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january 21 2014;jsessionid=D80206D8357B2BF9E4360624805A200B.app337a?df_id=13682&13682.donation=form1&set.custom.Campaign_Code=C14AEAXXXXG&autologin=true

members help aniamls everyday

As you read this, countless sensitive animals, including monkeys, rabbits, mice, and even cats and dogs, are suffering behind closed laboratory doors. In archaic household-product tests, animals are forced to inhale substances until they become sick or die, are tightly restrained while chemicals are dripped into their eyes, or are immobilized and have caustic substances smeared onto their bare skin. In other cruel experiments, animals are made to suffer from painful heart attacks, are injected with cells that grow massive tumors, or have holes drilled into their skulls so that electrodes can be inserted into their brains.   Those responsible for these crude procedures ignore the intense pain of millions of animals who are abused in laboratories as well as the fact that the results can never be reliably applied to humans and that more effective non-animal testing methods are available.   Will you support our critical work to end the suffering and abuse of these and all animals by joining PETA online right now?   Together, we're making terrific progress, but we need your help today to secure more landmark victories for animals. Consider a few of the advances that PETA and our international affiliates made last year: We saved 70 beagles from going to a laboratory in India, where they would have been tortured and killed in cruel experiments. We convinced the Polish military to replace its deadly use of animals for medical training with simulators and prompted the U.S. Army to require many medical personnel to use life-like simulation and other non-animal training methods instead of stabbing, shooting, and killing goats and other animals.  We compelled Air Canada, Philippine Airlines, United Airlines, and other air carriers to ban the transportation of monkeys destined for cruel experiments in laboratories. We succeeded in our decades-long efforts to curtail federally funded experiments on chimpanzees. The National Institutes of Health cut funding for most biomedical experiments on them and is retiring to sanctuaries at least 310 of the 360 federally owned chimpanzees who are still in laboratories. For more than three decades, PETA has been a leader in ending experiments on animals and achieving other important victories that have saved millions of animals' lives.   By becoming a PETA member today, you'll be helping to supply vital resources to PETA's dedicated team of researchers, scientists, investigators, campaigners, and other professionals as they work to make 2014 another banner year of successes for animals.   Along with a subscription to our colorful and informative magazine Animal Times, members-only discounts on PETA merchandise, and invitations to exclusive town hall meetings, all PETA members receive a membership card as a symbol of their commitment to animals. The card represents our donors' dedication to helping animals and raising our united voices against their abuse. Most importantly, every PETA member is part of a growing international movement to make the world a kinder place for all animals.   The success of PETA's important work to stop the abuse and neglect of animals wherever it occurs depends on the commitment of thousands of compassionate people just like you. That's why I urge you to join PETA during our drive for 2,014 new members and help us do even more for animals during the long year ahead.   Thank you for caring and for always doing what's best for animals.  Kind regards,    Ingrid E. Newkirk  President   P.S. The success of all of PETA's groundbreaking work for animals—from our undercover investigations that expose hidden abuse to our eye-opening campaigns—depends on the kindness and generosity of PETA supporters. By joining during PETA's new-member drive, you'll be helping to ensure that PETA is there to respond whenever animals need us most.
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member of associations helping animals
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