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MessageSujet: philosophy   Jeu 4 Avr - 12:15

what kind of a friend would i be if i didnt came to support you

april the th 2013

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. In more casual speech, by extension, "philosophy" can refer to "the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group".

The word "philosophy" comes from the Ancient Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means "love of wisdom". The introduction of the terms "philosopher" and "philosophy" has been ascribed to the Greek thinker Pythagoras. A "philosopher" was understood as a word which contrasted with "sophist". Traveling sophists or "wise men" were important in Classical Greece, often earning money as teachers, whereas philosophers are "lovers of wisdom" and were therefore not in it primarily for the money.

il est clair qu'on choisit pas ses parent jen viens meme a me demander si on chosiit pas ses amis

il y a une alchimie entre les animaux & les veganes, ils se comprenne sans rien dire,

il es dificil de se juger, il faut faire chaque fois de son miuex et aprendre de ses erreurs

apprenons de nos epxerience et faisosn nous évoluer

incarne leur role de defenseur de vie animale avec beaucoup de pasion

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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 4 Avr - 12:16

Philosophy is divided into many sub-fields. These include epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics. Some of the major areas of study are considered individually below.

Main article: Epistemology
Epistemology is concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge, such as the relationships between truth, belief, and theories of justification.

Skepticism is the position which questions the possibility of completely justifying any truth. The regress argument, a fundamental problem in epistemology, occurs when, in order to completely prove any statement P, its justification itself needs to be supported by another justification. This chain can do three possible options, all of which are unsatisfactory according to the Münchhausen Trilemma. One option is infinitism, where this chain of justification can go on forever. Another option is foundationalism, where the chain of justifications eventually relies on basic beliefs or axioms that are left unproven. The last option, such as in coherentism, is making the chain circular so that a statement is included in its own chain of justification.

Rationalism is the emphasis on reasoning as a source of knowledge. Empiricism is the emphasis on observational evidence via sensory experience over other evidence as the source of knowledge. Rationalism claims that every possible object of knowledge can be deduced from coherent premises without observation. Empiricism claims that at least some knowledge is only a matter of observation. For this, Empiricism often cites the concept of tabula rasa, where individuals are not born with mental content and that knowledge builds from experience or perception. Epistemological solipsism is the idea that the existence of the world outside the mind is an unresolvable question.

René Descartes
Parmenides (fl. 500 BC) argued that it is impossible to doubt that thinking actually occurs. But thinking must have an object, therefore something beyond thinking really exists. Parmenides deduced that what really exists must have certain properties—for example, that it cannot come into existence or cease to exist, that it is a coherent whole, that it remains the same eternally (in fact, exists altogether outside time). This is known as the third man argument. Plato (427–347 BC) combined rationalism with a form of realism. The philosopher's work is to consider being, and the essence (ousia) of things. But the characteristic of essences is that they are universal. The nature of a man, a triangle, a tree, applies to all men, all triangles, all trees. Plato argued that these essences are mind-independent "forms", that humans (but particularly philosophers) can come to know by reason, and by ignoring the distractions of sense-perception.

Modern rationalism begins with Descartes. Reflection on the nature of perceptual experience, as well as scientific discoveries in physiology and optics, led Descartes (and also Locke) to the view that we are directly aware of ideas, rather than objects. This view gave rise to three questions:

Is an idea a true copy of the real thing that it represents? Sensation is not a direct interaction between bodily objects and our sense, but is a physiological process involving representation (for example, an image on the retina). Locke thought that a "secondary quality" such as a sensation of green could in no way resemble the arrangement of particles in matter that go to produce this sensation, although he thought that "primary qualities" such as shape, size, number, were really in objects.
How can physical objects such as chairs and tables, or even physiological processes in the brain, give rise to mental items such as ideas? This is part of what became known as the mind-body problem.
If all the contents of awareness are ideas, how can we know that anything exists apart from ideas?
Descartes tried to address the last problem by reason. He began, echoing Parmenides, with a principle that he thought could not coherently be denied: I think, therefore I am (often given in his original Latin: Cogito ergo sum). From this principle, Descartes went on to construct a complete system of knowledge (which involves proving the existence of God, using, among other means, a version of the ontological argument). His view that reason alone could yield substantial truths about reality strongly influenced those philosophers usually considered modern rationalists (such as Baruch Spinoza, Gottfried Leibniz, and Christian Wolff), while provoking criticism from other philosophers who have retrospectively come to be grouped together as empiricists.
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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 4 Avr - 12:16

