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 n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini

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MessageSujet: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 5:32

Homeopathy is a demonic farce, occult and useless mumbo jumbo which won’t cure anything

We realized years ago that homeopathy was a farce. Now we know that it is occult, a form of magic which claims to be medical, but is demonic. The tragic thing is that some Christians, particularly in the Brethren, believe in homeopathy and use products which not only cannot heal them, but could give demons an inroad into their lives. Please, read on and arm yourself with the facts! Some readers may be in desperation, so we’re putting the solution at the beginning, instead of at the end of the article. If you have been taking homeopathic remedies, and are now in trouble, whether physical, mental or spiritual, you need to repent of all involvement in homeopathy or any other form of the occult. This includes contact with mediums, yoga, reiki, tai chi, tarot cards, séances, hypnotism, horoscopes, the ouija board, psychic circles, ghosts, drugs, pendulum swinging, dowsing, or any other form of trying to get hidden information by magic, or any form of alleged contact with dead people, etc. What a dreary list. Satan has built a million roads to Hell. There is only one narrow path to Heaven – faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You need to renounce these demonic things now, ask God to forgive you and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask Him to wash you clean and rid you of all demonic influences. You do not need things psychic. You need Jesus Christ in your heart. You need the Holy Spirit, not demonic spirits. The Father who is in Heaven , and the Lord Jesus Christ are the only way to heaven and the only ones who can fill you with the Holy Spirit. You need to know Him as your Savior and Lord, and to get into a church where you can meet real believers, a church which believes and studies the Word of God, the Bible. Instead of renouncing homeopathy, some Christians are using it to try to heal medical problems! They actually have books on it in their homes and defend it if you question it. This is disastrous! Please, read on for the facts. Homeopathy says ‘like cures like’, so for example if you can’t sleep, they might prescribe a stimulant like coffee, only a teeny weeny little drop of it, in fact such a teeny weeny drop that it does not even exist at all! Homeopathic medicine is diluted to the point where it contains nothing but water. It is then shaken or tapped, and that is supposed to make the water ‘remember’ how to heal. They dignify this ridiculous shaking and tapping by a word they made up: ‘succussion’. The water is then thickened up with sugar or some harmless substance and made into little pills.

The shaking and tapping gives the water ‘vital force’, they believe. This ‘force’ is nothing more than paganism, pantheism, the idea that God is in everything. Wrong! God made everything! He is separate from His creation. His creation is NOT Him! That is a lie. He is the Creator, not the creation. In fact He’s going to burn it all up! Please read 2 Peter. How Satan makes fools of us! Homeopathy is magic and not science. Homeopathic ‘medicine’ is diluted to the point where it contains nothing but water! Nothing! It is nothing! And some of God’s own people are falling for this stupidity. ‘Ah, but I know someone who was healed…’ you might say. You no doubt have heard of the ‘placebo effect’. Taking a pill which contains nothing is not going to heal you! Think! God gave you a brain! The real problem is not taking a sugar pill that has no value and will not cure you. The real problem is that you are playing with fire. Homeopathy is one of Satan’s dangerous games which you play at your peril. The Bible tells us very clearly: Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came that we might have life, abundant life! (John 10:10) Dear people, choose this day who you will serve!

valuable websites. This one explains in a simple, clear way what homeopathy is:

brilliant article by Pastor David L. Brown, Ph.D. laying bare the demonic roots, the history, and the truth about homeopathy

Alan adds: Many such false ideas, faiths, cults, isms and wrong-headed Christianity are exposed in the book Pat and I wrote, Cults and Isms, True or False?which is a good reference book for your bookshelves, especlally useful when the cultists come knocking at your door!
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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 5:34

Homeopathy — Designed by Devil, Seduction by Satan, hated by God

1. Background

Despite previous valiant efforts of True Christian™ men and women, the sordid practice of homeopathy is still gaining in popularity in the secular parts of Godly U.S. of A., in godless Germania, other Europistainian countries and heathen Hindustania. Unsurprisingly, godless UK has two "universities" that grant "degrees" in this heresy. False Christian Americans spend more than 3 billion dollars every year on "homeopathic" drugs! This is all absent from tithing. In the present essay I re-examine shortly the demonic origins of this practice as well as some secular godless "scientific" studies on homeopathy and then continue to assess its disastrous effects from the SPIRITUAL, CHRISTIAN point of view. We are going to see that despite of godless "scientific" inefficacy, "homotherapy" is EXTREMELY POTENT from the True Christian™ viewpoint and that this effect is one of DAMNATION. Finally, we shall be able to see how unraveling the SPIRITUAL principle of homopathy helps us to understand the uniqueness and perfect completeness of the King James Bible.

