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 if we dont accept that GOD's life , we'll never go to Heaven

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MessageSujet: if we dont accept that GOD's life , we'll never go to Heaven   Mer 7 Oct - 12:34

october 7th, 2015

we got to get that GOD is the reason to exist for us, that GOD is the significance of this universe living beings + YEShua I nothing, not one else ✏️ our existences hearts time, for GOD+YESHUA for our eternal future or for me now? what a dilemma I we have to follow GOD & YSHUA I how to follow 2 beings we do not know I we have to learn to know hem I quick!!! before dying or it'll be too late, and we'll die without having being able to know them so we'll be thrown into hell ✏️ so we must grasp that the true life reasons are : GOD & YESHUA ✏️ nothing & no one else ✏️ not satan , not becoming a satanist ✏️ not adoring satan ( without knowing we are adoring him), not living for stuff ( this makes us adore satan), not adoring our family in GOD ( animals, humans, this makes us worship sinners rather than GOD!!) we truly need to understand that the true reason of our existence, of the fact that our Creator GOD invented us, is to : give our souls hearts entire beings souls consciences spirits ect, existences, everything to Him ✏️ and to live for Him and then to live with Him, worshipping him in Heaven ✏️ so i we refuse this truth, we don't live in GOD, for GOD, we live in sin, we live in satan ( sin< satan ) we just disobey to our Creator's laws like the

law of loving Hi more than anyone and anything ✏️ so we end up in hell, because of this disobedience ✏️ we are not truly wanting YOU GOD & YESHUA I we want the degree, the job, the marriage, the kids I we are not wanting YOU two : GOD & YESHUA !!!! we’re not dreaming of YOU two I having YOU two I we're dreaming of diploma, kids, looking younger, a new car etc. etc. I we are seeking those things, as our existences reasons I our existences reasons are none of YOU YESHU and GOD I it seem to be this : or we dream of having YOU two GOD & YESHUA & we win eternal bliss: Heaven I , or , we seek stuff or living creatures, as our dreams, and lose : we go to eternal damnation I it’s a matter of choice ✏️ WE so don't get this existence ✏️ for tones of reasons ✏️ for example, we think now ✏️ we are way too worried about the now ✏️ we are supposed to be worried eternal life! this is because those heads are so futile ✏️ for those heads which are way more concentrated on he eternal fate , are ay deeper ✏️ for its way more important , on a balance, eternal death or eternal life, is way more important than the earth existence, for the earth existence is short, and without too much pain, but death eternal ai ai ai!!!!! Infinite indescribable pain!!! = hell ✏️ we

worry so much over nothing, because problems of this planet, are nothing, pains of this world, compared to pain in hell ✏️ we just care too much about what others our family ( our neighbors, brethren) say, as if this suffering was way more than hell's suffering!!!! we care too much about humiliation, again what our brethren think, this is nothing, this ain't comparable to the suffering in hell!!!! ec ect every time we care too much worry too much, like, we arrived late to work, or to a rendez vous, and so what ?? this is no pain compared to hell!!!! ect ect ect but we should really think about life after death , really, seriously, for this is way more important than the pains & troubles of the here & the now, of : this life, this world ✏️ because, after here after now, there's hell, for 99 percent of us!!! and Heaven only for 1%!!!! so ya, we should really think more about that pain, not this earth pain, for, here, we got horrible illnesses, like aids, cancer ✏️ yea but, after we die of those illnesses, in hell, we'll arrive, and there, we'll experience like that suffering multiplied by 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 !!!!! some experts on Christianity

say the entire world ( almost) adores satan!!! when we get excited over worldly stuff, for instance: watching a movie, knowing that perhaps all or almost all movies are satan's, because it is not no good thing , its satan's teachings I just sins all throughout those movies I so if we get excited over watching immoralities, even though we are Christians, and know it’s against GOD, and very very very against GOD, very sinful, then , we find this power in satan, this happiness? not in GOD, is that it? we are worshipping the beast & belonging to him? even though we are kind of Christians? horrible I
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if we dont accept that GOD's life , we'll never go to Heaven
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