April 3th 2013

Main article: Logic
Logic is the study of the principles of correct reasoning. Arguments use either deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is when, given certain statements (called premises), other statements (called conclusions) are unavoidably implied. Rules of inferences from premises include the most popular method, modus ponens, where given “A” and “If A then B”, then “B” must be concluded. A common convention for a deductive argument is the syllogism. An argument is termed valid if its conclusion does indeed follow from its premises, whether the premises are true or not, while an argument is sound if its conclusion follows from premises that are true. Propositional logic uses premises that are propositions, which are declarations that are either true or false, while predicate logic uses more complex premises called formulae that contain variables. These can be assigned values or can be quantified as to when they apply with the universal quantifier (always apply) or the existential quantifier (applies at least once). Inductive reasoning makes conclusions or generalizations based on probabilistic reasoning. For example, if “90% of humans are right-handed” and “Joe is human” then “Joe is probably right-handed”. Fields in logic include mathematical logic (formal symbolic logic) and philosophical logic.

Main article: Metaphysics
Metaphysics is the study of the most general features of reality, such as existence, time, the relationship between mind and body, objects and their properties, wholes and their parts, events, processes, and causation. Traditional branches of metaphysics include cosmology, the study of the world in its entirety, and ontology, the study of being

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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 4 Avr - 12:17

Within metaphysics itself there are a wide range of differing philosophical theories. Idealism, for example, is the belief that reality is mentally constructed or otherwise immaterial while realism holds that reality, or at least some part of it, exists independently of the mind. Subjective idealism describes objects as no more than collections or "bundles" of sense data in the perceiver. The 18th century philosopher George Berkeley contended that existence is fundamentally tied to perception with the phrase Esse est aut percipi aut percipere or "To be is to be perceived or to perceive".

In addition to the aforementioned views, however, there is also an ontological dichotomy within metaphysics between the concepts of particulars and universals as well. Particulars are those objects that are said to exist in space and time, as opposed to abstract objects, such as numbers. Universals are properties held by multiple particulars, such as redness or a gender. The type of existence, if any, of universals and abstract objects is an issue of serious debate within metaphysical philosophy. Realism is the philosophical position that universals do in fact exist, while nominalism is the negation, or denial of universals, abstract objects, or both.Conceptualism holds that universals exist, but only within the mind's perception.

The question of whether or not existence is a predicate has been discussed since the Early Modern period. Essence is the set of attributes that make an object what it fundamentally is and without which it loses its identity. Essence is contrasted with accident: a property that the substance has contingently, without which the substance can still retain its identity.

Moral and political philosophy
Main articles: Ethics and Political philosophy
Ethics, or "moral philosophy," is concerned primarily with the question of the best way to live, and secondarily, concerning the question of whether this question can be answered. The main branches of ethics are meta-ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Meta-ethics concerns the nature of ethical thought, such as the origins of the words good and bad, and origins of other comparative words of various ethical systems, whether there are absolute ethical truths, and how such truths could be known. Normative ethics are more concerned with the questions of how one ought to act, and what the right course of action is. This is where most ethical theories are generated. Lastly, applied ethics go beyond theory and step into real world ethical practice, such as questions of whether or not abortion is correct. Ethics is also associated with the idea of morality, and the two are often interchangeable.
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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 4 Avr - 12:17

One debate that has commanded the attention of ethicists in the modern era has been between consequentialism (actions are to be morally evaluated solely by their consequences) and deontology (actions are to be morally evaluated solely by consideration of agents' duties, the rights of those whom the action concerns, or both). Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill are famous for propagating utilitarianism, which is the idea that the fundamental moral rule is to strive toward the "greatest happiness for the greatest number". However, in promoting this idea they also necessarily promoted the broader doctrine of consequentialism. Adopting a position opposed to consequentialism, Immanuel Kant argued that moral principles were simply products of reason. Kant believed that the incorporation of consequences into moral deliberation was a deep mistake, since it denies the necessity of practical maxims in governing the working of the will. According to Kant, reason requires that we conform our actions to the categorical imperative, which is an absolute duty. An important 20th-century deontologist, W.D. Ross, argued for weaker forms of duties called prima facie duties.

