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 Bible don't say we must love brothers more than Father & Son

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MessageSujet: Bible don't say we must love brothers more than Father & Son   Mer 6 Jan - 3:52

Bible says we are supposed to love our bros & sis in GOD as we love our own selves x it don’t say we are supposed to love our bros & sis like we love GOD x it does not say we have to love ourselves like we have to love GOD x it says we have to worship our Heavenly ABBA x it doesn’t say we have to worship our own selves & our bros & sis x so if we love certain of our brothers + sisters Animals or human beings, like we love our Father in Heaven , it’s a sin? It’s wrong? Because our neighbors, we have to love them as : ourselves, not as GOD x not as in idolatry x we must not worship our own selves x Bible does not say to love our own selves with all our hearts, spirits, souls < the Word of GOD says it’s GOD we got to love with all our spirit, heart, strength soul or something like that x so let us stop rebelling against our Heavenly Father’s Word x because denying His Word, being against His Word, could be a sin, that prevents us from going to Heaven , because, it’s not Holy no believe we know better than the Creator!! Because we all know, even if our ego doesn’t let us agree with this, but deep down, we all know our Father GOD’s always right, & that we’re so often wrong , the humans x because, we hate that other tell

us what to do, in the Name of JESUS x that they see us loving certain living beings, (certain family members, pets, animals, sentimental partner , all of one’s relatives ect ) and that they tell us you are supposed to love 1 the Son of GOD who’s not GOD, more than those living beings & 2 you’re supposed to love our Father GOD, who’s not CHRIST, way more than you love these living beings x they get mad at you because we don’t know why x ego? Of I’m so right to love these beings for I got the best taste in the universe? I’m always right, don’t you tell me I’m wrong, of loving certain beings more than My Savior & more than my GOD? or only GOD knows! Because blood? (relatives) blood is thicker than Savior & Father?? They believe the fact those are their blood, but mere people, are worth more than a GOD & a Savior, who are not mere Savior and GOD but who are worth so much more than animals or relatives or one’s love ( husband, partner, wife) yes but then, the partner & animals , they’re aren’t their blood so what is it? Just ego of I know better than you & then everyone? who knows but it’s so wonderful, all these true Christians, who say if GOD & JESUS they want me to love Them more than my love, or my relatives, then ok, no

prob! Or today’s the birthday of my sister, whom I so love, but GOD & JESUS want me to spend this time with Them, then I totally forget my sis exists! Even if you love her ! Just put GOD first! & JESUS as 2nd! But if we put our animal or human loves 1st, and in 2nd GOD and I third CHRIST JESUS, is this Biblical ? is this obedience to our ABBA Father? But why, I don’t get it, why should we love living fellow brethren, more than the Creator? It’s nuts & too weird! They’re just beings! They are not the Father! They’re not omnipotent, they got flaws+ sins, wicked ways x our Father GOD ain’t got none of this x HE’s too perfect too good x no human is good x still, we ‘d rather be with them than with our Father x and still, we love them more than our Father x that’s too insane!! Not just blood, even friends x no blood but too much love : Word of GOD don’t say love your friends so your brethren, with all your soul heart strength spirit, but the Father! Non-Christians + ‘kind of Christians’ ok, understandable, but born again Christians, that is insane x because they’re supposed to have been transformed, their spirit, but their hearts too , aren’t they? So since the very day of being born again, they should’ve stopped loving too much,

worshipping certain living brethren or dead brethren x like a boyfriend, a best friend, best friends, relatives x because of blood or not x sometimes, it ain’t because of blood x all of this is ( of the world ( x it ain’t of the Spirit, it ain’t Biblical x so anything that ain’t Biblical is sinful? no longer salvation? because since you become a born again, you start seeing the Father who’s not CHRIST JESUS and the Son who’s not the Father, as the best thing ever x so you start, normally, loving less the living beings brethren you were too in love with, in order to love 1 the Father & 2 the Son, more than those living beings brethren x so the spirit is not that transformed ? because, some born again still seem to worship kids, friends, partner, family in general, close family, pets, animals x so they still feel the feelings , ideas, old the old man? Even know they’re the new man now?
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Bible don't say we must love brothers more than Father & Son
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