CHRIST YOU got as much power as LORD GOD ? GOD YOU give eternal life + CHRIST give eternal life? Or only CHRIST gives eternal life? it’s hard to get what is GOD what is JESUS, meaning when we say stuff, like ♒ cry out to who, to GOD? JESUS? Both? Repent to who? Seek GOD? or just JESUS? Ask JESUS? Or GOD? For advice ? ask GOD? or JESUS? To save you? ect ect! Because too many times Bible says 웃 ‘LORD’, it don’t say if this LORD IS CHRIST JESUS or GOD 웃 we’re kids of who♒ GOD, CHRIST ,both? we must ask ? GOD? to enter into our hearts? ?CHRIST? ? both? ?HOLY SPIRIT? GOD? CHRIST, is our teacher? them all? 2 of them? We are CHRIST’s sheep, but are we Your sheep GOD also? Is it Biblical to ask CHRIST to enter our hearts? must we ask HOLY SPIRIT + GOD+ CHRIST to enter our souls spirits sub consciences brains hearts ♒ please saved Christians ask GOD & CHRIST or HOLY SPIRIT, for this all is so confusing 웃 are we GOD's sheep or just CHRIST's sheep 웃 GOD's calling us? or just CHRIST? Kingdom of Heaven is both CHRIST+ GOD's, or jus GOD?