More recent works have emphasized the role of character in ethics, a movement known as the aretaic turn (that is, the turn towards virtues). One strain of this movement followed the work of Bernard Williams. Williams noted that rigid forms of consequentialism and deontology demanded that people behave impartially. This, Williams argued, requires that people abandon their personal projects, and hence their personal integrity, in order to be considered moral. G.E.M. Anscombe, in an influential paper, "Modern Moral Philosophy" (1958), revived virtue ethics as an alternative to what was seen as the entrenched positions of Kantianism and consequentialism. Aretaic perspectives have been inspired in part by research of ancient conceptions of virtue. For example, Aristotle's ethics demands that people follow the Aristotelian mean, or balance between two vices; and Confucian ethics argues that virtue consists largely in striving for harmony with other people. Virtue ethics in general has since gained many adherents, and has been defended by such philosophers as Philippa Foot, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Rosalind Hursthouse.
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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 4 Avr - 12:18

Thomas Hobbes
Political philosophy is the study of government and the relationship of individuals (or families and clans) to communities including the state. It includes questions about justice, law, property, and the rights and obligations of the citizen. Politics and ethics are traditionally inter-linked subjects, as both discuss the question of what is good and how people should live. From ancient times, and well beyond them, the roots of justification for political authority were inescapably tied to outlooks on human nature. In The Republic, Plato presented the argument that the ideal society would be run by a council of philosopher-kings, since those best at philosophy are best able to realize the good. Even Plato, however, required philosophers to make their way in the world for many years before beginning their rule at the age of fifty. For Aristotle, humans are political animals (i.e. social animals), and governments are set up to pursue good for the community. Aristotle reasoned that, since the state (polis) was the highest form of community, it has the purpose of pursuing the highest good. Aristotle viewed political power as the result of natural inequalities in skill and virtue. Because of these differences, he favored an aristocracy of the able and virtuous. For Aristotle, the person cannot be complete unless he or she lives in a community. His The Nicomachean Ethics and The Politics are meant to be read in that order. The first book addresses virtues (or "excellences") in the person as a citizen; the second addresses the proper form of government to ensure that citizens will be virtuous, and therefore complete. Both books deal with the essential role of justice in civic life.

Nicolas of Cusa rekindled Platonic thought in the early 15th century. He promoted democracy in Medieval Europe, both in his writings and in his organization of the Council of Florence. Unlike Aristotle and the Hobbesian tradition to follow, Cusa saw human beings as equal and divine (that is, made in God's image), so democracy would be the only just form of government. Cusa's views are credited by some as sparking the Italian Renaissance, which gave rise to the notion of "Nation-States".

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Later, Niccolň Machiavelli rejected the views of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas as unrealistic. The ideal sovereign is not the embodiment of the moral virtues; rather the sovereign does whatever is successful and necessary, rather than what is morally praiseworthy. Thomas Hobbes also contested many elements of Aristotle's views. For Hobbes, human nature is essentially anti-social: people are essentially egoistic, and this egoism makes life difficult in the natural state of things. Moreover, Hobbes argued, though people may have natural inequalities, these are trivial, since no particular talents or virtues that people may have will make them safe from harm inflicted by others. For these reasons, Hobbes concluded that the state arises from a common agreement to raise the community out of the state of nature. This can only be done by the establishment of a sovereign, in which (or whom) is vested complete control over the community, and is able to inspire awe and terror in its subjects.

Many in the Enlightenment were unsatisfied with existing doctrines in political philosophy, which seemed to marginalize or neglect the possibility of a democratic state. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was among those who attempted to overturn these doctrines: he responded to Hobbes by claiming that a human is by nature a kind of "noble savage", and that society and social contracts corrupt this nature. Another critic was John Locke. In Second Treatise on Government he agreed with Hobbes that the nation-state was an efficient tool for raising humanity out of a deplorable state, but he argued that the sovereign might become an abominable institution compared to the relatively benign unmodulated state of nature.

Following the doctrine of the fact-value distinction, due in part to the influence of David Hume and his student Adam Smith, appeals to human nature for political justification were weakened. Nevertheless, many political philosophers, especially moral realists, still make use of some essential human nature as a basis for their arguments.

Marxism is derived from the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Their idea that capitalism is based on exploitation of workers and causes alienation of people from their human nature, the historical materialism, their view of social classes, etc., have influenced many fields of study, such as sociology, economics, and politics. Marxism inspired the Marxist school of communism, which brought a huge impact on the history of the 20th century.

Main article: Aesthetics
Aesthetics deals with beauty, art, enjoyment, sensory-emotional values, perception, and matters of taste and sentiment.

