lets not have a fleshy mind, elts have a spiritual mind

colossians 2 18 Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,

colossians 2 20 Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances,21 (Touch not; taste not; handle not;22 Which all are to perish with the using;) after the commandments and doctrines of men?

those who are disciples of CHRIST JESUS, members of CHRIST JESUS 's body, (= born again Saints ), are supposed to live not according to human's thinking, human's philosphy, humans doctrines, humans traditions, but according to GOD's Word,GOD's Will, GOD's commands, desires , GOD's manner of thinking ect ; is that it Holy LORD JESUS ? so if satan deceive you and you fell into his trap of his fake so called "reality", hat make you beleive in lucifer's thinking, beleigs, doctirne, traditions ect and to deny anything or msot thing from the Holy Scriptures ( Bible(, then you believe Heavenly Father wants the human race to live according to men's traditions, men's philolphy of this planet ect, and you deny that Saints ( Christians, disicples , members of CHRIST's body ect) are not in the world; because you'r elike but there here! they'r eon earht, they'r enot dead ; yes, but they're in the world, phisicall,y but they're not in the world; they'r enot of the world; they'r eof Father GOD and of CHRIST JESUS ; they're in earht but htey're of Heaven; allleuya AMEN !! because your father and god deceive you you false Christians, false menbers of JESUS body ect, making you be persuaded that , your either dead and not in this planet, or alive and in this planet; so you beleive all Saints are in Heaven and that there is no Saint in this world; false; don't lsitne to lucifer's our god and daddy's way of seeing things, lsitne please to Father of Heaven and earth 's way of seeing things; because accoridng to Holy Father of Heaven and earth, they're are born again Saints [ born again Christians) in the earht + in Heaven; those regenarated Saints who are in this world are not dead yet; and those regenarated Saints who are in Heaven have passed away and are now in Heaven ; saying there is no regenarated Saint on earht means saying there is no Christian on earth ! and is saying all Christians are in Haven; wrong ; if you're not of Holy GOD or if you're a false Saint and are not of GOD, you beleive Holy Father of Heaven wats humanity to live accoridng to men's traditions, men's i don't know what; men's manner of seeing lif,e man's manner of thinking, men's philosophy; that is against the Bible, the Bible says the opposite; that is lucifer's philosphy; because as if you're a false born again so a false Chrsitian or you're not a mmeber of JESUS CHRIST's body you are none of His and none of His Holy GOD Father, so you don't lsiten to Holy GOD and to His Holy SPIRIT and to His Holy Son but you lsitne to your father and god satan; so you beleive only what your father god satan says; you don't beleive and don't want to beleive in what the Father and GOD of the regenarated Saints say; so you beoeive satan when satan says men should live accoridng to the world, accoridng to what the world says, accoridng to what the inhabitants of the world think say, accoring to the philopshy of this world , of humanity ect; in other words of satan; for philosophy of the world, way of seeing sutff of the world, doctirne of the orld is really doctirne of lucifer, way of seeing things of lucifer; ect; why ; because lucifer is the god of this world; so in a way this world belongs to him; isn't it Holy Father of Heaven ? so if you think like the world you think like the pirnce and god of this world, lucifer; so as this world is sort of is; so you think like the master of thsi world lcufier and his satanists illuminati = his kdis who rule this world ; so you dont think like the true GOD of Heaven ; so if Heavenly Father tells you humanity to not think like lucifer, < to not think like this world, = you hate that, you wnt to think like this world, like satan , without knowing so; and if Heavenly Father tells you to not think like satan the prince of this world, like this world, but to think like the Holy Bible, like the Holy Son of GOD < CHRIST JESUS, to think like the Father of JESUS < GOD, = humanity says no!! they hate it! they refuse to think like SOn of GOD, Bilble, God

so like always, humanity follows like a zombie a sheep without soul without mind without brain without heart, witout concience, sadomazochist ect, the devil, and don't follow the eprfect Holy GOD of Heaven adn earth ; Holy Father knows why ! who gets it ! it's so unlogical but it's so logical; because Holy Father is not the GOD of this world; because Holy Father YOU ain't in mankinds hearts; satan unfortunately is in mankinds heart; if Holy ather YOU was the GOD of this world, we'd follo YOU, Your doctirne, thinking, maner of seeing life, stuff, we'd be like YOU, we'd have YOU and Your YEHSUA in our herts, concienc,s souls, minds, spirits ect; but as we belong to the wolrd, humanity, so to satan, and not to YOU and to Your CHRIST , HOLY GOD; because if mankind was not of this world so of lucifer, but was of Heavne so of YOU HOLY GOD, we would not beleive Your Holy Bible is dumb, lies, ridiculous, ect and that YOU never commanded, said, asked those stuff YOU asked in Your Holy Book ect ect; and that its not tru you don't think in thsi cruel way, YOU can not have said thsoe stuff for its means oure inhumane cruel mosnter ect ect; they just reject Your Bible as truth and Your Son as the truth also ect; but its because YOu aint the GOD of htis world Father of Heavne! its because if YOU are the GOD of this world we accept YOU, everything coming from YOU, Your Holy Scriptures, Yor SOn, eveyrhting you say we say yes to them; but if satan is the prince and god master of the earth, then we cant say no and hate and be disgusted by his things; we jsut orship his thigns and probably him also by the same ocasison; it all depends on who is and who is not the god of this world; if only Father of Haven and earth <<<< YOU;;;; were the GOD of this world ; but YOu are the GOD of all the univese, amen alleluya!