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 relatives indoctrination

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MessageSujet: relatives indoctrination   Jeu 13 Nov - 9:07

october 10 2014

its great that a few humans hate theirfamily A hope GOD doesnt punish me for thinking that way, i wonder if in this planet there are many humans who're anti family, i am, we are so sheep, so blind, we were put into our stupid ittle brains that blood is everything, its better tahn GOD, than sex, than everyone, that lfie is just blood related humans, blood related humans, blood related humans, and nothing else and no one else matter,s not even animals jsut caus they dont belong to our family , so lets be anticonformists, why should we love our relatives jsut because they have the same stupid ittle red thing = blood, han us, and kinda look like us ??? its so absurd irrational, but we have to love evryone on earth, caus theyre our rbethrens but for the right reasons = becaus theyres good human beings, not because of the flesh and blood , thats anyway uncles, cousins , kids of cousins etc extended family dont have that much flesh and blood and resemblance in common with us and humans still love them so much, thats weir,d one could have thought they focus more on very close family like parents 50 % of them, bros sis = 100 % the same , same both parent,s caus cousins, are less of them for its somebody from out the family who is the wife or husband of their uncle or aunt, so kdis of the cousins even worse so they are so brainwash with the family indoctirnation that they porbaby love more mom papa bros sisi , less uncles, less cousins, cousins less than uncles, kids of cousins less than cousisn, half bros and sis less than bros and sis, not at all adopted family or adopted bros and sis etc in the other hand we should love all our brethrens, for their souls, good hearts, never for the blood caus we'd be dumb and double standard C if the beings are very good and are not blood related to us, we cant despse them and refuse to love them B we can't just live for our family, there are the friends , which is less a brainwahsing than family love V friendhisp is way better B at least you choose them, caus family, its imposed to you, you were born in it, its fate, its an accident of destiny, a coincidence V it shouldve never happened B we should all be orphans maybe so we coudl choose oru families like when humans buy stuff, hats be awesome, so we could choose what type of brian, mentaity, soul we ike , so we could live wih only humans we like N caus the fact that mankind is forced to have some relative,s wihout a choice, without having a sya in this is so unfair and the fact of feeling obligated to love them just because we fell in that family, in that nightmare!! is too stupid , lets use our brains!!! that is so disgusting when humans say i lvoe my mom shes the ebst mom in the world bla bla and stuff ike that or my sister is y best friend because its all an idncotrination!!! like a blood love potion X so its all because one has been forced to by a spell or something like that AX its not because depe down we really want to love them N its just the dumb mind tha doenst think N its he heart who chooses and we cant command the hearts 8 for its ibvous we cant love them that much, they are as annoying, unbearable, evil etc that any other human O than how come the quircks of the others we can see them easily and hate them for that, and the quricks of our relatives we cant see them U we put them in a pedestal as if they were saints B when they are just like the humans we desdain who are not our family members H that is too irraitonal!!! if destiyn would have been that our beloved perfect lil relatives d , j and t for sitnance were not family members but peope from work, we'd really not like their eprsonaityes, conducts etc and if our collegues who are 5s , l) and x" in this fate they are collegues with midns we dsilike _ in a different fate, they'd be our relatives , the same in their minds and souls, all the same, its jsut that now, theyd be our family members and now we're in love!!!
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relatives indoctrination
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