Specialized branches
Philosophy of language explores the nature, the origins, and the use of language.
Philosophy of law (often called jurisprudence) explores the varying theories explaining the nature and the interpretations of the law in society.
Philosophy of mind explores the nature of the mind, and its relationship to the body, and is typified by disputes between dualism and materialism. In recent years there has been increasing similarity between this branch of philosophy and cognitive science.
Philosophy of religion
Philosophy of science
Many academic disciplines have also generated philosophical inquiry. These include history, logic, and mathematics.
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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 20 Fév - 11:12

10 Reasons Why Gandhi Is My Hero

By Frederic A. Brussat

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) was a visionary whose spiritual maturity still shines like a beacon in the night. He is my hero and I frequently visit a statue of him in Union Square off 14th Street in New York. Others who also honor Gandhi have put garlands of flowers around his neck. The statue reveals the vulnerability in his frail body but I can also see his determination and perseverance in his stance, striding ahead with a walking stick. I am reminded of Gandhi's desire to give of himself completely in service of others. He slept only a few hours every night and would walk long distances even when in his seventies.

At home I have on my desk a bronze statue of this extraordinary man whose legacies still animate the lives and work of people like me. In honor of Mohandas K. Gandhi Day (see our Naming the Days tribute to him) I have listed 10 reasons why Gandhi is my hero.

1. He was aflame with love.
"Gandhi was a pioneer in these new realms of consciousness. Everything he did was an experiment in expanding the human being's capacity to love, and as his capacity grew, the demands on his love grew more and more severe, as if to test what limits a human being can bear. But Gandhi had learned to find a fierce joy in these storms and trials. . . . By the end of his life he was aflame with love."
— Eknath Easwaran in Gandhi the Man

Gandhi with little girl
2. He expended all his energy in service of others.
"Late in Gandhi's life a Western journalist asked, 'Mr. Gandhi, you've been working fifteen hours a day for fifty years. Don't you ever feel like taking a few weeks off and going for a vacation?' Gandhi laughed and said, 'Why? I am always on vacation.' Because he had no personal irons in the fire, no selfish concerns involved in his work, there was no conflict in his mind to drain his energy."
— Eknath Easwaran in The Compassionate Universe

3. He gave his mission his best shot.
" 'Full effort is full victory,' said Gandhi. You need not be troubled if you have made mistakes, or if your ideal has slipped away. Just continue to give your best. If you fall, pick yourself up and march on. If you cannot run, walk. If you cannot walk, crawl. Nothing in life is more joyful or more thrilling. The effort alone brings a continuing wave of joy in which every personal problem, every suffering and humiliation, is forgotten."
— Eknath Easwaran in The Compassionate Universe

4. He reframed greed.
"There is a story told about Mahatma Gandhi. On his train trips he used to get off at every stop and collect money for the poor. A friend said of him, 'If you want to see somebody consumed by greed, look no further.' Of course, instead of being greedy for himself, he was greedy for the poor."
— Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat in Spiritual Rx

5. He practiced compassion in creative ways.
"One day Gandhi stepped aboard a train as it started to move, and one of his shoes slipped off and dropped on the tracks. Unable to retrieve it, he calmly took off his other shoe and threw it back along the track to land close to the first. When an amazed passenger asked why he had done that, Gandhi smiled and said, 'The poor man who finds the shoe lying on the track will now have a pair he can use.' With the eyes of his imagination, Gandhi saw a man with bare feet, saw him coming across a lone shoe and desperately searching for the other, and saw the disappointment on his face when he didn't find it; seeing these things, Gandhi did what he could to help."
— Donald McCullough in Say Please, Say Thank You

Gandhi's sandals
6. He redefined success.
"Without realizing it, Gandhi had found the secret of success. He began to look on every difficulty as an opportunity for service, a challenge which could draw out of him greater resources of intelligence and imagination."
— Eknath Easwaran in Gandhi the Man

7. He emphasized the privilege of giving.
"Gandhi reminded us that it was everyone's privilege to give. We should thank the poor for giving us the opportunity to undo some of our karma."
— Ekanath Easwaran in The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living, Volume 3

8. He showed us how a mantra could be one's staff of life.
"Rama, Gandhi's mantram, is a formula for abiding joy. Gandhi used to walk for miles every day repeating it to himself until the rhythm of the mantram and his footsteps began to stabilize the rhythm of his breathing, which is closely connected with the rhythm of the mind. When fear or anger threatened him, clinging to Rama used the power of these emotions to drive this formula for joy deep into Gandhi's mind.