2. Dilutions are delusions

The word "Homeopathy" derives from the Grease language: "ὅμοιος hómoios "like-" and πάθος páthos "suffering". We can clearly see that the first part of the word is very similar to the prefix in the well-known and despised concept "homosexuality" (ὁμός, meaning "same"). This is, of course, no coincidence. The practice of hom(e)opathy was “designed" by Samuel Hahnemann (Fig. 1; 1). Contrary to the secular godless medicine of his period he came up with the idea that by examining the symptoms a substance causes, you can treat a disease with similar symptoms by diluting the substance to a minimum and then diluting it a lot of more. Then it is diluted further (see also Jeremiah 38:4). Then you dilute it even more. As an expected result, the final remedy does not actually contain a single molecule of the original therapeutic substance. Gayopathy proponents claim that water would retain a memory of the molecule perhaps in a configuration, such as “an empty space” where the substance was. Secular research has, however, proven that such a configuration is stable for as long as approximately 0.00000000000000005 seconds) (2). This cannot be considered adequate in order to manufacture, market or use the products within that time frame. Godless medicine has also proven that the alleged benefits of homerpathy are placebo effects (3)

Fig.1. Hahnemann's composure belies his close encounters with and probably his possession by the Enemy!

Diluting is carried out as follows: some revolting materials (pus, arsenic, scabs, sulfur, livers of blaspheming jews, slips of yew, batwool, adderforks, gallbladders of goats, Newt Gingrich’s eyes, foie-de-gras, mummy of a witch) are placed into a container with distilled water or alcohol and given "10 hard strikes against an elastic body" in a process called "succussion" (Fig. 2; 4) by the practitioners. Unsurprisingly, the initial whacking part is very similar or identical to self-abuse with one's tallywhacker (Genesis 38:9). Furthermore, some actual homeopaths have examined their own products. They noticed that the dilutions are indeed delusions that retain starting materials in aggregates. Thus, they have to admit that they do not know why their products “work” (5).
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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 5:37

Fig.2. Homopathic succussion machine used to lure Satan into the fluid being de-excorcized.

3. "Like cures like"... or NOT

Here we enter the sinister aspects of hom(e)opathy. After lots of prayer and Bible study I’ve come to the following conclusions:
If like cures like, what about the plagues of fashionable homersexuality and related disorders. Are we supposed to "cure" homersexualism by either A) grinding a homersexual (Leviticus 20:13 would not necessarily condemn this part of the procedure) into a powder and diluting him until only a whiff of a memory remains. Are we actually supposed to cure homerism by welcoming a homer to enter one’s body!? This is called HOMERSEX, not healing. Or, is it really feasible to get rid of homersexual tendencies by practicing just a little bit of homersexual acts, i.e., are you supposed to become a healthy heterosexual True Christian™ male by exercising some light anal entertainment from time to time?! We can see that from the spiritual, technical and even godlessly scientific points of view this is RIDICULOUS. Secondly, secular medics have claimed that "at least homeopathic drugs are safe" (Fig. 3-4). On the other hand, homerpaths themselves acknowledge that they do not know the mechanism of function of their products (see above for reference). All this is confusing because the True Christian™ perspective is missing (1 Timothy 6:20)!

Christian thinking can combine all the following points. 1) Homopathic "medicine" loses the original molecules but becomes more and more "potent". 2) Homerpaths do not know what replaces the lost molecules. 3) Secular physicistians know that water molecules do not keep configurations long enough. 4) Ergo, Something else must be present in the products. Fig.3. Homopaths enjoy marketing their products with nice pictures of clean vegetables, while the products are made of fetuses, excrement and poisonous mushrooms. Fig.4. A poisonous mushroom (Amanita virosa). Look at the phallic form of this thingy that lures young boys into gay sex. Yes, it is SATAN, as is immediately obvious to any True Christians™. When something Created by GOD is lost (the molecules), SATAN creeps in and replaces it (John 3:27). Thus, minute amounts of the Devil are lodged within the homerpathic preparations.

