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 must put our spirit conscience ect on GOD not just on JESUS

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MessageSujet: must put our spirit conscience ect on GOD not just on JESUS   Mar 9 Sep - 15:39

perhaps as this world is a lie of satan , satan controlling it, perhaps satan told them all , to all his demons, tell all the humans who teahc christian religions, to tell all the crhistians: to concentrate on YESHUA, worshipping Him ect, make them forget tha GOD exists I never tell them about GOD I only tell them about YESHUA I don't teach them the Torah's truths ( Bible's true name), but ell them the contrary of the Torah : orship JESUS, don't worship GOD, forget about GOD, love only YESHUA, only think about YESHUA, only beleive in YESHUA, not in GOD I ignore GOD, and only put all your thoughts all your ehart on YESHUA I why would satan ivnent this : so that many christians go to hell I because this is not Biblical I because the Bible concetrates so much on YESHUA, but YESHUA in the Bible concentrates more on GOD than on Himself ! so as we don't obey to GOD's Word, but to satan's lies, we'd rather oncetrate on YESHUA and not on GOD, than on GOD & YESHUA I because Bible seems to be saying to :

cocnentrate on YESHUA + GOD I not just on : YESHUA & ignoring GOD I bcause YESHUA telles about << GOD <<!!!! more than about Himself I read carrefully or lsiten carrefuly to YESHUA's words: He tells us to seek GOD, to love GOD, to obey GOD : GOD GOD GOD !!!!! He also tells us to put our faith in Hiself, YESHUA, love Him, ect but He tells us more about GOD, han about Himself I YESHUA focuses more on GOD than on Himself I that seems to be the tuth of the Bible I for if in christiannity we put all our ehart mind soul on YESHUA, & only on YEHSUA, & not on GOD, what does that mean I it's a sin innit? this is not what GOD commands us I GOD coands us to lvoe YESHUA, trust in YESHUA, put our faih in YESHUA, but to love Him ALSO§§§§§ also!!! GOD never told us to only love YESHUA & that's it I HE told us to worship HI GOD I why then you hear so many Christans say YESHUA, and not GOD ? as if like , they pronounced GOD's

name 4 times & YESHUA's names 412 times! why ?? because of satan's indoctirnation , of making us forget that our GOD is our Creator & that He exists? why did saan do this I if he did do this I perhaps to make us be thrown into hell : because by putting all our soul , mind, spiit, hear,t life concious, subconcoius mind ec c's concetration on YESHUA, we are not having a life in GOD, we are not worshipping GOD, we are not even speaking to GOD, not even <<< loving <<< GOD !!! none of those who ignore GOD & don't lov HIM go t Heavn do they? that's the problem, that if satan told eveyrone in this world: tell them about YESHUA, but not about GOD, it's to make us end up in hell, ta big part of the humankind I for, GOD's command is to worship HIM, nobody else, not His Holy Son our SAVIOR YEHSUA I so if satan told us brainwashed us into concentrating too much in YESHUA, is to make us <<< worship <<< YESHUA, a humongous sin, rather than worshipping GOD I and so ending up in hell because of tha sin I and also becaus GOD seems to be comaning us humankind, to have a relationship with YESHUA, but also with Him, GOD I to seek GOD, to seek YESHUA I to live in YESHUA, and in GOD ect I so if we don't

even think about GOD, don't even say His Name, ect we are only doing 50 percent of the work : seeiking YESHUA, not GOD I praying to YESHUA, not to GOD, never, or almost never I having an intimate relationship with YESHUA, but not with GOD I ect ect ect I everything for YEHSUA, with YESHUA: not with GOD I 2 stuff: this is or because many Christians have been deceived by lucifer's brainwashings that YESHUA is GOD I so they truly beleive they are seeking, woshipping GOD, but just never calling him GOD but YESHUA I odd, because if YOU beleive that YESHUA is GOD, and got 2 nams : GOD + YESHUA, why would you always pray to GOD ( YESHUA° calling Him always YESHUA & never GOD ??? f one of his names is GOD? or the other stuff: they beleive YESHUA is YESHUA , not GOD, they beleive GOD is GOD, not YESHUA, then even worse: they're deliberately ignoring GOD!!! bcause all their hearts thoguths, prayers, conversation, everything goes to YESHUA, is adressed to YESHUA! like speking on the phone to one of your 2 friends, emailing one of your 2 fridns, never to the other one!!! we got to concentrate most of our soul spirit mind subconcious ect everything on YESHUA, yes, but also

