barak wanna kill every one in this world 🦆 he ´ ll be possessed with the antichrist 🐗 Barak will Reign in this world and destroy Everyone who will refuse to worship him and who will try to die for jesus christ 🐴 Barak is the beast , the dragon, of which the last Book of the bible Speaks about > book of revelations 🙉 Don't trust barak 🐮 Please don't worship barak 🐷 He isn't Holy father god 🐵 barak says he is god but he is not 🐷 Loads of human beings in all 4 corners of this world will worship barak during the great tribulation > the apocalypse 🐨  If you want jesus and god and Holy Spirit and not barak , and so you refuse barak' s mark > the mark of the beast = the mark of Lucifer, you  ´ ll die for christ 🦆  Yoû'll be tortured horribly on a fema camp or in jail or in concentration camp 🐺 This mean you won't take the mark of the beast 🐴 Yoû'll get saved 🐋 Holy god and Holy jesus christ will have given you eternal Life > eternal salvation 🐬 If you refuse christ, refuse to die for christ, refuse to refuse to take the mark and so you take the mark > you won't be sent to fema camp, or jail and you ´ d be ok hère in this planet, for a while 🐡 But after that, you  ´ ll go to hell 🐘 No human being who rejects jesus and who takes Satan's mark will inherit god's kingdom > heaven 🐟 So please make the choice Holy god wants you to make , the right one : die for christ jesus , don ´ t take the dévil's mark= rdif microchip on right hand or forehead 🐂 Be willing please to be tortured , killed , beheaded for jesus 🐐 Or way better : be Holy, be born again saint béfore this all comes to pass 🐄 So you can go with yeshua ha maschiach = jesus christ into god's Holy kingdom and have départes from this world before the apocalypse 🐳 It is so important for all the human beings earthlings to share these links 🐂 We need to share these to every human person we know and to as Many human beings we don't know as we can 🐈 Because their eternal souls are in danger of eternal condemnation , eternal Hell , eternal punishment of god 🐇 Sp we must raise awareness about this for this is a death and Life issue 🌻 An eternal. Life and death issue 🍄 You could take the mark because you din't want torture pain suffering , but if you do , you will be tormented in sheol = Hell forever 🐁 So please Fall in love with Holy god and with Holy lord jesus 🐈 Thank you for being so good , for every share🌾 Thank so much for caring about our neighbours = brethren 🌴 Thank you for trying to help our family of neighbours of all earth 🐀 God and christ both bless you, have mercy on you, poor sinners, give you eternal salvation and never let you go to sheol (hell