Does this matter? YES! It actually DOES. Remember. SATAN IS ALWAYS AND IN EVERYTHING OPPOSITE TO GOD (Zechariah 3:2). THERE IS NO WAY TO MAKE A DILUTION OF SATAN (Fig. 5; Matthew 12:26-27, Mark 3:23). DILUTIONS ARE DELUSIONS. Even the tiniest amount of Satan is enough to gradually corrupt a soul, and is there a better and more efficient way to this than homeoeroticism!? Of course not!!! When Satan is somewhere, he is there 100%. According to the homopathos principle, a small amount of Satan should be the perfect remedy to being possessed or sinning. We know this is not the case. The only remedy is JESUS (John 14:6). Remember. SATAN IS ALWAYS AND IN EVERYTHING OPPOSITE TO GOD.

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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 5:38

Fig.5. SATAN is always ready to engage gullible young men to homersex with the help of homeopathy.

What about the BIBLE, then. Can you dilute it? In fact, that is exactly what lieberal false Christians are doing. They are gradually putting aside precious, perfect, irreplaceable Words of God and dismissing them as "not relevant to the present day". They are, in fact, doing HOMOPATHY to OUR BIBLE! According to the homeopathic principle the Bible would be the most effective and gain the most souls if it were diluted to the last aleph and the final omega. We KNOW that this is not the case. How can you convert someone with a single aleph?? You cannot! But God is always opposite to Satan (Fig. 6). While Satan cannot be diluted (Mark 4:15), God's words immediately become false Christianity once you start diluting them (Deuteronomy 4:2, Matthew 4:4, James 2:10, Revelation 22:19). Dilution IS delusion. It makes God's purpose disappear and brings in SATAN!

Fig.6. A healthy child from a True Christian™ home is in no need of secular medicine or homopathosian medicine.

Pivotal issues for True Christians™ to remember:

1.Homopathy has no effects from the secular viewpoint and homerpaths themselves do not know why it seems to work (6).
2.When you dilute something, something else takes its place. This “something” is SATAN.
3.You cannot dilute SATAN. He leads to damnation even in infinitesimally small amounts.
4.You CAN dilute GOD. This is why dismissal of any part of the Bible leads to the lieberal disaster.
5.Homopathia is a CULT, not a treatment for the sick. The practitioners may be unaware of SATAN but he is THERE.


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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 10:49


The New Age alternative health treatments have been destroying the lives of countless people in Australia for well over a decade now - right in the Imagesstream of society. One would have imagined that Biblical Christians would have “twigged” to the deceptions by now, but such is not always the case. Still there are those of God’s children who are dabbling in the New Age treatments, which are spiritual poison to their souls. Consider this New Age treatment - HOMOEOPATHY.


Homoeopathy is NOT just a simple medical treatment which utilises certain natural products, herbs and minerals, and brings these to the patient in small, scientific looking bottles. It is a magic art, very old indeed! Borrow from the library the book
“The Illustrated Golden Bough” by Sir James George Frazer. There you will find details of the history of Homoeopathic magic, in depth. The basis of this nightmare treatment is:

1. It has been practised through the ages all over the world, and it was well known to sorcerers in ancient India, Babylon, Egypt, Greece. Rome and amazingly it is still used by pagan tribal people in Africa and Australia.

2. Basically Homoeopathy is Imitative Magic or Sympathetic Magic, the every same kind of demonic manipulation of occult power as Voodoo is! It has been used in many ways, an example from ancient Babylon could help here. In Babylon it was common practice to make an image out of some sort of soft material, clay, pitch, honey, fat, or some other substance, in the likeness of an enemy, and injure or kill him by burning, cutting, burying or beating it. This form of Homoeopathic magic is known as Voodoo.

3. Homoeopathy was a religious practise both in ancient Egypt and Babylon. In Babylon there were incantations said, with a long list of evil spirits whose effigies were burnt by the sorcerer. He hoped that, as their images were destroyed in the fire, so they also would just melt away and be seen no more. This was Homoeopathic magic.

4, Imitative magic was used to cure illness, as it is today. The ancient Hindus, for an example, would seek to cure jaundice by banishing the colour yellow to yellow creatures and yellow things, such as the sun. To procure for the patient a healthier red colour, they looked for a living, red source, namely a red bull.

5. The ancient sorcerer’s art of Homoeopathy works on the concept of “LIKE PRODUCES LIKE.” Over thousands of years priests in evil pagan ceremonies would recite spells to work homoeopathic magic and evil against enemies. Here is a hymn to break the power of Homoeopathic evil, from historical records.

