braxton, Lisa Left Eye Lopes 'Gimme some R&B, DANCE-POP, RAP
Toni Braxton 'The heat R&B, DANCE-POP
Groove Theory '4 shure R&B
Tamar Braxton 'You don't know R&B
Next, Beanie Siegel 'What u want' R&B, RAP
Tamar Braxton, Missy Elliott, Lil Mo 'No disrespect' R&B, DANCE-POP
Tamar Braxton 'Tonight' R&B, DANCE-POP
97 r&b neo soul
Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, Babyface ( always be my ) sunshine EAST COAST HIP HOP, R&B mediano / lento
Will Smith just the two of us R&B, RAP mediano 
Blackstreet No digidy r&b 
Fatima Rainey The weakest link R&B, POP no hay 
Will Smith Miami R&B, RAP mediano 
Will Smith, Coko men in black RAP 
The Notorious Big hypnotize RAP 
sweetbox don't go away pop r&b hip hop , classical 
Queen Pen, Eric E Williams all my love R&B, FUNK, RAP 
Erykah Badu 4 leaf clover NEW JACK SWING, NEO SOUL, R&B
Mc Lyte, Missy Eliott Cold rock a party (bad boy remix) R&B, RAP 
Taral Hicks, LL Cool J how can I get over you (nerved out remix) R&B, POP
Simone Hynes call me up R&B, HIP HOP SOUL 
Ericka Yancey so good R&B 
Vanessa Williams hapiness R&B, POP
Mc Lyte Missy Elliott cold rock a party R&B, RAP
Tha Truth!, Ronnie DeVoe everyday (T-Smoov remix radio edit) R&B
Taral Hicks, LL Cool J how can I get over you (remix) R&B, POP 
Tha Truth!, T-Smoov Everyday (T-Smoov remix) R&B, RAP 
Taral Hicks, LL Cool J how can I get over you (entended remix) R&B, POP, RAP 
Foxy Brown, Dru Hill big bad mama HIP HOP, R&B
Eboni Foster crazy for you r&b 
Adina Howard don't cum too fast R&B / Don't come too fast
SWV, Puff Daddy someoneAssorted Phlavors 'Hiding place R&B 
Taral Hicks distant lover R&B 
Tha Truth!, Radio, Keith Murray 'Makin ' moves (radio without rap) R&B, RAP
Tha Truth!, RTQ, Keith Murray 'Makin' moves R&B, RAP
112 only you r&b
Missy Eliott, 702 Beep me 911 r&b , rap
Taral Hicks, Missy Elliott ooh ooh baby R&B, RAP
Fatima Rainey Hey POP, R&B 
Gyrl get your groove on R&B
Next i still love you R&B 
Mary J Blidge, Nas love is all we need NEW JACK SWING, HIP HOP, R&B 
Allure give you all I got R&B, RAP 
Elusion good and plenty R&B, RAP (lento) 
SWV, Lil' Kim give it up r&b
Assorted Phlavors patience R&B VERY SLOW
Shades tell me (I'll be around) R&B, POP
Mary J. Blidge round and round R&B
Groove Theory 'Good 2 me HIP HOP SOUL, R&B
All Saints 'Beg SWING, GROOVE, R&B
Changing Faces 'G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T R&B
All Saints 'Never ever R&B, POP 
Tin harris Sweetbox ‘everything’s gonna be alright ‘ r&b , rap
Shola ama ‘ you’re the one I love’ r&b
All Saints 'Take the key R&B, URBAN, RAP (lento 
SWV, Lil' Caesar love like this R&b 
Changing Faces 'I got somebody else R&B 
Next too close R&B, NEW JACK SWING
Shola ama ‘ love your ways ‘ pop , r&b
Yvette Michele the first time R&B 
Next, Adina Howard, Castro next experience R&B, HIP HOP
Shades 'What would you do NEO SOUL, R&B
All Saints 'Never ever (all star remix) R&B, POP, DANCE-POP 
Shola ama ‘ we got a vibe ‘ pop , r&b
Veronica, Fat Joe 'Rise R&B, RAP 
Yvette Michele summer love R&B 
Mary J. Blidge, The Lox 'Can't get you off my mind R&B, RAP
Changing Faces 'Goin' nowhere' R&B
All Saints 'Bootie call HIP HOP, R&B, POP
All Saints 'War of nerves R&B, POP lento
Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott 'Go deep (Timbaland mix edit) R&B, POP, RAP, TRIP HOP
Shades feat. Aquil Davidson & Nutta Butta - I Believe (Remix) R&B, RAP 
Shades i believe R&B 
mary j . blidge ' everything r&b 
Shola ama ‘summer love ‘ r&b 
Adina Howard and u know it (freak) R&B, DANCE-POP
Elusion Medicine R&B, POP 
SWV, Missy Elliott can we R&B, RAP
Yvette Michele 'Everyday & everynight R&B
All Saints 'I know where it's at (Wideboys remix) R&B, 2STEP GARAGE, DANCE POP
Changing Faces 'No stoppin' this groove' R&B (lento
Changing Faces 'Thinkin' about you R&B 
Veronica 'Soundcheck R&B, RAP
Veronica, Craig Mack 'No one but you R&B, POP, RAP
All Saints 'I remember R&B, DANCE POP (lento
Yvette Michele 'Something in the way (you make me feel) R&B
All Saints 'Let's get started R&B, FUNK, DANCE-POP, GROOVE, RAP
Changing Faces, R.Kelly, Jay-Z all I want R&B, RAP lento
Lutricia McNeal 'Stranded (guitar version) R&B, SOUL
Missy Eliott, 702, Magoo ‘Beep me 911’ HIP HOP, R&B
All Saints ‘Bootie call HIP HOP, R&B 
Shades 'Serenade R&B, POP 
Shola ama ‘I can show you r&b lento 
All Saints 'Take the key R&B, URBAN, RAP lento