"Gandhi said: 'The mantram becomes one's staff of life and carries one through every ordeal.' "
— Eknath Easaran in Gandhi the Man

9. He was the essential pioneer of nonviolence.
"In its positive form, nonviolence means the largest love, the greatest charity. If I am a follower of nonviolence, I must love my enemy. I must apply the same rules to the wrong-doer who is my enemy or a stranger to me, as I would to my wrong-doing father or son. This active nonviolence necessarily includes truth and fearlessness. The practice of nonviolence calls forth the greatest courage."
— Mohandas Gandhi in Mohandas Gandhi: Essential Writings edited by John Dear

10. He passed on his spiritual legacy to all of us.
" 'I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort, and cultivate the same hope and faith.' Gandhi, who always claimed he had no more than ordinary capacities, is proof that these spiritual laws do work, and that by obeying them we can transform our character and consciousness. Gandhi belongs to our own century and faced many of the problems we ourselves are facing today, and even though physically dead, he still continues to give new direction to our civilization."
— Eknath Easwaran in The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living, Volume 1: The End of Sorrow
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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 20 Fév - 15:54

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The Meaning Experiment
Experiments for a more meaningful life.
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Ten Signs You’re a Philosopher
by Mirella

One: Whenever you go outside at night and you look up at the stars, your everyday life pales into insignificance and you are in awe.
During the day it is easy to forget that our experience on Earth is nothing short of amazing. Getting through all your tasks each day means focussing on busyness and only being aware of your immediate environment. Who really stops to think in the midst of all it that we are on a planet, in a solar system, in a galaxy, in a universe? Who really stops to acknowledge that the busyness isn’t at all necessary, but in fact created by humans? Did we create all this so that we wouldn’t have time to think about the fact that we are on a revolving planet in case we drove ourselves crazy thinking about amazing that is? That’s a philosophical question in itself.
When you go outside at night, it is difficult to ignore where we live and how insignificant yet amazing this existence is. It is even more difficult once you get away from the city lights. If whenever you’re outside at night you always look up, you might just be a philosopher.
Two: You’re a little bit obsessed with The Matrix.
When you’re people watching, do you wonder if we’re all in some big matrix? Does the story in The Matrix seem as plausible to you as any other reality? When you first saw the movie did you think about it for days and weeks? Did you feel that the story was so very relevant to your life? When people mention the movie, or a line from the movie, do you feel a strong kinship with them?
The Matrix story certainly asks more questions than it answers and may just be the most philosophical movie of all time. Being drawn to it may just mean you’re a philosopher.
Three: Small talk and gossip bore you to tears.
A philosopher is rarely interested to hear the latest gossip and small talk, and in those situations you wish you could talk about nearly anything else. When those around you at work start talking about sport, you start daydreaming. When you hear someone talking about the latest plot in their TV show, you start thinking about something else while you wait for them to finish. You crave a philosophical discussion and you judge the success of an evening on the depth of the conversation. At school you would rather play card games with the boys than sit and listen to another conversation on who was dating who and what people were wearing to the ball (ok, well that might just be me).
If you can’t bare conversations of no substance and would rather be a hermit than have to spend another evening making small talk, then you may be a philosopher.
Four: You think reality is very much open to interpretation.
Those of a philosophical bent love to ponder ideas of truth and the nature of reality. You might just be a philosopher if your motto is “reality is perception”. Or perhaps you find yourself enjoying agitating others by asking them things like “is there any such thing as right and wrong?” Maybe you consciously involve yourself in the creation and development of your own conception of reality. Perhaps you are amused and also frustrated when people say “this is just the way things are.”
Five: You’re perfectly aware that you are different from others and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You were probably aware from a young age that you weren’t like everyone else. When you were young you probably didn’t know why, and you might have even tried to become a little more “normal”, or at least learn to camouflage yourself when among the masses. Perhaps in your teens you started to understand why you were so different and by the time you finished school you were at least a little in love with your uniqueness. By now you’ve realised that what sets you apart from others is your unique worldview and your inability to see the world as others do. Guess what? You might be a philosopher Smile
Six: You’re on an endless quest to know yourself better.
Your other hobby, other than discovering the mysteries of the universe, is to understand the mysteries of who you are. You continuously analyse your thoughts and musings. You constantly seek to improve the way you think and you are rarely far from the mark when you assess the character of those you meet. For you learning is lifelong and you doubt life will be long enough for you to learn about all the fascinates you. When you hear people say “so and so is just stubborn” or “so and so has always been that way”, you simply can’t believe that people can get to a more mature age and still be so emotionally and personally unaware. You also can’t understand why personal development and personal awareness aren’t taught in school.
Seven: You secretly believe that mathematics is inherently beautiful.
Ok, so maybe I put this one in here just for me. You might not believe maths is beautiful, but you do acknowledge that it is the natural language of the universe. You also think that if there is any such thing as a universal truth yet to be discovered, then it will undoubtedly involve mathematics. You may not find the practice of mathematics personally satisfying, but you do see magic in the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence.
Eight: You think that philosophy should be taught in every school and be given first priority.
When you look at all the useless hours you spent at school (learning religious education, running endless laps or rote learning facts) you probably wish they’d taught philosophy at your school. When you hear debates about whether religious education should be taught in schools you think the answer is obvious, teach philosophy instead. You think that philosophy is so all encompassing that it should take preference before language, grammar and even mathematics. You don’t really understand what happened to the “Renaissance Man” and you think all children should be Renaissance Children.
Nine: Everyday, multiple times a day, you wonder about what we’re all doing here.
If none of the other points on this list ring true for you, then this one alone is enough to consider yourself a philosopher. To you life seems like a constant puzzle that you are desperate to solve. You endlessly wonder how this world came to be, why this planet can sustain life and creatures as complex as us and what it’s all for. Sometimes you feel deeply despairing that you haven’t figured it out. Whenever you’re in a book shop you head straight to the philosophy section hoping to happen upon something that reflects your experience. The meaning of life is the only question worth pondering for you and you secretly wonder whether those who never think about this sort of thing might actually be a different evolution of human being.
Ten: Your dream job is to be paid to think your own thoughts.
You love to think and learn and every time you job hunt you hope to see a position advertising for just such a person. You often fantasize about meeting a patron who recognises your usefulness as a philosopher and will fund your existence. You think at the very least the government should allow each philosopher out there a subsidised year to sit in a cafe with other philosophers and philosophise.