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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 10:52

A hymn to the fire-god Nuska, from Babylon: “Those who have made images of me, reproducing my features, Who have taken away my breath, torn my hairs, Who have rent my clothes, have hindered my feet from treading dust, May the fire-god, the strong one, break their charm.” Here is a Homoeopathic spell from ancient India: “Up to the sun shall go thy heart-ache and thy jaundice: in the colour of the red bull do we envelope thee! We envelope thee in red tints, unto long life. May this person go unscathed and be free of yellow colour. The cows whose divinity is Rohini, they who, moreover, are themselves red (rohinih) - in their every form and every strength we do envelope thee....”


The ancient art was developed as a system of medical treatment by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), and it has had a huge revival in the holistic health treatments of the New Age. Homoeopathy came to Britain in approximately 1840. It was introduced by a Dr. Quinn.

Roy Livesey of the UK writes:

“Eventually the London Homoeopathic Hospital acquired its ‘Royal’ status. Sir John Weir was appointed personal physician and served four monarchs for forty-eight years until 1971. There is still a homoeopathic physician serving the Royal family today and most homoeopathic doctors are believed to acknowledge that the Royal family has helped to keep homoeopathy alive in Britain.”


As we have already seen Homoeopathy is sorcery. Homoeopathy is a very odd treatment, a mixture of contrasting and “mysterious” elements. These elements could be summarised in this way: unknown energy concepts, cures brought about as if by magic, dealing with personality types (a sort of psychological analysis). The dilution of substances in the “like cures like” treatment, seems to bring the practitioner to the non-material essence - an “energy”, the “force”. THE LIFE FORCE of the New Age, which God has warned us about in Daniel 11:38. As with all New Age treatments, that is where the power comes from. The “force” is the pantheistic “god”. A few quotes will convince the reader of the truth of this statement, as cited in “Psychic Forces and Occult Shock” by Wilson and Weldon, :

Dr. Jacques Michaud describes the Homoeopathic “dilution process”: “Dilution means diminishing the quantity of the substance, according to a geometric progression, to the point where there are no more detectable molecules, and even beyond. But although there’s less and less matter as dilution increases, there’s more and more ENERGY. ...As for succession, it consists in ENERGISING the bottle...” (emphasis added).

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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 10:54

What is Michaud describing here?

A process which dilutes the herbs/ minerals until the non-material spiritual essence is left, the “force” of the New Age! This is what is the “cure” in homoeopathy.

Victor Margutti, M.D., writes: “ The basic factor in homoeopathy is not the use of small doses, as many unknowing people believe, but rather the use of qualitatively altered substance which are hence capable of efficacy in small amounts. ...This may be likened to an ‘ENERGY TEMPLATE’ passing on its patterning long after the original embossing...”

Dr. Margutti, M.D., is quoted by Wilson and Weldon: “The concept of the ‘life force’ is predominant in both holistic health and homoeopathy. Margutti relates homoeopathy to Burr’s L-( for life) fields. Dr. Gray refers to a generalised life force that does the healing and states it has names - chi, prana, spirit. etc. He gives the force almost a god-like power, providing, of course, it is stimulated by homoeopathy. (In fact, non homoeopathic holistic health methods are essentially ineffective when dealing with chronic disease): ‘Homoeopathy is a very systematic method of prescribing single substances which powerfully stimulate the life force to heal whatever is wrong with a person. It is, of course, highly effective in acute ailments, even viral illnesses such as influenza and hepatitis...’” (p 234, “Psychic Forces and Occult Shock, by Wilson and Weldon, Global Pub.)

Christians should never submit to Homoeopathy treatments because these are occult magic, ancient Babylonianism revisited, and the treatments manipulate the FORCE or ENERGY of the supernatural world.


Have YOU submitted yourselves to the occult magic of homoeopathy? This no light affair, and I suggest you deal with the matter immediately! This quote from Pacemakers by Andrew Fergusson, The Journal of the Nurses Christian Fellowship (Dec.1987) was cited in Roy Livesey’s book, p127: “ The author would submit that homoeopathy over-whelmingly fails the...five tests and, philosophically at least, must therefore be in no way from God but from the Devil who is a ‘liar and the father of all lies.’ (John 8:44). The author could no recommend any Christian to receive homoeopathic treatment or practise homoeopathic medicine, and believes that God is increasingly opening eyes to the pitfalls of this subject...”