Adriana Evans hey brother R&B, HIP HOP 
Janet Jackson 'Together again (DJ Premier 100 just the bass vocal ) R&B
Allure, Nas head over heels R&B, RAP
Janet Jackson 'What about POP, R&B
O.C., Yvette Michelle far from yours RAP, R&B 
The Notorious Big, Puff Daddy, Mase, Kelly Price mo’ money mo’ problems R&B, RAP
SWV, E-40 come and get some R&B, RAP
Yvette Michele i'm not feeling you R&B, NEW JACK
SWV , Redman lose my cool R&B, HIP HOP SOUL, RAP
Assorted Phlavors lovin' on the D.L. R&B 
Janet Jackson 'Go deep (Teddy Riley nation remix (clean version)) R&B, TRIP HOP, POP, RAP
Lutricia McNeal 'Ain't that just the way R&B, SOUL
SWV, Snoop Doggy Dogg gettin’ funky HIP HOP SOUL, RAP, R&B
Mase, Kelly Price feel so good HIP HOP, R&B
All Saints 'I know where it's at URBAN, HIP HOP, RAP, R&B
Janet Jackson 'Got 'til it's gone (Nellee Hooper master mix) R&B, ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP
Janet Jackson 'Got 'til it's gone (original extended version) R&B, ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP
Zhané so badd R&B, NEW JACK SOUL 
Assorted Phlavors, Big Daddy Kane mak up your mind R&B, RAP 
Shola Ama ‘You might need somebody’ R&B, NEW JACK
SWV, Foxy Brown release some tension RAP, R&B
Allure 'The story' R&B BALLAD
Shola ama ‘ Much love r&b
Lutricia McNeal 'Always POP, R&B
Janet Jackson 'Got 'til it's gone (no rap) R&B, ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP
Janet Jackson ‘Go deep R&B, POP, TRIP HOP
Yvette michele DJ Keep Playin' (Get Your Music On) R&B
Allure, Raekwon give you all I got (DJ Clue's show me the money mixtape) R&B, HIP HOP
All Saints 'Alone POP, URBAN 
Adriana Evans 'Sein' is believin' R&B, NEW JACK SWING
All Saints 'I know where it's at (groovy mix) R&B, DANCE-POP
Changing Faces i apologize r&b lento
Janet Jackson, Q-Tip, Joni Mitchell 'Got 'til it's gone R&B, ALTERNATIVE HIP-HOP
All Saints 'Trapped R&B, POP
Assorted Phlavors make up your mind (granhawkins remix) 
Janet Jackson, Q-Tip, Joni Mitchell 'Got 'til it's gone R&B, ALTERNATIVE HIP-HOP 
Mona Lisa, The Lox just wanna please u (Stevie J. remix) R&B, RAP
Mariah Carey 'Honey R&B, POP
Lutricia McNeal 'Ain't that just the way 'unppluged) R&B, SOUL
Lutricia McNeal 'Ain't that just the way (radio edit) R&B, SOUL
Eternal, Bebe Winans 'I wanna be the only one R&B 
Assorted Phlavors make up your mind (hip hop drop mix) 
Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, 112 'I'll be missing you R&B, EAST COAST HIP HOP 
Shola ama all mine r&b 
Nice & Smooth let it go R&B, RAP
Tha Truth!, Erick Sermon red lights / Bustin' on (on funk) R&B, RAP
Vanessa Williams who were you thinkin' 'bout? R&B, POP 
Taral Hicks How can I get over you R&B, POP
Mariah Carey 'Honey (So so def mix featuring Da Brat & JD) R&B, RAP
All Saints 'Lady marmalade R&B, DANCE, HIP HOP SOUL, ELECTRONICA 
Janet Jackson 'Got 'til it's gone (Ummah's uptown saturday night mix) R&B, ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP
All Saints 'Beg SWING, GROOVE, R&B
Janet Jackson every time (Jam & Lewis disco mix) R&B, POP
En Vogue 'Don't let go ( love ) R&B, URBAN CONTEMPORARY 
Destiny's Child, Wyclef Jean 'No, no, no part 2 R&B, HIP HOP
Mariah Carey 'Honey (smooth version with intro) R&B
Mariah Carey, JD, Da Brat 'Honey (so so fed radio mix) R&B, RAP 
Truce nothin But A Party on Point Street Mix r&b , rap
Assorted Phlavors don't let go R&B 
Adriana Evans swimming NEW JACK SWING
Erykah Badu 'Drama NEO SOUL
Erykah Badu 'No love NEO SOUL
Erykah Badu 'Rimshot NEO SOUL
Erykah Badu 'Appletree NEO SOUL
98 r&b
Nicole Wray , Mocha I Can't See (Alternate Radio Version 2) mediano 
Divine Roll on R&B mediano 
R. Kelly, Nas Did you ever think (remix) R&B, HIP-HOP mediano triste
112, MJG Watcha gonna do R&B mediano
Miss Jones, Doug E. Fresh Dance with me R&B, RAP mediano 
Uncle Sam, Big Chan Loc Baby you are (remix) R&B, HIP HOP
East 17 Whatever you need R&B
Hinda Hicks i wanna be your lady (remix) R&B
Eboni Foster, Sauce Money everything you do (Marc Ronson remix) R&B 
Soul 4 Real heat POP, R&B
Eboni Foster 'More than words' R&B lento 
Montell Jordan , redman anything & everything R&B, RAP
Shanice you need a man R&B
Brandy 'You don't me (like u used to) R&B, HIP HOP SOUL, POP
Sweetbox ‘ don’t go away brucie’s 2bad gordie mix ) r&b , pop
Monica 'Take him back R&B
Hinda Hicks you think you owe me R&B 
Shanice when I close my eyes R&B