So, are you a philosopher? I’d love to hear what other signs you might come up with!

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1The Stoic { 04.02.12 at 4:38 pm }
I just found your blog by a comment you shared at MMM’s site. I have to say I have enjoyed wandering amongst your thoughts in a manner that I rarely do. is probably the only other site I’ve felt a true connection to the writer’s thoughts.

This post I just had to comment on. Everyone of these “Top 10″ reasons are things I think of almost daily. I picked up my first philosophy book (Kant) when I was 17. Philosophy was one of my majors as an undergrad and I secretly harbor the desire to to earn my Ph.d in philosophy when I reach financial independence. Maybe one day I will actually make number 10 come true. Cross your fingers :-)

2Mirella { 04.03.12 at 2:31 pm }
Thank you so much for stopping by Smile

I have stopped by your site as well as “lackingambition” and I can barely wait to get home today to read all the pages I’ve tagged for reading!

I share your secret desire to earn a PhD in philosophy, and I do see myself wanting to make philosophy more accessible, a bit like Alain de Botton. Then number 10 will have come true for me.

I’ve been chatting to a few others about wanting to set up an Epicurean community, perhaps when we each become FI we will live like the Stoics and form new models for the how the world should be. I’m sure excited by the possibilities!

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march 2013

A VACUITé de son discours

c'est pas un nul, il est quand meme pas loin de la nullité

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Paid to Exist - Live & Work On Your Own Terms
A child's eyes

Have you ever had an epiphany? One of those “a-ha” moments where something just clicks for you? Maybe it’s something you’ve been struggling with for a long time, or maybe it was a piece of advice you learned from a friend. Whatever the source of our insight, it’s these moments that bring us to a deeper understanding of our world. The better understanding we have of life, the more we live in the truth.

