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 N Rdif chip forced to have satan's mark or concentration cam

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MessageSujet: N Rdif chip forced to have satan's mark or concentration cam   Jeu 31 Aoû - 13:57

You got 2 options 🍌You either take the mark of the beast and you stop living and you go to Hell for ever and ever and ever and ever 🍓 For all eternity burning in un unbearable fire tormenta and millions of juge world devouring you and you eternally separated from the presence of god and Holy lord jesus and with No peace ☁️ Or you reject the mark of the beast and you are because of this sent to jail or concentration camp 🎍 There Holy god knows which atrocious torture they're going to do to you 🌸 Because of the faith in christ and if they ask you do you wish us to keep on torturing you for jesus christ or do you widget us to stop torturing you for you renounce jesus and reject Holy jesus 🥀 If you tell they to stop torturibg you = you renounce the faith in Holy lord jesus and if you are Willing to take the mark of the beast 🍁 And so you will go to seol = Hell 🍄 So it's like this : you Either say yes for torture for jesus and want to die for jesus and you have eternal salvation , you enter the kingdom of heaven after you stop living 🍃 Or you deny holy christ and you take the mark of satan = rdif chip and you aren't sent to a concentration camp or prison and they let you live , they don't torture you and you go to eternal condemnation after you stop living = Hell , because of accepting satan ´s mark and refusing jesus or renouncing jesus 🐾 It's up to you 🐩 Don't make the bad choice of taking the mark and beings a child of beelzebul ( satan( and denying christ jesus and god and die without salvation without jesus christ , in sin and without god without the Holy Spirit and without the savoir of the world > jesus christ of Nazareth 🐀 Make the right choice i' m begging here!! To die for christ and to reject the mark and to sacrifice yourselves for christ jesus please !!!! 🐈 So if at first you haven't taken the mark but they they immédiately started to torture you and you couldn't take it so you told them to stop 🐿 They won't just stop and that' s it 🐈They' ll stop but only if you take the mark 🐿 IF you tell they to stop , automatically you are agreeing with them to take the devil's mark 🐪 They won't just ley you go and stop the torture and let you ve without the mark 🦌 No 🦍 They ´ ll force you to take the mark 🐖 So it's like taking the mark is renouncing Holy god and god's son and his Spirit and being or becoming god' s enemy and enemy of jesus and of the Holy Gohst 🐩 And rejecting the mark for christ is being or becoming lucifer's enemy 🐐 Chose your side : god jesus and Holy Spirit or satan and the evil spirits = démons and the kingdom of darkness 🐈 So taking the mark of Lucifer is very meaningful 🐓 It is not just : taking a chip in your hand or forehead 🐫🕊 it's so much more than this 🐎 It's déclaring clearly that you Hâte god and christ jesus and Holy Spirit pr that you want Notting to do with them and that you don't want them in your lives and that you do not care about them 🦈 Si it ´ s not just a mark 🐠 And rejecting the mark is not just : rejecting the mark 🐟🐟 it is proving showing that you hate beelzebul ( the devil) and that you don't want anything from him, you don't want to be god's child, god's servant, jesus wife and you love god and jesus and not Lucifer 🐗 And you renounce your flesh, your Life, yourself , for Holy abba god and for Holy jesus and that god and jesus and Holy gohst Matter so much more to you than yourself  🦆 So rejecting to take the mark of the beast means so much 🐣 It means you want to be god's slave , god's child and jesus brother or sister , and that you care more about god , christ and Holy spirit than about you 🦇 And that you reject satan and all his works and that you don't want to have any part of this evil apocaliptical world full of sinners weird human beings , who have taken the mark  , world full of abominable things and that you have chosen god and christ and Holy Spirit, holiness , righteousness over satan and evil and sin 🐤 This is the reason why those which refuse the mark for god and for christ are rewarded with éternel Life 🙉 And this is the reason why those who accept the mark are punished for all eternity 🐮 Because it is a terrible sin to want the devil's mark 🦊 It's like wanting to terribly sin against Holy god , Holy Spirit , and Holy jesus christ 🐶 It is like insulting or cursing blaspheming Molina lord jesus and god father god and their Holy Spirit 👠 It's a !!!!!!!!!! terrible terrible terrible terrible !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thing to take the mark 🎓         This is terribly important 🍰We must share and not hide this 🍪 It would perhaps be à sin to not share this 🍧 This is a Matter of death and Life , eternal + earthly 🍭 For the whole world 🍡 So please be very kind to share these links with loads of human beings and with each and Every one of your contacts and with every one you know 🍫 Thanks you loads 🍦 May Holt god and Holt jesus christ cover each & every one of you with christ's Blood and save you from hades 🍡 Hades is Hell 🍟 And Both bless you eternally      🐘 This will be during the apocalypse 🌰 Which is calles on the Holy bible the gréât tribulation 🥞 It will be soon 🥜 Perhaps between 2018 and 2028 and 2033 🍠 The gréât tribulation will come on 15 to 10 traes as à maximum 🥗 L'aube 20 traes as a max but that se it , not more 🍅 Not 30 years not 64 years not 103 years etc 🍒 For gréât servants of Holy abba god and of christ jesus say There ´ s little time left 🍍 10 to 15 or 20 years 🥕 Servants such as armando alducin & David diamond 🍇
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N Rdif chip forced to have satan's mark or concentration cam
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