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Grand sage

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MessageSujet: DAIRY   Sam 30 Juin - 2:27

April 11 , 2012

Cruel Boss Still Works at Dairy Farm (Video)

The dairy farm manager who repeatedly electro-shocked a cow in the face and brushed off the fact that his workers hit cows with poles and canes by saying that they sometimes "get carried away" is still employed as a manager at the farm—a month after PETA notified the farm's owners of the cruelty and released video evidence of the abuse.

More Cruelty Caught on Video

The same manager at Adirondack Farms, LLC, in Peru, New York, was recorded jabbing a downed cow in the ribs with a screwdriver and dragging her behind a skid steer. He cursed at her—calling her a "dumb b***h" and asking how the "f**k" she was unable to stand. You may remember that this man stated that when a cow's uterus prolapses during calving, workers simply "put [the uterus] back in and hope she lives … long enough for the beef truck to come get her."

Farm Silent on Ending Abuse

Before we went public with the video footage that we gathered during our undercover investigation, we asked the farm's owners to take immediate disciplinary action, including termination, against the employees who were documented abusing animals. We gave the owners a detailed list of men and explained what they did. We followed up. Four weeks later, the owners remain silent. Even after eye-opening news reports on the case, neither Adirondack Farms nor Agri-Mark, the company that it supplies with milk, has announced taking a single meaningful step to improve their animal welfare standards. And that this manager is still on the job at the farm suggests that it's cruel business as usual there and beyond in the dairy industry.

What You Can Do

Urge Agri-Mark CEO Dr. Richard Stammer to implement PETA's recommendations immediately to end the most egregious abuses of cows on cooperative members' farms.
Send a polite e-mail to Jon Rulfs, an owner of Adirondack Farms, LLC, asking him to discipline and/or terminate the employees PETA documented hitting, whipping, shocking, jabbing, dragging, and neglecting his cows.
For calcium without the cruelty, check out PETA's list of delicious dairy replacements.
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Grand sage
Grand sage

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Date d'inscription : 24/09/2011

MessageSujet: Re: DAIRY   Sam 30 Juin - 2:28

April 11 , 2012

Cruelty Behind Cheese: Cattle Burned for Maker of Cabot

In late 2011 and early 2012, PETA conducted an undercover investigation at Adirondack Farms, LLC, a dairy factory farm that takes 180,000 pounds of milk—intended for their calves—from approximately 1,800 cows every day in Clinton County, New York. Adirondack Farms sends that milk to Massachusetts-based Agri-Mark, Inc., the self-proclaimed "largest supplier of farm fresh milk in New England." Agri-Mark makes Cabot and McCadam cheeses and had $900 million in 2011 sales.

During the course of the investigation, PETA's investigator found that workers routinely jabbed and struck cows with a pole and cane—on the face, udder, and hindquarters—when leading them into a room to be milked. When PETA's investigator brought these abuses to the attention of a farm manager, the manager admitted that the workers "get carried away with" striking cows.

This same manager—who failed to stop the abuse—was caught on video by PETA's investigator electro-shocking a cow in the face repeatedly. A month after PETA notified Adirondack Farms' owners of the behavior of this manager and others responsible for the abuse and neglect and asked that they take appropriate disciplinary action—including termination—the manager was still on the job! PETA released additional footage of him jabbing a fully conscious downed cow, whom he called a "dumb bitch," in the ribs with a screwdriver and using a skid loader to drag her approximately 25 feet

Some cows with bloody vaginal prolapses that became covered with pus and manure were left to suffer, untreated, for almost three months. A manager told PETA's investigator that the farm did nothing for cows in this condition.

There was no shortage of animal suffering as a result of the dairy industry's cruel standard procedures. With no pain relief whatsoever, calves' horn buds were burned off so as to stop their horns from growing. PETA's undercover footage shows one of the millions of young calves who undergo this mutilation every year in the U.S. as she thrashes about in agony, smoke rising from her seared flesh. Workers used "guillotine cutters" to "lop off" the horns of older animals—again without anesthetics or pain relief. PETA's undercover investigator also recorded a manager as he put his arm deep inside a cow's rectum to "rake" feces out before artificially inseminating her with a "gun," another standard practice on dairy factory farms.