Eboni Foster 'It's ok' R&B (lento)
Monica 'Street symphony R&B (lento)
Monica 'The first night R&B, HIP HOP SOUL
Elusion 'Good and plenty' R&B, RAP (lento) 
Brandy 'Happy R&B, DANCE POP
Elusion 'Better think about it' R&B, RAP 
Kelly Price, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat Secret love R&B, HIP HOP
Aaliyah 'Are you that somebody POP, R&B, URBAN
Destiny's Child, Wyclef Jean, Pras 'Illusion' (gusta no encanta
Eboni Foster 'Everything you do' R&B
Cleopatra 'Don't suffer in silence' R&B, POP
Divine lately POP, R&B 
Monica 'Cross the room R&B 
Tamia ‘So into you’ R&B 
Tatyana Ali everytime R&B
Monifah Touch it R&B
Cleopatra 'Two timer' R&B
Kele Le Roc little bit of lovin’ R&B
Brandy ‘U don’t know me (like you used to) R&B
Deborah Cox things just ain’t the same R&B
Honeyz 'In the streets (Ignorants mix) R&B, RAP
Monica ‘Angel of mine R&B
Deborah Cox it’s over now R&B
Total do something R&B
Whitney Houston ‘My love is your love R&B
Tatyana Ali day dreaming R&B
Whitney Houston 'It's not right but it's okay R&B, DANCE-POP
Cleopatra 'Life ain't easy' R&B, POP
Cleopatra 'Don't suffer in silence' R&B, POP
Divine lately POP, R&B 
Cleopatra two timer R&B
Brandy ‘U don’t know me (like you used to) R&B
Deborah Cox, RL we can't be friends R&B
Deborah Cox things just ain’t the same R&B
Honez 'In the streets (Ignorants mix) R&B, RAP
Monica ‘Angel of mine R&B
Total 'Do something R&B
Tatyana Ali day dreaming R&B
Cleopatra 'Life ain't easy R&B, POP
Faith Evans, Puff Daddy All night long R&B, HIP HOP SOUL, HIP HOP
Whitney Houston 'Get it back R&B, DANCE-POP 
Davina comin' for you R&B
Whitney Houston, Missy Eliott 'In my business R&B, RAP
Total, Black Rob what about us (bad boy remix) R&B, RAP
Total sitting home R&B
Total trippin' R&B
All Saints 'Under the bridge R&B
Monica 'Gone be fine R&B, HIP HOP
Honeyz 'End on the line remix R&B
Lutricia McNeal 'Stranded'R&B, POP
Honeyz 'Summertime R&B, RAP 
Davina the way I feel about you R&B
Honez 'Just let go R&B, POP BALLAD
Destiny's Child 'No, No, No (camdino soul extended remix) R&B, HIP-HOP
Whitney Houston, Geroge Michael 'If I told you that SOUL, R&B
Inoj 'Wait for you' (1998) R&B, POP, BASS MUSIC
Debelah Morgan i love you R&B, POP
Destiny's Child, Wyclef Jean 'No, no, no part 2 R&B, HIP-HOP
Billie 'Call me' POP, R&B 
Beverley Knight, Redman 'Made it back 1999 (good times remix) R&B
Brandy, Mase 'Top of the world R&B, HIP HOP
Eboni Foster 'Just what you want' R&B (lento)
Montell Jordan 'I can do that R&B 
Davina come over to my place R&B 
Mona Lisa Peach R&B, RAP
Destiny's Child, Jermaine Dupri 'With me part 1 R&B
Tamia 'Gotta move on R&B, POP
Brandy, Monica 'The boy is mine R&B
Montell Jordan, Master P, Silkk The Shocker 'Let's ride R&B, RAP
Whitney Houston 'Heartbreak hotel POP, R&B
Tatyana Ali, Will Smith boy you knock me out R&B, RAP
Kelly Price, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat secret love (remix) R&B, HIP HOP
Tamia 'Imagination' R&B
Montell Jordan, Lil Bo Peep 'Body ah R&B, RAP
Faith Evans 'Love like this R&B, FUNK 
Davina so good R&B
Michel’le don’t say u love me R&B
Nicole Wray, Missy Elliott 'Seventeen R&B, HIP HOP
Beverley Knight, Redman 'Made it back R&B
Nicole Wray, Lil Mo, Anthony Dent 'Curiosity R&B, RAP
Xscape I will R&B
Keith Sweat, Too Short, Eric Sermon Love jones R&B, HIP HOP
112 , lil zane anywhere R&B, RAP
Pinay ‘Inevitable R&B
Inoj 'Freaky R&B, BASS MUSIC
Keith Sweat 'Too hot R&B, HIP HOP
112 Stay with me R&B
Michel’le ‘Don’t say u love me R&B
Usher 'Pop ya collar R&B
4Kast, Mic Geronimo Miss my lovin' R&B, RAP
Hinda Hicks if you want me R&B, POP
Xscape My little secret (Timbaland remix) R&B
Lauryn Hill 'Doo wop' (1998) R&B, NEO SOUL, ALTERNATIVE HIP HOP, JAZZ RAP
Divine Lately (rap club mix) R&B, RAP
Nicole Wray, Mocha, Missy Elliott In da street R&B , rap
112 'Be with you R&B
Glenn Lewis, 2 Rude Bout your love (remix) R&B 
Jesse Powell 'I wasn't with it R&B
112, Mase Love me R&B, RAP
Keith Sweat, Snoop Doggy Dogg Come and get with me R&B, RAP
East 17 Each time POP, R&B
Inoj Need to feel POP, R&B, BASS MUSIC
East 17 Sleeping in my head R&B, POP
Glenn Lewis Bout your love R&B
Keith Sweat Rumors R&B
Nicole Wray, Missy Elliott, Mocha i can't see R&B, RAP
Keith Sweat Let me have my way R&B
Jesse Powell I can tell r&b
Xscape All About Me (reprise) CONTEMPORARY R&B
Keith Sweat Show u what love is R&B

