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MessageSujet: ivory    Dim 24 Fév - 11:08

february 23 2013

Measures curb illegal ivory trade in ChinaUpdated: 2013-02-22 07:12 By Yang Yao ( China Daily) CommentsPrintMailLarge Medium Small

Seized elephant tusks are displayed by customs authorities in Hong Kong in October. Ivory smuggling has fallen due to strict law enforcement in China in recent years. Provided to China Daily

China's strict registration and management system can effectively keep illegal ivory from entering the domestic market, experts say.

According to Jin Yu, a researcher at Northeast Forestry University, China has launched an information control system stricter than the standards of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, also known as CITES.

CITES is an international convention that regulates the ivory trade, and monitors ivory stockpiles, consumption and products.

"On every finished product, there is an ID card with information regarding the product's appearance, size and digital code, which can be used to obtain further information, including its original material, from an online database," she said.

"It's the only way to prove an ivory product is legal and should always be carried when selling or transporting ivory.

"Any trade without such a certificate can be identified as illegal."

However, lack of expertise and experience may cause inaccurate surveys and reports that lead to allegations that the market has ivory products from illegal sources, Jin said.

ID system aids

The registration system tracks ivory until it is a finished product, and cross-checks each stage of development for weight gain, Jin said.

This identification system, introduced in 2003, has greatly helped police, customs and other law enforcement officials crack down on illegal ivory, Jin said, adding: "Ivory products from legal stockpiles auctioned in 2008 are not allowed to go outside of China."

In addition, all factories that manufacture ivory products and stores that sell them are registered.

"Only with approval from the government that is published online can the manufacturers and stores be in the business at appointed places," said Yan Xun, an official with the State Forestry Administration. "Factories and stores without such approval are punished," he added.

"This helps law enforcement officers crack down on illegal operations," he said.

China's strict penalties for illegal trading in ivory, including smuggling, have deterred offenders, Yan said.

"The highest sentence is life imprisonment, which is one of the strictest punishments in the world."

Yan said the administration has noted that tourists traveling to Africa often buy ivory ornaments and just carry them back to China, unaware that they are breaking the law.

"Chinese embassies in African countries are taking action by warning tourists not to bring those products back," he added. "Ivory products are easily detected when they go through customs and are confiscated."

As e-commerce emerged, Chinese wildlife management authorities have also taken steps to control crime in the business.

Over the past five years, concerted government efforts and significant progress have been made to implement the ivory product registration system and to raise public awareness, the International Fund for Animal Welfare said in its 2011 survey on China's ivory market.

The report said China has achieved progress in the control of online wildlife crime by educating the online industry and encouraging it to incorporate wildlife into online trade policies.

Taobao, China's largest online marketplace, banned ivory listings in 2005 and implemented the ban by education and detection of code words to eliminate the ivory listings.

The report also found that another website that traded in ivory - - has removed the ivory trading section and installed wildlife trade ban notices throughout the site.

"In 2011, not one wildlife listing was found on its site," the International Fund for Animal Welfare report said.

Taking a firm stand

Hong Lei, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, said on Monday that China has taken a firm stand in the fight against wildlife crime in recent years.

From Jan 6 to Feb 5, China led an operation, code-named "Cobra", that involved 22 Asian and African countries, according to the State Forestry Administration.

The cross-border combat of wildlife crimes has uncovered more than 200 cases involving trafficked wildlife parts and led to the detention of more than 100 criminal suspects.

In the operation, 6.5 metric tons of ivory, 1.6 tons of shahtoosh (material woven from the fur of Tibetan antelope), 22 rhino horns, 10 tiger hides, as well as other protected animal and plant species and products derived from them were confiscated.

"This operation sends a powerful message to poachers and smugglers across the globe," said Edward Grace, deputy director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement. "Only as global partners can we protect the world's wildlife".

John E Scanlon, secretary-general of CITES, said that joint efforts integrating specialized investigative techniques are essential to combat transnational organized crime in wildlife.

