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MessageSujet: squirrels   Jeu 7 Fév - 8:43

january 25 , 2013

Stop Squirrel Bloodbath In Holley, New York

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The firefighters' oath of protecting lives doesn't mean anything in Orleans County, New York as their fire department is gearing up for a "squirrel shoot 'em up" event on February 16!

The fire department in Holley, New York is sponsoring the seventh annual "Squirrel Slam," an annual event organized for the mass killing of squirrels, with prizes given to the individuals who kill the largest and heaviest of the animals, often the pregnant females.

This year, the squirrel killing contest has a "youth" category for children 14 years and under, and is offering big cash prizes for kids and adults.

While grey and red squirrels are the primary victims of these appalling killing contests, the children are also victims. Encouraging kids to kill animals for fun teaches them that animals do not have any value other than serving as targets; that one can make money from blasting away defenseless animals; and that killing and suffering inflicted on animals is not only acceptable but is encouraged.

There is no telling how many squirrels will be killed at this event but is certain that many of these little animals will be wounded, some of them left to crawl away to suffer and die slowly. Females will likely be pregnant, and some may well have recently given birth, only to be killed and leave their young alone to starve to death.

1) Use the form below to send your comments to local officials, plus Governor Cuomo. Tell them that responsible governments and communities don't sponsor perverse cruelty to animals. Instead, real government promotes compassion and respect for innocent animals AND children.

2) Follow up your emails with phone calls to each of the officials listed below.

Personalize and submit the form below to send your comments to:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Phone: 518-474-8390
Mayor John Kenney, Jr., Phone: 585-638-6367
Orleans County of Tourism, Phone: 1-800-724-0314
... and Members of the Board of Trustees:

Ross Gaylord, Phone: 585-638-6367
David Dill, Phone: 585-638-6367
Lewis Passarell, Phone: 585-638-6367
Donald Penna, Phone: 585-638-6367
the term "Decision Maker" in the salutation below will automatically be replaced with the name and title of each recipient

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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22080
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MessageSujet: Re: squirrels   Jeu 7 Fév - 8:44

january 25 of 2013

Tell NY- Stop Squirrel Slaughter Contest

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In the town of he town of Holley, New York, the fire department is holding it's 7th annual mass squirrel killing contest- The "Hazzard County Squirrel Slam" on February 15.

Children will are encouraged to take up guns and kill harmless squirrels for entertainment, using weapons such as a 50 Caliber Muzzleloader, Mossberg 835, Remington 870 12 ga., Henry .22 Lever Action, or a .22 caliber AR-15, the assault weapon used in the slaughter of school children in Connecticut last month and several other mass killings.

The contest is open to both adults and children and prizes given to those who kill them most, and the biggest.

In addition to this event being bad for the environment by littering unlimited lead bullets which prove to be deadly toxic to other species, and by taking an unregulated amount of squirrels out of the ecosystem,- this is blatent animal cruelty as many will be injured and wounded maimed, many of them left to crawl away to suffer and die slowly from starvation and dehydration. Others will have young left alone to starve to death.

We ask that you cancel this event and teach children compassion- not senseless killing and animal cruelty.

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