inspector morse UK 87 2000
Midsomers murders (UK, 1997 - 2002 )
Veronicas closet (1997 – 2000)
brentwood ( 97 )
megusa incantesimo ( = les destins du cœur ) serie italiania (97 – 2002 )

1997 Innocence perdue (TV movie)

1997 Eight Days a Week

1996 The Lottery (TV movie)

1996 Malibu Shores (TV series)
– The Fall (1996) … Chloe Walker
– Hotline (1996) … Chloe Walker
– The Road Not Taken (1996) … Chloe Walker
– The Competitive Edge (1996) … Chloe Walker
– Cheating Hearts (1996) … Chloe Walker
See all 10 episodes »
Men Named Milo, Women Named Greta (short)

1998 Beach Movie

1998 L.A. Docs (TV series)
– Fear of Flying (1998) … Nurse

1998 Big Party
Hippie Girl

1998 Nash Bridges (TV series)
Shelly Vernon
– Live Shot (1998) … Shelly Vernon

1997 Crossing Fields

1997 New York Police Blues (TV series)
– The Truth Is Out There (1997) … Cheryl

1997 The Sentinel (TV series)
– The Girl Next Door (1997) … Iris

1997 Suicide Club

1997 Three Women of Pain (short)

1996 Sliders, les mondes parallèles (TV series)
– The Guardian (1996) … Ambrosia

1996 Incitation au meurtre (TV movie)
Karen Winkler

1994 Daddy's Girls (TV series)
1993 Emerald Cove (TV series)

imdb ryan gossling
2000 Rave  
2000 Ice Angel (TV movie)  
2000 Panic
1999 The Sterling Chase
1994 Beethoven (TV series)
1994 Season of Change  
1993 Beethoven 2
Ryce Newton

2000 La musique du bonheur ( movie)

1999 Mort à petite dose ( movie)

1999 Chicken Soup for the Soul (TV series)
1999 The Secret Path (movie)  
2001 Tout pour mon fils (movie)  
1999-2001 Popular (TV series)  
2000-2001 DAG (TV series)
2000 Ce que veulent les femmes  
2000 Sordid Lives  
1998-1999 Any Day Now (TV series)  
2000 J'emporterai ton âme (video)  
1998-1999 Les californiens (TV series)
Le choix de l'amour (TV movie)  
2002 Wolf Lake (TV series)
2002 L'île de l'étrange (TV series)  
2000 In the Name of the People (TV movie)  
2002 The Water Game  
2000 The Stepdaughter (MOVIE)  
99 - 2000 Da Vinci's Inquest (TV series)
1998 Au-delà du réel - l'aventure continue (TV series)
1998 Conduite coupable (TV movie)    
1998 Race Against Fear (TV movie)  
1998 A Fare to Remember
2002 Star wars: Episode II - L'attaque des clones
99-2001 Jack & Jill (TV series)  
2000 Playing Mona Lisa  
Fergus McPhail (TV series)
Sophie Bartolemeo
– Last Dance with Sophie (2004) … Sophie Bartolemeo
– Wrong Track (2004) … Sophie Bartolemeo
– A Brush with Reality (2004) … Sophie Bartolemeo
– Change Partners (2004) … Sophie Bartolemeo
– Every Stick Has Two Wrong Ends (2004) … Sophie Bartolemeo
See all 26 episodes »

2003 Stingers (TV series)
Libby Sanderson
– Heartbeat (2003) … Libby Sanderson

2002-2003 Blue Heelers (TV series)
Sam Baxter
– The Ties That Bind (2003) … Sam Baxter
– Out of Control (2003) … Sam Baxter
– Fair Play (2003) … Sam Baxter
– Too Hard Basket (2003) … Sam Baxter
– Those That Trespass (2002) … Sam Baxter

bluee heelers ( autralia 94 - 2006 )

2002 Bootleg (TV mini-series)
Myrtle Jackson

2000 Cybertr@que
Lance 'Icebreaker' Petersen

2000 Men Named Milo, Women Named Greta (short)
Deke Masters

1999 Jésus (TV movie)

1999 The Auteur Theory
Jules - The Crap Shoot of Life
1999 Trash
Sonny James

1999 This Space Between Us
Alex Harty

1999 The '60s (TV movie)
Kenny Klein

1999 Little Savant

1996 Lame de fond
Frank Beaumont

1996 Out of Order (TV series)
– Familiar Bonds (1996)

1995 Moonlight et Valentino

1995 Clueless

1995 Souvenirs de l'au-delà
2005 Holly's Heroes (TV series)
Emily Walsh
– One on One (2005) … Emily Walsh (as Jessica Jacobs)
– Rejection (2005) … Emily Walsh (as Jessica Jacobs)
– Dream Team (2005) … Emily Walsh (as Jessica Jacobs)
– Double Team (2005) … Emily Walsh (as Jessica Jacobs)
– Buoys Versus Girls (2005) … Emily Walsh (as Jessica Jacobs)
See all 26 episodes »

2004 Fergus McPhail (TV series)
Jennifer McPhail
– Last Dance with Sophie (2004) … Jennifer McPhail
– Wrong Track (2004) … Jennifer McPhail
– A Brush with Reality (2004) … Jennifer McPhail
– Change Partners (2004) … Jennifer McPhail
– Every Stick Has Two Wrong Ends (2004) … Jennifer McPhail
See all 26 episodes »