Below are 33 of the most powerful lessons in my life. I encourage you to share yours with us by leaving a comment below. =)

Often those who aren’t the easiest to love are the ones who need it the most.
Seeing children play can make even the bluest day brighter.
Money is not the root of all evil, fear is.
The secret to happiness is the acceptance of yourself.
Happiness is not based on external status, it is an internal state.
Money can’t make me happy, but self-sufficiency gives me the freedom to share myself creatively, without worrying about how I’m going to pay the bills.
Every man has a right to choose his own destiny.
The path is the way.
Coming is going, going is coming.
The hardest is found in the easiest.
Heaven and hell exist here and now, within your own mind.
Life is the largest stage.
Music is one of the most supreme expressions of life. It is art in it’s most transitory form. It is gone within an instant, and therefore, extremely precious.
Follow your gut, you’ll thank yourself later.
Remember what your mother taught you, it came from the most sacred place of love that exists.
Never let an argument last, never hold a grudge, it will make your heart heavy.
Forgive those that have yet to do you wrong, and you won’t have to worry about it should the time come.
Be grateful for this moment, it is all there is.
The source of most of your frustrations and anxiety are the result of living in the future, or the past.
Spend time alone with yourself every day.
Always go with yourself, never against yourself.
You have to be your own best friend.
If you don’t like what someone else says to you, you can walk away. But if you don’t like what you say to yourself, you can’t walk away. Therefore, if you’re going to be with yourself all the time, you might as well be nice to yourself.
The truth shall indeed set you free.
Lies only exist if we believe in them.
Even the most fundamental beliefs about reality are not true in themselves. Our thinking makes them true in our experience.
Your thoughts create reality.
The biggest lie is the lie of your imperfection.
Being kind is more important than being right.
Your heart is your best compass.
Cherish those that you love, you never know if you’ll see them again.
Your beliefs are a filter for your reality.
Love is the supreme expression of life, it is the essence and ground of all creation.
Read part two of this series: 33 of Life’s Most Powerful Lessons (pt. 2)

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Carla Sonheim
Great list… good luck with your 30 days!

you hate others for not what they do, but for that part of yourself which you dont like.

Great list… Made me think Smile

My saying would be “Live life or die.”

I would add one more:

Love all, hate none!

Paul Maxwell
Very insightful….Thanks

I agree with 32. All the best

Valuable list to live by. I sent the site to my son in Iraq….maybe it was number 15,17 or 30 that made me want to…but if he takes just 1 as his mantra… life will be good him! Thanks!

‘life is a journey, not a destination’

I love the list, there are some really great tips on there. I’m not sure about number 1 though. I spent a long time trying to love someone who was hard to love. It was a huge waste of my time, energy and emotions. Sometimes you just have to walk away from these people.

GREAT work Jonathan. First off, I love the photo. I also agree with most of your points, especially the one re: acceptance. SO true…
I look forward to following your progress along my man,

Good list. However, it’s not “money is the root of all evil”.. it’s “The love of money is the root of all evil”. Still good thoughts.

Thanks Jon, those are great. Here’s one I’ve been grasping with lately in my life…

“Thinking, or more precisely identification with thinking, gives rise to and maintains the ego, which, in our Western society in particular, is out of control. It believes it is real and tries hard to maintain its supremacy. Negative states of mind, such as anger, resentment, fear, envy, and jealousy, are products of the ego.” Eckhart Tolle

Great post! I linked you on my site and I’m defiantly going to become one of your most avid readers! great work bro.

@ Dudley: That was essentially Camus’ philosophy.

@ Stash: I hope your son can find some value in this list. I am truly humbled. I wish him the best and safety in his stay.

@ Emma: I completely agree with you. I think the key is showing love to those that are difficult to love is true compassion. But if they are abusive you can’t keep them in your life. It’s a hard lesson to learn.

@ Clay: Thanks for linking me, I truly appreciate it.

Robert @ reason4smile
Hi Jon, can you share more about this one…
# The biggest lie is the lie of your imperfection.


Thanks, Jonathan, for sharing. We appear to share so many similar thoughts. It’s great that you put them down all in a list!

With much appreciation,

Stephen Grose

That is a powerful list. I’ve been working on getting to there, perhaps the goal is I should just be there.


I appreciate that you shared your thoughts. Made me think and frankly helped me with some personal issues.

Cath Lawson
Hi Jonathon – what a wonderful list. 31 is my favourite.

Bruce from
Nice post Jonathan. You should expand on each one – sounds like 33 new articles!

(I’ll come back to read them all)


James D. Newman
When it comes to facts and other people’s decisions, how I feel about things makes no difference whatsoever.

Desika Nadadur | I Am My Own Master
Great list, Jonathan.


