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 is it CHRIST or Father GOD or HOLY GOSHT who do the things

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MessageSujet: is it CHRIST or Father GOD or HOLY GOSHT who do the things    Mer 6 Jan - 4:14

january the 6 th of 2016

people say JESUS makes miracles in them & they do not do these miracles x but too often for tones of stuff we say it’s JESUS x are we sure about that ? because our Father is our Creator x CHRIST ain’t as powerful as our Creator for He’s His Son x He ain’t our Creator x so when born again make miracles & say it’s not them, it’s CHRIST, isn’t it our Creator GOD? because many people are confused about the roles about the three people we have x it’s probably because we have 3 : HOLY SPIRIT who’s not GOD, GOD who’s GOD, CHRIST who’s not GOD x so they wouldn’t be confused if we had one person x so we don’t know who is know, what each does, their respective roles of each one x because it’s like the principle of a school & the teachers : different people, different roles x because when CHRIST JESUS shows hell , is’t it our Creator who commended CHRIST? When CHRIST makes a miracle through a born again saint, isn’t it our Creator who told CHRIST? Because let’s not forget CHRIST is lower than our GOD, and is submitted to GOD, just like women are submitted to men x our GOD has authority over CHRIST x who’s the boss, the one in control of everything? Our Creator x not JESUS CHRIST His Son x because it’s Your Will, Father, not the Will of our LORD JESUS, nor ours, right? For Bible never says, I believe, JESUS’s Will, but GOD’s Will x this confusion is among humans in general : humans who’re “kind of Christians’, born again true Christians, born again who mix JESUS with the Father as 1 person, born again who know JESUS is not His Father , among all of them, all these kid of people don’t seem to understand the role of each one x also, it’s odd that they say the Lord, for CHRIST, and the LORD for the Father , because we don’t know which LORD they’re speaking of x when they say CHRIST is their teacher x others say HOLY GOHST is their teacher x isn’t it the Father the teacher? For Creator YOU control everyone + everything, the things YOU desire everyone to do x so it’s @ YOU Father GOD @ who command the HOLY SPIRIT + CHRIST JESUS, to do the things , such as teaching, advices ect x it all comes from YOU CREATOR, not from HOLY SPIRIT, not from JESUS, in fact?
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is it CHRIST or Father GOD or HOLY GOSHT who do the things
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