2003 Grand galop (TV series)
Melanie Atwood
– Finishing Strongly (2003) … Melanie Atwood
– Horse's Keeper (2003) … Melanie Atwood
– Odd Girl Out (2003) … Melanie Atwood
– High Stakes: Part 2 (2003) … Melanie Atwood
– High Stakes: Part 1 (2003) … Melanie Atwood
See all 25 episodes »

2002-2003 Worst Best Friends (TV series)

2000 Animated Tales of the World (TV series)
2001 Zoolander
Natalie Portman

2000 Où le coeur nous mène
Novalee Nation

1999 Ma mère, moi et ma mère
Ann August

1999 Star wars: Episode I - La menace fantôme
Queen Amidala / Padmé

1996 Mars Attacks!
Taffy Dale

1996 Tout le monde dit - I love you

1996 Beautiful Girls

1995 Heat
2002 Opération Walker (TV movie)
Karen (as Keenan MacWilliam)

2002 The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow (video)
Carole Hanson

2000 The Best Girl (short)

2000 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV series)
– The Tale of the Night Nurse (2000) … Emily

1999 Must Be Santa (TV movie)

1999 Bone Collector
Rhyme's Niece (as Keenan MacWilliam)

1999 Deep in My Heart (TV movie)
Opération Walker (TV movie)
Karen (as Keenan MacWilliam)

2002 The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow (video)
Carole Hanson

2000 The Best Girl (short)

2000 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV series)
– The Tale of the Night Nurse (2000) … Emily

1999 Must Be Santa (TV movie)

1999 Bone Collector
Rhyme's Niece (as Keenan MacWilliam)

1999 Deep in My Heart (TV movie)
Young Barbara Ann Opération Walker (TV movie)
Karen (as Keenan MacWilliam)

2002 The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow (video)
Carole Hanson

2000 The Best Girl (short)

2000 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV series)
– The Tale of the Night Nurse (2000) … Emily

1999 Must Be Santa (TV movie)

1999 Bone Collector
Rhyme's Niece (as Keenan MacWilliam)

1999 Deep in My Heart (TV movie)
Young Barbara Ann
Young Barbara Ann
Lauren Gustafson
2002Salem Witch Trials (TV movie)
Abigail Williams

2002 Odyssey 5 (TV series)
Brianna Mason
– Dark at the End of the Tunnel (2002) … Brianna Mason

2002 The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow (video)
Stevie Lake

2000 Code: Eternity (TV series)
Des fleurs pour Sarah (TV movie)
Mary Beth McCaffrey

1997 On the Edge of Innocence (TV movie)
Zoe Tyler

1997 Crisis Center (TV series)
Kathy Goodman
– Shots (1997) … Kathy Goodman
– Where Truth Lies (1997) … Kathy Goodman
– Someone to Watch Over Me (1997) … Kathy Goodman
– He Said, She Said (1997) … Kathy Goodman
– It's a Family Affair (1997) … Kathy Goodman
See all 6 episodes »

1996 Le silence de Laura (TV movie)
Laura Keyes

1996 Her Last Chance (TV movie)
Alex Saxen

1996 Hidden in Silence (TV movie)
Fusia Podgorska

1995 Le feu du secret (TV movie)
Billie Calhoun

1994-1995 Christy (TV series)
Christy Huddleston
– The Road Home (1995) … Christy Huddleston
– Second Sight (1995) … Christy Huddleston
– Babe in the Woods (1995) … Christy Huddleston
– The Hostage (1995) … Christy Huddleston
– Green Apples (1995) … Christy Huddleston
See all 20 episodes »

1995 Photo sans identité (TV movie)
Jennifer Sands / Janie Jessmon

1995 De l'amour à l'enfer (TV movie)
Katie Liner

1995 Dingo et Max
Roxanne (voice)

1991-1995 Taz-Mania (TV series)
Molly Tazmanian Devil
– The Taz Story Primer/Ask Taz (1995) … Molly Tazmanian Devil (voice)
– Taz-Mania Confidential/The Platypi Psonic Psensation Psimulator (1994) … Molly Tazmanian Devil (voice)
– Ticket Taker Taz/Taz² (1994) … Molly Tazmanian Devil (voice)
– We'll Always Have Taz-Mania/Moments You've Missed (1994) … Molly Tazmanian Devil (voice)
– Not a Shadow of a Doubt/Nursemaid Taz (1994) … Molly Tazmanian Devil (voice)
See all 22 episodes »

1994 Aladdin (TV series)
– Witch Way Did She Go? (1994) … Sadira (voice)
– Dune Quixote (1994) … Sadira (voice)
– SandSwitch (1994) … Sadira (voice)
– Strike Up the Sand (1994) … Sadira (voice)

1994 Mortel rendez-vous (TV movie)
Angela Delvecchio

1994 Christy (TV movie)
Christy Huddleston

1993 ABC Afterschool Specials (TV series)
Samantha Wheeler
– Montana Crossroads (1993) … Samantha Wheeler

1993 SeaQuest, police des mers (TV series)
Cleo Walker
– Brothers and Sisters (1993) … Cleo Walker

1989-1993 Corky, un adolescent pas comme les autres (TV series)
Rebecca 'Becca' Thacher
– Life Goes on (and on and On) (1993) … Rebecca 'Becca' Thacher
– Last Wish (1993) … Rebecca 'Becca' Thacher
– Bedfellows (1993) … Rebecca 'Becca' Thacher
– Five to Midnight (1993) … Rebecca 'Becca' Thacher
– Visions (1993) … Rebecca 'Becca' Thacher
See all 83 episodes »