There is really no rational scientific reason why Homoeopathy can often cure. The cure comes from the ancient arts forbidden by the Lord God Almighty (Jeremiah 27:9; Malachi 3:5; Deut.18:9-11), and therefore should be repented of as such. That severe abnormalities can develop in those who dabble in the black arts is documented by such Christian researchers as the well-known Dr. Kurt E. Koch. You may reply that no harm has come from Homoeopathy in your own life, but you are on dangerous ground and the future could well show a different story. At any rate, Christians should surely want to please the Lord God in every area of their lives, and Homoeopathic magic is not pleasing to God. Well, you might counter, I didn’t know! Well now you do.

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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 10:54


Cut ties with the practise straight away, cancel any appointments made, tip out the bottles, get rid of papers or instructions to do with Homoeopathy. Renounce the Homoeopathic involvement before the Lord in prayer, and declare yourself free from Satan as you confess your sin to God. (1 John 1:9). Trust that the Blood of Christ Jesus and His victory on the Cross of Calvary has defeated all the works of the enemy. Take back all the ground given to the enemy, trusting in the finished work of Christ on the Cross alone. If you have drawn in any others to the magic of Homoeopathy, warn them with apology.( 1 John 4:1). Put confidence in the promises of God as in James 4:7. Jesus Christ has already conquered all the demonic powers of Satan, 1 John 3:8; 11 Cor. 2:14. Declare the Victory is yours, and do not allow the Devil to oppress you - Christ has made an end to the tyrannical rule of Satan. Praise God!

Books recommended further study:

“More Understanding Alternative Medicines”, by Roy Livesey, New Wine Press;
“Psychic Forces and Occult Shock”, by Wilson and Weldon, Global Pub.; & For New Age medicines (not Homoeopathy) “New Age Medicine", by Paul C. Reisser, M.D., Teri K. Reisser and John Weldon.)

*These clinics and centres are not necessarily still in operation, but our files show the association of New Age practices with Homoeopathy quite clearly.

New Agers declare in E-mail/News Forum & their Adverts, that Homoeopathy can be involved with many other occult remedies. Just because a remedy or experience works does not justify its use for Christians, see "The Experience Controversy" Article, last Despatch Mag.Vol. 8:3. The following extracts from the New Age Pegasus Network show the association of occult remedies with Homeopathy...

"Homeopathic Conferences:

hngen.fringe A forum for questions, answers, discussion and articles relating to the controversial or `fringe' elements in homeopathy.
Examples: Dowsing - manual/electronic Electro-acupuncture Astrological correlations Bach Flower Rx `Energy' medicine in general Crystals Isopathy Anthroposophical medicine Whatever you come across that isn't `straight' homeopathy, but seems related ... in some way."  "For a LIVING I practice hypnotherapy & massage, & I am learning homoeopathy. I write fairy stories for sick (and well) children, & I am preparing a book on the subject. (Yes I know, the world is full of would-be authors!)"

Nundah --Homeopathy, acupuncture herbs, bio-energetic, iridology, magneton therapy
WOMEN'S HEALING CENTRE.  Osteopathy, Naturopathy, massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, Homeopathy, counselling, Iridology, Polarity  TAO CENTRE.  Bangalow Centre practitioners are : REYNOLDS Neil.ND.Dip.Ac; Acupuncture, homeopathy BENN David. Acupuncture, chinese herbs, massage RUSSELL Jon Bio Energetic therapy, Rebirthing, , crystal balancing BENTON Danni Reiki II channel, bach flower  ANADAPALLI SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY ANANDA MARGA front. Held ‘ Festival Of Bliss ‘ ( ANANDA MELA qv ) Jan. 1987, with workshops such as... Colour Homeopathy, Emerging Network Phenomenon, Transpersonal Psychology, Tantra Yoga, Neo-Humanist Education For The New World, Black Liberation, A Strategy For Change.  CITY NATUROPATH & SKIN CLINIC -Naturopath, homeopathy iridology, skin therapy
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MessageSujet: Re: n homeopathy=satanic,opens doors to evil spirits,kundalini   Ven 28 Oct - 11:06

A Warning To Christians About Homeopathy
Posted by Christine Pack

The idea of mystical essences imbued into nature isn't a hard sell to New Agers. After all, the New Age mindset already embraces a panentheistic worldview, which means that they believe some form of Divinity is "in" all the stars, the galaxies, the planets, in zebras, rocks, mountains, oceans, snakes, plants, humans, etc. This concept of "Divinity," however, is far from the Christian understanding of the God of the Bible, and can mean that this animating force comes from a monotheistic god (somewhat similar to the biblical God) or from multiple gods (polytheism), or it can also simply serve to describe some kind of vague force often nebulously described as an "energy," "vibration" or "essence."

