october 6, 2015

Torah = true Bible's Name

we pray that the humans become mindful, aware, about the true reality of all subjetcs I the true reality of life, the true reaosn to live of men I which is GOD + YESHUA I he true reality of demonic beings , hell, Heaven , GOD's intrasigeance, His eternal punishment, the so called tiny sins (according to men) that are humongous to GOD I that the whole human race is renewed with a new concience, entirely transformed by YOU two GOD & YESHUA I that we no longer think like men, like sinners, like lucifer, but that we think like YOU GOD I that we no longer live in satan's fake reality, of all types of subjetcs, but that we live according to Your reality GOD, the only true one I that our thought system, beleif system gets entirely transforemd by YOU GOD, with the help of YESHUA HA MASCHIACH + of the RUACH HA KODESH I like for example : those actors fro the 50s we love, they're all resting in peace: no; satan's lies < most of them, are in hell I I'm a be deceased soon, i'll rest in peace with GOD, i know that : no, most of us (99% ) are thrown into hell I how can we be so sure of having life eternal ? satan's fake reality in our minds extended throughout mankind I GOD's happy with us, for we don't murder, don't rape, those are the only sins that GOD never forgives, the only sinners He never forgives I false satanic reality I true

reality of GOD : God also punishes the humongous sinners, for the sins that are not rape, not murder, are humongous sins I GOD also throws them into the fires of hell I GOD doesn't just put all non murderers no rapists into His Kingdom I then as soon as they arrived in hell, those people brainwashed by lucifer, will be like : GOD why am I here, I thoguth You were pleased with me, for I am no rapist, no murderer I they truly thought, sins for example: insulting, blaspheming, masturbating, piercings, dying one's hair because of shame, women with no air, tatoos, prostitues, strip teaseurs, smokers, non Christians, atheists, humans who cuss too much, all would go to Paradise, for those are , according to satan's lie ,,, the littlest sins ever,,, & according to GOD humongous sins I so we pray in YESHUA HA MASCHIACH's name, that GOD + YESHUA You send everyone the truth + Your RUAH HA KODESH, so that all poo put there in our minds souls subconcient minds,conciousncenesses, or whatever, ect ect, are removed by YOU GOD  &YESHUA I and that we truly understand now the truth, of all things I and that every single human beings inhabiting this world, gets that we've been living in a fake reality, a lie I that we now become incredibly more aware of truth I like new world order ect I for example satan's brainwashing of all humankind : demons don't exist or exist but are so not powerful, so not nomerous I true reality of GOD : they are tones of them, more than trillions probably, going out of hell, coming in this planet, lying deceving, torturing, raping ect ect tones of animals, and humans I false reality of satan : demons, satan do not help us to go to hell, for 99% go to GOD's Kingdom , so demons+ satan got no power to make us sin, live a sinful life, to to hell I truth of GOD : satan + demons are working 24/7 to send us to hell, they are truly helping us to go there, not really making us go there, for us, people, we are