1993 Panic sur Florida Beach
La loi du fugitif (TV series)
Denise Sanders / Madison Steele
– Dream Girls (2001) … Denise Sanders
– The Fire Next Time (2000) … Madison Steele

2000-2001 Titans (TV series)
Maureen Keller
– Someone Wicked This Way Comes (2001) … Maureen Keller
– She Stoops to Conquer (2001) … Maureen Keller
– Angels with Dirty Minds (2000) … Maureen Keller
– Secrets & Thighs (2000) … Maureen Keller

2000 Xena, la guerrière (TV series)
– Return of the Valkyrie (2000) … Brunnhilda (voice)
– The Ring (2000) … Brunnhilda
– The Rheingold (2000) … Brunnhilda

2000 Le flic de Shanghai (TV series)
Lieutenant P.J. Garrett
– Honor Among Strangers (2000) … Lieutenant P.J. Garrett

1999-2000 Pensacola (TV series)
Janine Kelly
– Crash Test (2000) … Janine Kelly
– Gypsy Tumble (1999) … Janine Kelly

1999 Beverly Hills (TV series)
– The Loo-Ouch (1999) … Robyn
– A Fine Mess (1999) … Robyn

1997 The Sentinel (TV series)
Monique St. James
– Storm Warning (1997) … Monique St. James

1997 Brentwood (TV series)
Beth Hooper
– End Game (1997) … Beth Hooper
– Sweet Revenge (1997) … Beth Hooper
– Motherly Love (1997) … Beth Hooper
– Private Showing (1997) … Beth Hooper
– Best Laid Plans (1997) … Beth Hooper
See all 13 episodes »

1997 L.A. Johns (TV movie)
Liz Shelby

1997 Incorrigible Cory (TV series)

1996-1997 Tarzan: The Epic Adventures (TV series)

teens and young people and young adults less than 25
the others ( 2000 - ?? ) nucna la vii parece bien ya ue CNBC , canal de series de adolescentes
higher ground ( 2000 )
power rangers : lightspeed rescue ( US france japan 2000 ) no
L.A. 7 ( united kingdom 2000) s club seven
young americans ( 2000 )
totally circus ( june 2000 - september 2000 ) no
grosse pointe ( united states 2000 - 2001 ) no
in a heartbeat ( united states canada 2000 - 2001 )
malcolm in the middle ( 2000 - 2002 )
the brothers garcia ( 2000 - 2002 ) no
even stevens ( 2000 - 2002 )
nikki ( united states 2000 - 2002 )
edgemont ( canada 2000 - 2002 )
gilmore girls ( united states 2000 - 2002 )
the brothers garcia ( united states 2000 – 2002) no
the zack files ( canada united states 2000 - 2002 )
just deal ( 2000 - 2002 )
our hero ( 2000 - 2002 ) no
my family ( united kingdom 2000 - 2002 ) adults and teens no
caitlin's way ( canada united states 2000 - 2002 )

8 simple rules ( 2002 )strange days at blake holsey high ( 2002 )
scout's Safari ( US 2002 ) teens no hay meencanta qué colera!!
clone high ( canada 2002 ) no conozco
what I like about you ( US 2002 )
don't blame the koalas ( 2002 )
guinevere jones ( australia canada )
the wire ( 2002 )
20ytantos ( spain 2002 )
clase 406 ( mexico 2002)
un paso adelante ( spain 2002 )
everwood ( 2002 )
totally in tune ( 2002 )
strange days at blake holsey high ( canada 2002 )
8 simple rules ( US 2002 )
don't blame the koalas ( australia 2002 )
jeopardy ( UK australia 2002 )
seriously weird ( canada UK 2002 )
power rangers : wild force ( US 2002 )
viva s club ( UK 2002 )
short cuts ( australia ) no
still standing adults & young people
young lions ( australia ) no
berlin , berlin ( germany )

adultt v shows 2000
tv series varias no conzco no sé si son padres
curb your enthusiasm ( 2000 ) no conozco
secret agent man no
la pobre diabla ( peruu 2000 ) telenovela
bull ( us ) no
titans ( soap opera )
the fearing mind ( canada us 2000 ) no
Geisterjäger John Sinclair ( germany 2000 )
freedom ( united states 2001 - 2001 ) no
big sound ( 2000 - 2001 ) no
titans ( 2000 - 2001 )
18 wheels of justice ( 2000 - 2001 )
soulfood ( 2002 – 2002 )
sparkhouse no conozco nunca vii con una actriz briaanica que me gusta
mi destino eres tuu ( méjico ) novela
soul food ( united satetes 2000 - 2002 )
teacher's pet ( 2000 - 2002 ) no
coupling ( united kingdom 2000 – 2002 ) adults
dark angel ( united states canada 2000 - 2002 )
2001 adult tv shows
isn’t it obvious , man ?
tv series
the secret life of us ( australia 2001 - 2002 )
Undergrads (Canada, 2001)
The Sausage Factory (Canada, 2001–2002)
Braceface (Canada, 2001–2002)
The Proud Family (US, 2001–2002)
What's With Andy? (Canada, 2001–2002)
the agency ( canada 2001 - 2002 )
TV S Kate Brasher
special Unit 2 ( us 2001 - 2002 )
UC : undercover ( us , 2001 - 2002 )
Lizzie mcguire
state of grace ( US , 2001 - 2002 )
the secret life of us ( 2001 - 2002 )
men , women and dogs ( 2001 – 2002 )
Taina ( 2001 - 2002 )
Braceface ( 2001 - 2002 )
grounded for Life ( 2001 - 2002 )
stanley ( 2001 - 2002 )
my wife and kids ( 2001 - 2002 )
one on one ( 2001 - 2002 )
the book of pooh ( 2001 - 2002 )
totally hoops ( 2001 )
‘Horace and Tina’ (Australia, 2001)
'Hollywood 7' (UK, 2001) jovenes ( S Club Seven)
‘Power rangers : Time force’ (US, 2001) teen
'The nightmare room' (US, 2001 - 2002) teen TV series
Vampire high (2001-2002)
‘Six feet under’ (US, 2001 – 2005)
‘Alias’ (US, 2001 – 2002)
'24' (US, 2001 - 2002)