With this worldview in mind (a worldview, that is, that developed in the east outside of the scientific method that was developing in Christian nations in Europe and America in the west), it's not hard to see that eastern methods of health treatment (which I hesitate to call medicine, as they don't employ scientific methodology) would develop along distinctly different lines. The overarching view in eastern medicine, which stems from their panentheistic belief that "God" (or some concept of "Divinity") is "in" all things, is that the human body is born into a state of perfect alignment, wholeness and health, and that illness is just a result of some element no longer being in alignment. This is obviously in distinct contrast to the Christian worldview, which is that illness is a result of humans living in a broken, fallen world, and that until Christ returns to institute his kingdom, there will be suffering, illness and disease in this life. By saying this, I don't mean to imply that people shouldn't care for their bodies to the best of their ability (they should). But, Christians should not resort to using pagan medicine that has occultic spirituality at its core when their bodies begin to break down. Until we are in heaven, ALL of us are inhabiting bodies that, at some point or another, are going to begin to break down. Out of the eastern mindset and worldview, we have many alternative forms of treatment, but here are just a few:

- Aromatherapy
- Yoga
- Reiki
- Acupuncture
- Acupressure
- Cranial sacral massage
- Rolfing
- Chakra therapy
- Cupping
- Iridology

Which brings us to Homeopathic, an alternative treatment that was not strictly speaking developed in the east, but was created with the underlying beliefs and philosophies of the eastern mindset. Homeopathy was created by a Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, who began his life's work as a formally trained doctor in Europe. At one point in his life, Hahnemann began to eschew the western methodology of testing and observing data for more eastern ideas of treating the human body. Hahnemann wrote a series of medical journals entitled The Organen of the Healing Art, and it was in the fifth volume of these journals that Hahnemann began to introduce metaphysical concepts outside of the western scientific method construct. He also began to write in terms of "vital energy," a concept better associated with the eastern world, Panentheism and Taoism.

For Christians desiring to learn more about the background of homeopathic remedies, and how they were developed, please consider reading the free, online e-book Alternative Medicine: A Mind Blowing Magical Mystery Tour by Steven Ransom. (** Please note that if you click the preceding link to the book, the book will automatically begin downloading **)

Magical Mystery Tour documents the beginnings of homeopathy, a very popular alternative treatment that once only existed on the fringes of the culture, within the New Age movement, but has now become mainstreamed, and is sadly even being embraced by Christians today. (As noted above, while Samuel Hahnemann was the developer of the homeopathic theory, a man by the name of Edward Bach came along later and systematized Hahnemann's theory into what is known today as the Bach flower remedies, pictured above.)

While homeopathic cures are often discussed and treated as if they are medicine, they are not. They're quackery, plain and simple. Sugar pills and water. It's modern day snake oil. And yet, because this area is not regulated by the FDA, all kinds of outlandish claims can be made of the asserted (but non-existent) curative properties of homeopathy.

Since I have been observing many in the Christian community accepting and embracing the claims of homeopathy, and since the focus of the Sola Sisters ministry is primarily to warn about false teachings coming into the church, I am therefore making a warning to the church at large about the unscientific, untested claims associated with Homeopathy. I am also warning about the unbiblical belief system out of which Homeopathy was developed. To begin with, I think it might be prudent to simply consider the scientific method, and why it is so valuable. According to the article The Foundation of Modern Science Is The Biblical Worldview by R. Totten, Christian writers Nancy Pearcey and Charles Thaxton have written an excellent book entitled The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy, which explains in detail that the scientific method for study has its origins in Christianity. Does this not make sense to us as Christians? That our good and loving God gave us minds, which He obviously desired for us to employ as we navigate our lives? We are not animals, who navigate by instinct; we have minds with which we are able to critically evaluate and assess data.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." (Mark 12:30, my emphasis)

From the article by Totten:

Human Minds can Discover and Understand the Natural Order - The Bible teaches that man is made "in the image of God," which means (among other things) that man is personal, creative and imaginative, and able to "step back" (transcend) and rationally analyze and develop knowledge about many realities of nature and existence.