"It shows our resolution and capability to push forward multilateral cooperation to crack down on the trafficking of wildlife products," said Yin Hong, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 21885
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MessageSujet: Re: ivory    Mer 12 Juin - 9:39

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  • jaime iparraguirre Edit

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  • Petitioning Istituto delle Nazioni Unite per la ricerca sul disarmo 


a military service of protection for the AFRICAN National Parks

    2. Petition by
      beppe miceli
      florence, Italy



Dobbiamo esercitare pressione perchè venga istituito alla svelta un servizio militare internazionale di protezione, sul tipo delle forze NATO, al fine di garantire un adeguato strumento per la difesa dei Grandi Parchi Naturali contro il bracconaggio esercitato dalle popolazioni e dai servizi di vigilanza locali.

I Grandi Parchi Naturali africani rappresentano un bene che appartiene a tutta l'umanità, non soltanto a chi abita in quei territori.

Facciamo di tutto perchè certe idee circolino alla svelta, offrendo dimostrazione che questo è il vero sentimento collettivo da coltivare e rispettare.

Nessuno pensa alla tutela degli animali perchè prima c'è sempre qualche popolo o qualche categoria di individuo da proteggere, i cui diritti vengono violati. E ci sarà sempre qualcuno che ti spiattellerà in faccia le foto di bambini del terzo mondo che piangono, con i pancini gonfi e con i genitori ridotti in miseria. Ci sarà sempre qualcuno che chiederà di raccogliere e far affluire denaro e aiuti per questa gente bisognosa. Ci sarà sempre qualcuno che ti dirà che sei una persona insensibile e malata di mente per il fatto di pensare agli animali anzichè agli uomini. 
Qui non si tratta di preferire o di anteporre ma di usare una minima parte dei nostri aiuti ANCHE in difesa degli animali perchè le risorse disponibili non possono essere destinate SOLO ED ESCLUSIVAMENTE agli umani.

                      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We must exert pressure on the need to set up quickly a military service ofinternational protection, on the pattern of NATO forces, in order to ensure an adequate instrument for the defense of the Great National Parks against poaching exercised by people and the services of local surveyors.
The Great African National Parks are assets that belongs to all mankind, not just to people who live in those territories. 

Let’s do all the possible because certain ideas can circulate quickly, providing evidence that this is the true collective feeling to be cultivated and respected. 

No one thinks to the protection of animals because there is always some people or category of individuals to be protected before, whose rights are violated. And there will always be someone who will appeal to the Third World children who are crying, with swollen bellies and their parents reduced in misery; there will always be someone who will ask you to collect and channel this money and aid for people in need. There will always be someone who will charge you to be an insane and insensitive person for thinking to the animals rather than men.
It’s not a matter of preferring or putting before but of using a small part of our aidsEVEN for animals because the available resources cannot be used ONLY for humans.

                             * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Debemos ejercer presión sobre la necesidad de crearse rápidamente un servicio militar de la protección internacional, el tipo de fuerzas de la OTAN, con el fin de garantizar un instrumento adecuado para la defensa de los grandes parques nacionales contra la caza furtiva ejercida por las personas y los servicios de los reguladores locales.
Los Grandes Parques Nacionales de África es un bien que pertenece a toda la humanidad, no sólo a los que viven en esos territorios.
Hacemos todo porque ciertas ideas circulan con rapidez, probando que este es el verdadero sentimiento colectivo para cultivar y respetar.
Nadie piensa en la protección de los animales antes, porque siempre hay algunas personas o alguna categoría de personas a proteger, y cuyos derechos son violados. Y siempre habrá alguien que nos echarà en cara los niños del Tercer Mundo que están llorando, con los vientres hinchados y sus padres empobrecidos. Siempre habrá alguien que nos pedirá que recoger y canalizar dinero y ayuda a las personas necesitadas. Siempre habrá alguien que diga que usted es una persona demente e insensible al hecho de pensar a los animales y no los hombres.
No se trata de preferir o de anteponer mas de utilizar una pequeña parte de nuestra ayuda INCLUSO los animales porque los recursos disponibles no pueden usarsesólo para los seres humanos.

Italian Facebook Group: 
"Chiediamo all'ONU la Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti Animali"
Istituto delle Nazioni Unite per la ricerca sul disarmo, Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland 
a military service of protection for the AFRICAN National Parks 
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