‘Scrubs’ (US, 2001 - 2002)
the inspector Lynley mysteries’ ( united kingdom 2001 - 2002)

2003 ect tv series 2004 2008 2006 2009 ect
SLEpover club season 2 ( 2005
Girls in love
waterloo road
‘Power rangers : Ninja storm’ (US, New Zealand, 2003)
out there ( australia 2003 - 2004 )
‘Girls in love’ (UK, 2003 – 2005)
‘Radio Free Roscoe’ (Canada –US) (2003 - 2005)
wicked science ( australia , 2003 - 2006 )
'That’s so Raven' (US, 2003 – 2007)
'The sleepover club' ( England , Australia , 2003- 2007 )
'Miracles' (US, 2003)
waterloo road
emmerdale con adultos también sopa opera

202 adult tv shows
TV series 2002
separar adolescentes adultos
dark angel adults
THE STORY OF TRACY BEAker ( uk 2002 - 2011 ) teen cres
dead zone adults
firefly ( 2002 )
fastlane ( 2002 ) rose red mini - tv series
tracey baker returns 2002 no sé si es padriisima
the story of tracy Beaker ( uk 2002 )
without a trace ( 2002 )
presidio med ( USA 2002 ) adults
do over 2002 ( US )
the twilight zone ( 2002 ) adults
john doe ( 2002 ) adults
jeremiah ( 2002 )
‘The twilight zone’ (Canada, US )
‘Cutting it’ (UK )
'Our new life in Everwood' (US )
‘The shields’
‘Wire in the blood' (UK, 2002 )
‘Footballers wives’ (UK, 2002 )
'Wilde Engel' (Germany 2002 )

CHEQUEAR pelis 99
Outside Providence" CONN JONTHN BRNDIS §§§§
Ride with the Devil CONN JONTHN BRNDIS !!!

no sé si hay buscr en youtube si hay
the fear : resurrection
don't look behind you
hidden agenda ( canada )
american pie
dangereuse séduction
dick ( france , canada , us )
love gosht (US )
a crime of passion (US )
Un terrible doute no la vi
crime passionel (US ) adult movie pero adolescente de 13-14 años
little heroes (US ) teen movie
Un père trop célèbre
Au dela de l’obsession
dying to live (US) teen movie amazing look
le mariage de mon ex adult movie ( USA )
But I'm a Cheerleader
American Pie
The Blair Witch Project
Varsity Blues
The Rage: Carrie 2
Idle Hands
Never Been Kissed
Johnny Tsunami
a woman scorned
body shots
teaching mrs. tingle
falling sky
girl , interrupted
no sé si me gustan :
the substitue 3, l'ultime solution (US)
interceptor force (US)
bowfinger, roi d'hollywood (US)
le gène mortel (GB)
le retour de merlin l'anchanteur (GB)
au dela des profondeurs (US)
Thomas Crown (US)
Hubert, son altesse caninissime (Canada, Great Britain)
chien de flic 2 (US)
ma fee bien aimee (GB )
pour l'amour du jeu (US)
george lucas in love ( US )
durango kids
au pair
facade ( US )
2002 teen movies
Bang Bang You're Dead
getting there
gotta kick it up
when in rome
cadet kelly
jonathan brandis
the neverending story 89
jon brandis interview











           the famous five



   held up 99 movie

           rosamunde pilcher 93 2016 germany Austria

CHICAGO hope 94 2000

NYPD blue 93 2005

   the outer limits 95 2002

   ANDROMEDA2000 2005

   due south 94 99

   ANGEL 99

   Ddharma & gred 97 2003


   two guys, a girl and a pizza place 98 2001

           sliders 95 2000


           highlander 92 98


           early edition 96 2000


           the nanny 93 99 united states

   the glimmer man 96 movie

   pearl 96 97

   sub down 97 movie


           she cried no, 96 movie, college youth


           sister , sister 94 99


           unhappily ever after 95 99


           nikki 2000 2002


           coming home 98 movie


           pacific palisades, 97 series


           titans 2000 2001

       Eastenders 85 2016 ? uk sopa opera


       My family 2000 2011 uk


       passion soap opera 99 2008

       My parents are aliens, uk, 99 2006


             coupling england 2000 2004


           imdb days of our lives 95 2016? Usa soap opera


           general hospital 63 2016?


           a village affair 95, uk


           innocent lies 95 uk france


           zoya, 95 movie usa




           remembrance 96 movie, usa


           mixed blessings 95 movie


           full circle 96 movie


           family album 94 movie


           no greater love 95 movie


           the ring 96 MOVIE


           list of 90s nickelodeon shows


           3rd rock from the sun 96 2001


           Quantum leap ( code quantum) 89 93


           Star trek deep space nine 93 99


           Felicity 98 2002


           Fresh prince 90 96


           MURPHY BROwn 88 98


           Picket fences 92 96


           Law and order 90 2010


           94 2000 chicago hope


           Ellen 94 98


           unsere Charlie 95 2016

           coash 89 87

           µ Babylone 5 94 98


           Star trek voyager 95 2001


           Stargate sg1 97 2007


           Xena 95 2001


           renegade 92 97 ( le rebelled


           walker, texas ranger 93 2001


           pacific blue 96 2000


           Baywatch 89 2001


           Nash bridges 96 2001


           Martin 92 97


           Wings 90 97


           murder, she wrote 84 96


           unsolved mysteries 87 2002


           DAWSON4S CREEK 97 2003


           honey, i shrunk the kids : the tv show 98 2000


           silk stalkings ( les dessous de palm beach) 91 99 united states


           Prime Suspect: The Scent of Darkness (TV Movie)
           Supt. Jane Tennison

            1995Prime Suspect: Inner Circles (TV Movie)
           Supt. Jane Tennison

            1995Prime Suspect: The Lost Child (TV Movie)
           Supt. Jane Tennison

           Prime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgement (TV Mini-Series)
           Jane Tennison