But in contrast, in his book, The Grand Tradition ('69), J. Needham --an expert on Chinese culture-- maintains that the Chinese (who developed most of the 'alternative treatment' methods popular today) never developed modern analytical science, because they did not think there existed either a definite understandable order in nature, nor the human ability to figure it out. To the Chinese, whatever order did exist in nature "was not an order ordained by a rational personal being, and hence there was no guarantee that other rational personal beings would be able to spell out ...laws which he had previously formulated" (p.327).

On the other hand, in Christian Europe, scientists did have such a guarantee, because they believed that a rational and orderly Creator had made everything --including man as a rational personal being. The resultant outcome is that, to a meaningful extent, man can "think God's thoughts after Him", and thus understand much of the rationally logical order of nature......

We are never, at any place in Scripture, exhorted by God to turn our minds off and live by impulse or instinct. In fact, just the opposite is true: God gave human beings minds with which to assess and evaluate data via proven scientific methods, thus setting us apart from the animals. Have we all forgotten our 9th grade science lessons on "the gold standard"? (Please see the attached article, The Scientific Method and Why It Matters, if you would like to be refreshed on your high school basics of the scientific method for testing hypotheses.)

The scientific method is something that should not be disdained by Christians. The scientific method employs reason, facts and quantifiable data. And yet, so much of the alternative medicine realm eschews the scientific methods by which we are able to evaluate information in an orderly, repeatable fashion in favor of hunches, impulses and even mystical feelings. So when you hear claims by the alternative medicine community that this or that treatment is scientific, check it out for yourself, using the gold standard, to see if that is in fact, true. But I can assure you right now that the "science" associated with homeopathy (and a great deal of alternative medicine in general), is not really science, but is based almost entirely upon anecdotal accounts or upon studies funded by alternative treatment advocacy groups. The "scientific" studies that are pointed to as "proof" of claims made by alternative practitioners are rarely, if ever, long-term, placebo-controlled trials done on humans. And let's not forget that the human body is not a controlled environment in the same way that a petri dish is. By that, I mean to say that a substance that works in a petri dish to kill cancer cells (gasoline, antifreeze, etc.) might not do so well in the human body.

Below is an excerpt about Edward Bach and how he came up with his flower remedies:

Edward Bach (1886-1936),
creator of Bach flower remedies
Bach came to the conclusion that humanity could be divided into twelve main emotional groups or 'world types' and he listed them as follows:

- Feelings of inner torture and restlessness
- Impatience with others
- Feelings of discouragement
- Known fears
- Extreme fear
- Highly-strung and unable to relax
- Desiring isolation
- Weak, easily dominated personality
- Lack of confidence in own judgment
- A possessive and selfish attitude
- Daydreams who have little interest in life
- Indecision and mood swings

Bach's spurious 12 point hypothesis was the turning point in his life. He gave up his London practice and spent the next four years wandering the countryside, searching out the special flowers and plants he believed would be the positive correspondents to these twelves negative emotional types. But the manner in which Bach carried out his 'field work' was far from orthodox and revealed the complete eccentricity, even the madness of the man and his methods.

The process of identifying a 'healing' flower would being with Bach first of all working himself into an absolute frenzy of whatever one of the twelves 'types' he was seeking to heal. In a state of inner torture or extreme fear, he would then wander the countryside, approaching various flowers and shrubs until he 'sensed' a particular plant was helping his frenzy subside. (Writer and Bach Remedy proponent) Nora Weeks notes the following:

“Through his finely developed sense of touch he was able to feel the vibrations and power emitted by any plant he wished to test.... Some would have a strengthening, vitalizing effect on mind and body; others would give him pains, vomiting, fevers, rashes and the like.”

That Bach could induce vomiting, fevers and rashes by merely touching the petals of the mimulus or marigold mirrors the extreme behavior of (homeopathic theory developer Samuel Hahnemann) who was able to record a staggering 174 physical and mental symptoms just through eating a single sliver of green pepper. And now here was Bach building his own castle in the sky and doing so by the same, quite extraordinary powers of imagination.

Bach led a nomadic life during (the years he was formulating his remedies) and he would often stay in different places across the UK for weeks at a time, returning to his lodgings quite late in the evening, dishevelled, muddied, bloodied and completely exhausted from the day's manic 'field experiments'. With twelves emotional states to heal, Bach eventually arrived at twelves different flowers known as the 'twelve healers'.......Bach's methods of preparing his medicines (from the twelve healing flowers flowers he had isolated as the 'healers') was equally bizarre. Nora Weeks again on her master's next flash of inspiration:

“The thought flashed into his mind that each dewdrop must contain some of the properties of the plant upon which it rested and that the heat of the sun would serve to draw out these properties until each drop was magnetised with power. The resulting remedies would contain the full, perfect and uncontaminated power of the plants.”