In order to make milking easier, calves' tails were docked by tightly binding them with elastic bands. This causes the skin and tissue to rot and die, eventually sloughing off. Not having a tail deprives animals of the fundamental ability to swat away flies and causes them acute and chronic pain.

To increase milk production, workers injected cows every two weeks with bovine somatotropin (BST, a.k.a., bovine growth hormone, or BGH), which contributes to mastitis, a painful inflammation of the udder for which cows tested positive virtually daily at the farm. And as at every dairy farm, calves were torn away from their mothers—who are known for their maternal instincts and whose pregnancies last for nine months, just like human pregnancies—almost immediately after birth, causing both mother and calf extreme distress.

We need your help now to ensure that this cruelty is stopped at all Agri-Mark member farms!

Please send a quick e-mail to Agri-Mark CEO Dr. Richard Stammer, in care of the company's communications director, Doug DiMento (, and politely urge him to implement PETA's recommendations immediately to help end the most egregious abuses of cows on cooperative members' farms and to improve animal welfare. You may also complete the message below, which we will deliver to Dr. Stammer.

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Grand sage
Grand sage

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MessageSujet: Re: DAIRY   Sam 30 Juin - 2:29

Dairy Replacements

.. ..For every dairy product, there is a cruelty-free alternative. In addition to being more humane than cow's milk, soy-, rice-, and nut-based milks and cheeses are generally lower in fat and calories and contain no cholesterol.

Milk: Soy, rice, or nut milk can replace cow's milk in any recipe. Soy and rice milks are available in a variety of flavors including plain, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. If you cannot find a nondairy milk, try making soy milk at home.

• For desserts, try using almond, oat, or coconut milk.
• For whipped cream, try Rich's brand nondairy whipping cream, beaten until stiff peaks form. You can find it at most Kosher or specialty baking stores.
• For buttermilk, combine one cup soy milk and one tablespoon vinegar.
• Silk brand creamer makes an excellent coffee creamer.

Cheese: You can make vegan cheese at home; check out our recipe section or The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook by Joanne Stepaniak, available online at the PETA Mall. There are also plenty of convenient alternatives to cheese, such as the following, available at the grocery store or online:

• Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative by Follow Your Heart brand comes in mozzarella, nacho, Monterey jack, and cheddar flavors and contains no casein (a milk derivative). You'll find it in natural food stores or online at
• Tofutti brand makes a wide variety of soy cheeses, including nondairy cream cheese, as well as vegan sour cream and ice cream.
• Replace cottage or ricotta cheese with crumbled, seasoned tofu.
• For parmesan cheese, try Soymage vegan parmesan cheese or nutritional yeast flakes.

Yogurt: Try Silk or Whole Soy brand vegan yogurts alone or in a recipe.

Ice Cream: There is a wide variety of vegan ice cream available on the market. Try Soy Delicious, Soy or Rice Dream or Tofutti, brand.

Don't forget to check out our vegan shopping guide and delicious recipes.

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MessageSujet: Re: DAIRY   Mer 24 Juil - 15:46

25 january 2011

Dairy's Dark Secret

Want to be let in on a secret? Here's one the dairy industry would rather you didn't know...
Pretty bad, right? Can you believe the dairy industry is now quietly trying to make it perfectly legal to deny a bobby calf any feed for 30 hours before he is killed – even criminals on death row get a last meal!
Outraged? Good! If you want to stop this awful cruelty, then the most important choice you can make is to go dairy-free! It's simple, healthy and as an added bonus, good for the planet! To make things even easier, we've already prepared a dairy-free shopping list for you!
And now it's time to make your voice heard!
Click here to tell the dairy industry how much you think their treatment of bobby calves sucks.
Then click here to share this video on Facebook and let all your friends in on dairy's dark secret.
Then go here to find out how you could win some delicious dairy free chocolates!
And keep an eye out in major papers this week for something else we've got cooking up for this campaign Wink
Personally, I can honestly say that since dropping dairy, I've never gone without. I mean - have you tried a Tofutti Cutie? Heaven! I still drink 'milk', eat 'cheese', chocolate, yoghurt and ice cream but I leave the cows out of it.
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