           Brotherly love 95 96


           Two of a kind 98 99 usa














           90s kids / teen shows/ series from around the World / english spekaing countries


           Tthe famous five 95 97 united kingdom , germany, canada


           the enid blyton adventure series 96 united kingdom, but filmed in new zealand




           the enid blyton secret series 97 98, new zealand, united kingdom,


           100 good deeds for eddie mcdown 99 2002 , canada united states


           The adventures of pete & pete 92 96 united states


           bernard's watch 97 2001


           byker grove 89 2006


           the phoenix and the carpet 97


           Five children and it


           children's ward 98 2000


           my parents are aliens 99 2006


           aquila 97 98


           the wild house 97 99


           bugs 96 uk


           wishbone 95 99


           power rangers


           mister rogers neighborhood 68 2001


           goosebumps 95 98 pree teen , teen canada




           lizzie mc guire


           malcolm in the middle


           the saddle club


           allie mc beal 96 2003 united states


           radio active 98 2001 youth


           imdb the famous jett jackson 98 2001


           friends 94 2004

99 Le choix d'une vie
Myra Naidell
1998Dream House (TV Movie)
Jenny Thornton
1998Mentors (TV Series)
Joan of Arc
- Raising the Siege (1998) ... Joan of Arc
1998Painted Angels
1997Newton: A Tale of Two Isaacs (TV Movie)
Clara Storey
1997On the Edge of Innocence (TV Movie)
Ally Winthrop
1997L'éducatrice et le tyran
Katrina Pochenko
1996Independence Day
1996Cap danger (TV Movie)
Shelley Maitland
1996Dernier arrêt (TV Movie)
1995La famille parfaite (TV Movie)
J.J. Thomas
1995Fight for Justice: The Nancy Conn Story (TV Movie)
Leisa Conn
1994Tandem de choc (TV Series)
Christina Nichols
- Chicago Holiday: Part 2 (1994) ... Christina Nichols
- Chicago Holiday: Part 1 (1994) ... Christina Nichols
1994Un enfant en danger (TV Movie)
Amanda Spencer
1994A Pig's Tale (Video)
1993Vendetta II: The New Mafia (TV Movie)
1993Madame Doubtfire
Lydia Hillard
1993Panic sur Florida Beach

97 2000 Incorrigible Cory (TV Series)
Jack Hunter / Wee Hawkin Willie / Actor
- Brave New World: Part 2 (2000) ... Jack Hunter
- Brave New World: Part 1 (2000) ... Jack Hunter
- Angela's Ashes (2000) ... Jack Hunter
- As Time Goes By (2000) ... Jack Hunter / Wee Hawkin Willie
- Brotherly Shove (2000) ... Jack Hunter
Show all 68 episodes
2000Big Monster on Campus
Frank Stein
1999Le ranch du bonheur (TV Movie)
Cowboy at Airport (uncredited)
1999Family Tree
Mark Musser
1999H-E Double Hockey Sticks (TV Movie)
Dave Heinrich
1998Rusty: A Dog's Tale
Rusty the Dog (voice)
1997Les ailes de la victoire (TV Movie)
Jesse Harper
1995-1997Brotherly Love (TV Series)
Matt Roman
- Girl Crazy (1997) ... Matt Roman
- Mother's Day (1997) ... Matt Roman
- We All Scream (1997) ... Matt Roman
- I Scream, You Scream (1997) ... Matt Roman
- Easy Come, Easy Go (1997) ... Matt Roman
Show all 40 episodes
1996Adventures from the Book of Virtues (TV Series)
Tom Sawyer
- Work (1996) ... Tom Sawyer (voice)
1996Brothers of the Frontier (TV Movie)
Aaron Frye
1994-1995Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (TV Series)
Sam Collins / Sam 'Servo' Collins / Servo
- Little Ditch, Big Glitch (1995) ... Sam Collins
- Hello Darkness, My Old Friend (1994) ... Sam Collins
- My Virus Ate My Homework (1994) ... Sam Collins
- Just Brown and Servo (1994) ... Sam Collins
- Water You Doing? (1994) ... Sam Collins
Show all 52 episodes
1995Bringing Up Jack (TV Series)
Ryan McMahon
- The Contest (1995) ... Ryan McMahon

99 La ferme aux ballons (TV Movie)
Willow Johnson
1997La guerre des fées
1996Pearl (TV Series)
Samantha Stein

full house 87 95

family matters 89 98

home improvement 91 99

sister sister 94 99

sabrina teenage witch 96 2003
Nikki 2001 2002

KIRK 95 96


star trek voyager

stra treck depe space nine

98 Playing Patti
1997Tower of Terror (TV Movie)
Sally Shine
1997Dany, le chat superstar
Darla Dimple (singing voice)
1996Daddy's Girl
Claire Landers

one west waikiki 94 96

BAYWATCh 89 2001

acapulco heat  98

agatha christie's poirot 89 2013

THE SENtinel 96 99

Acapulco heat 93 94

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