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MessageSujet: Bisons   Sam 8 Jan - 6:02

January 5, 2011

Ritual Hazing, Slaughter Of Wild Bison Could Begin Soon
posted by: Beth Buczynski 18 hours ago

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sender info:your name: your email: recipient info:recipient's address(es): Separate multiple e-mail addresses by a comma. You can send up to 100 recipients. personal messageRitual Hazing, Slaughter Of Wild Bison Could Begin Soon Hello,
I saw this on Care2 and thought you'd like it as well.

Care2 is the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the send We hate spam. We do not sell or share the email addresses you provide.32 commentsAs winter cold sets in, time is running out for iconic wild bison that are supposed to be protected by U.S. federal law.

Each winter, members of the last wild, genetically pure Yellowstone bison herd wander from the park in search of food. Although it's nothing more than hunger that drives them from the protective confines of Yellowstone, their lives are in danger the second they step over the invisible line.

Help Stop The Yellowstone Bison Slaughter!

Defenders of Wildlife writes:

"Because of an unsubstantiated fear that bison will transmit a disease called brucellosis to domestic cattle, bison face a grim fate: Harassed back into the park where food is scarce; shot on sight; or shipped off to slaughter.

"There have been no credible reports of brucellosis ever being transmitted from wild bison to livestock. However, in the past five winters, thousands of wild bison have been killed and harassed in a terrible and out-dated policy that needs to end."

Why is this sensless slaughter allowed to occur? Because livestock special interests are calling the shots on how these bison are treated.

When America was a young country, ranchers and pioneers slaughtered thousands of these majestic animals without realizing they were driving the species to extinction, but today's cattle farmers know exactly what they're doing.

Your voice can make a difference for some of America's last wild bison -- descendants of those that survived the horrific slaughter of the 1800s.

Sign this petition to prevent the hazing and killing of Yellowstone's wild bison, and urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to allow these iconic animals to roam more freely on the public lands outside Yellowstone National Park.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 21879
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: Bisons   Ven 14 Jan - 7:10

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STOP aux plus terribles des sacrifices au monde!
6082 signatures
Auteur :Barbara Langford Description :Activiste des droits des animaux A l'attention de l'Ambassade de Népal, Paris
Chaque année, au nom de la religion et de la culture, les sacrifices des milliers des animaux ont lieu au Népal. Les animaux sont mis à mort dans de manière terrible : des buffles sont décapités avec un sabre en plusieurs tentatives (jusqu'à 25 fois) des chèvres, coqs, rats sont égorgés avec des couteaux. L'animal agonise tandis que le prêtre répand le sang, des chèvres sont dépecées vivantes à mains nues et avec les dents, les porcs sont écorchés vifs et on leur ouvre la poitrine pour en arracher le cœur qui bat encore. . .
Sommes nous un monde civilisé, pour permettre telle barbarie?
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