Bach experimented by floating various flower petals in a glass bowl filled with clear stream water, leaving these concoctions in direct sunlight. The sun's rays would 'charge' this flower-water mixture and after roughly four hours, the resulting potion was deemed to be 'impregnated with magnetic power.'

Like Hahnemann, Bach believed his medicines were being powerfully spiritualized by (his preparation) methods.

(SOURCE: Alternative Medicine: A Mind Blowing Magical Mystery Tour, Steven Ransom)

My questions for Christians, after reading the above account are these: are Bach's theories, methods and preparations scientific? Do they seem compatible with the Christian worldview? Let's remember, again, that God gave us minds with which to reason things out, and that includes the use of the scientific method for testing substances, as opposed to going by mystical feelings, hunches, guesses, or impressions (which was how Bach developed his remedies).

Also, when I look at the list of 12 emotional types that Bach came up with, I can think of lots of Scripture that addresses those weaknesses in humans, none of which involve floating flowers in stream water and allowing the sun to spiritually imbue the essence of those flowers into the water in order to magically free the affected individual from those weaknesses. Christians should call sin "sin," and should address their areas of weakness biblically: through accountability, Scripture memorization, Bible study, prayer, etc. That takes relying upon the Lord and the power of the Holy spirit for wisdom, strength and diligence. There are no magical remedies for sin, but thankfully the Bible does gives us all that we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

"(Satan) was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44)

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)

Big Pharma has its problems, and I get that, but I just want to caution all the Christians I'm observing jumping on the hate-big-Pharma bandwagon (which originated in the New Age among quack practitioners with snake oil to sell, by the way) that Big Pharma has its uses. I'm sure that all of us can think of family members of ours whose lives have been saved by Big Pharma. My husband is currently under long-term treatment with medicine developed through scientific methods. The treatment is saving his life. I had an illness in my 20s that would have killed me if I had not had access to antibiotics. But above and beyond even that, what I'm really wanting to caution against is an embracing of supposed medicinal items that have been developed through mystical or even demonic means. When I read about Edward Bach, I'm sorry, but it seems to me that at a bare minimum he was mentally unbalanced, and at worst, perhaps demonically possessed. Why would any Christian want to use a treatment that came from a man who was mentally unstable and/or possessed by a demon? A deeper question to ponder is this: what does the Bible have to say about Satan and his demon deceptions? does he have our best interests at heart? or is he out to steal, kill and destroy, whatever that looks like?

Personal Accounts of Problems With Homeopathy

After recently posting on the unscientific nature of homeopathy, I received an email from a friend who wrote about a close family friends of hers who had been very negatively affected by a homeopathic doctor. This doctor had received a Doctorate in Homeopathy from Hahnemann University, a school named after the founder of the homeopathic movement, Samuel Hahnemann. This doctor, who has been so heavily influenced by the homeopathic principles developed by Hahnemann, claims on his website to have had positive results in treating AIDS, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and arthritis. And yet in reality, my friend attested to me that this doctor had unsuccessfully treated a woman for cancer of the femur (she died a very painful death within the year), as well as a young wife and mother of 4 who had breast cancer, and who also died within a short period of time. I was also told that this doctor had treated numerous other people who have not done well despite his public claims, and that the doctor had been put out of fellowship for errant doctrine and fraudulent business practices.

Please understand that I am NOT saying that all who go into homeopathy have evil intent or wrong motives. Not at all. This doctor in question might have the best of motives. But these homeopathic practices that these doctors are basing their practices upon are based on unscientific methods.

I think it should also be noted that, according to Walter Isaacson (author of a biography on Apple founder Steve Jobs), Jobs had regrets about pursuing alternative treatments for his cancer for such a lengthy period of time before making the decision to have surgery. Jobs, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late 2003, died in 2011. (online source)

Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers For The New Age (CANA), a friend and former New Ager (and frequent contributor here), has also written an excellent article on the occultic roots of homeopathic medicine, linked here: Homeopathy, The Occult and Beyond.

photo credit: salimfadhley via photopin cc

Additional Resources

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