on GOD!!!! because let us not change the roles here: GOD is not YESHUA I YESHUA is not GOD I YESHUA is Son f the Creator I YESHUA ain't the Creator I GOD is our <<< Father °°° !!!!!! YESHUA isnot our Father! YESHUA is our Lord & Savior I GOD is our <<< ))) GOD!!! SO LET US COCNENTRATE? PERHAPS? AS MUCH ON god AS ON yeshua i OR EVEN MORE ON god THAN ON yeshua i BUT NOT ONLY IN yeshua? FOR THIS CULD BE AN UNFORGIVEABLE sin that swiould make us burn in hell for ever & ever & ever I this is Biblical right GOD? that we got to seke YOU too? for i don't want to have your blood,family (= borthers & sisters, brehtrnes) on my hands, being responsible of false teachigns I i'm trying to teach you the real truth of the Bible, none invention of anybody's or my head I just what is in the Bible I because its too odd if we : pray always to YESHUA, , never to GOD : ?? converse with YESHUA, never with GOD : ? ? thank YESHUA for everythign, never GOD??? but GOD really want us to love so much His perfect SON YESHUA, for born again Christians have received mesages of GOD saying we got to lvoe

YESHUA, seek YESHUA ect I we really got to beleive the truth of the Bible that is that GOD is not His Son YESHUA & that YESHUA is not His Father GOD I because we really got to concentrate on both I not just on one of them I because why seeking to live for the Son but not for the Father I odd isn't it I seems perfectly normal to many, lamentably : why I because satan has indoctirnated the human race I to make abnormal sinful stuff seem perfectly normal , such as loving more the Son YESHUA, than our Creator, our Father our

seems like satan taught us the human race, to worship YESHUA ore than GOD I when GOD taught us to worship Him only and when YESHUA taught us to worship only His & ou Father I but lamentably makidn we obeyed satan, not GOD, not YESHUA I for if we love YEHSUA more than GOD, if we worship YESHUA, not GOD : we'll be thrown into hell, GOD, won't we? for eveything that ain't Biblical, is satan's I so please mankind open your ears eyes spirits, souls, conciouses, des endoctinate yoruselves of all those illuminati, demons, satan's lies I please: listen to the Torah ( Bible's real Name) don't lsiten to demons, illuminatis, satan I pelase or you'll die in hell for all eternity I  

Bible says the 1st coandment= love the Adnai ( LORD's true name in hebrew) Your GOD wth all you strenght soul heart spirit, something like that: Your !!!!!!!!GOD!!! not : YESHUA I his means, as we like 85%90% ignore GOD, to cocnentrate on YESHUA, we absolutely don't love our GOD with all our soul strenght spirit ec, but YESHUA! as we did the 1st coandment with YESHUA, instead of our GOD! that is humongous sin I because as YESHUA tell us to love < GOD< with all our ehart strenght spirit ect, not Himself , and we do not do this, as we very ignroe GOD than we disobey the 1st coandment, which is the most improtant one, so if we disobey GOD, with the ost iprotant command + all the others, we can not enter Heaven I for we got to lsiten carefully to the Bible words, and it does not say love the Son of GOD with all your soul strenght heart, but : GOD, His Father I we mis grasped this as we got it this way : ignore GOD, ove the Son of GOD with all your soul strenght heart I no!
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must put our spirit conscience ect on GOD not just on JESUS
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