Heaven and hell exist here and now, within your own mind.
As a Christian, this is the only one I disagree with,

Some Beautiful Thoughts Jon. Sadly As far as #15, Not all of us where blessed with Loving Mothers.I spent over 40 years (and many hours of therapy) trying to Please a Cold, very sick women. She “bore my fathers 5 children,Out of her duty,”(her own words)the word Love was never mentioned. Be Thankful.

I found this poem on a scrap of paper after writing it down over ten years ago.

“This above all to Your own self be true. Be Your own closest friend and be gentle with You”.

I believe the author is P.K Hallinan but I didn’t google that name?

Thanks for reminding me

@ Robert: I’ll be elaborating on that one in a future post.. so stay tuned!

@ vith: Thank you, I’m glad I could help! =)

@ Bruce: That’s one of the great things about doing lists like this, it helps you come up with ideas for future articles.

@ Debi: It’s unfortunate that not all of us had loving mothers. However, I think we’ve all had at least some kind of mother-figure in our lives. In that case, it’s best to follow her advice rather than your own mother.

@ cribcat: That’s a great poem, thanks for sharing that.

Terry McDaniel
Jonathan….. Over the years I have found one statement to be true: “It worked so well, I stopped doing it” Terry McDaniel…..It’s true… Just like a pilot, we need a check list…Our daily walnuts….. What is important and what is urgent often gets me off track. No one cares how much money you have…unless they want some… but everyone one cares about the person who makes the other person feel important…..The Power to Forgive becomes a binary solution…. “Yes you do or No you don’t”… Eventually, the “no you don’t” consumes you… I have a list of Terryisms I have assembled over the years… If you like, we can share them together….Terry McDaniel…..

If anything, let your lack of ability beat you. Just don’t let your pride beat you.

Great post, I enjoyed reading all your inspiring lessons. If I could have given you 2 Thumbs up on Stumble, I would have. Cheers, keep up the amazing work.

jersey girl
this is cool

About the number 1: You don’t have to accept thair actions, just accept them.

Or, don’t hate someone for thair actions, hate the actions, but love the person..

Dos that make sence?

4, 8 ,11, 13, 16, 18, 19, 21, 31, 32, and 33 really hit home with me.

Might I add that this physical world is a collective manifestation of the self, of all selves, of consciousness?

We are all eternal spirits, experiencing our own separate human existences.

Hi! Very well stated list.

Check out my lessons here:

Maria Serafini
We are tentacles of the Source, (or God or whatever you’re comfortable calling It) neurons on the sensitive tips of It’s fingers.

Some good stuff here but I am confused, it says: Follow your gut….
and later # Your heart is your best compass.
Is the heart telling the gut where to go so that you can follow him?
My fav is 31.

You are a beautiful person for thinking and writing such amazing quotes. i will live by them and it just made my existance that much better i loved every single one i relate to them they are so wonderful thank you <3 !

nice useful list.

Bob Dobbs
34. Sometimes you have to destroy the village to save it.

Great list! I am really enjoying your blog. I recently wrote a post on my blog, where I hope to spark a debate regarding the most important questions in life. I thought you might enjoy giving some thoughts and feedback on this subject. Check it out at the following:

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Good Site!
One of my thoughts:
Never stop learning: To Learn Is To Stay Ahead In Life

“you are and will become that which occupies your mind”

How lovely….affirmed many of my own thoughts.

Dhane Diesil
WOW! This is soo true!!@

21. A test in life is something that goes against your nature. If you pass you will grow. Sometimes you must go against yourself.

25. Not true.. Even if I do not believe in a lie it exists. The way to avoid the damage from a lie, which is real, is to be able to differentiate between the lie and truth. Regardless of whether or not I believe it or don’t believe it. Sometimes that isn’t even enough to stop the damage. 99% truth is 100% false – Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

26. Again not true.. Your experience is based on your senses which often times will mislead you. Reality is truth and sometimes one is capable of being in tune with it and most of the time not. The effort in life is to connect with the truth all the time. There are ways to work on this.

33. Define love.

30. A perfect balance of emotion and intellect will guide you if you live according to the truth.

see good….to become good….
then you can do good

this is a lesson to be of service to others

John Frank
Most of your list I agree with completely. Some I may have misunderstood, or I disagree with:

8. The path is the way.

What does that mean? Sounds like trite christian dogma. Perhaps I’m missing the point?

9. Coming is going, going is coming.

Sounds like BS to me.

10. The hardest is found in the easiest.


24. The truth shall indeed set you free.

Almost Ditto. The truth can be very freeing, but sometimes the truth can be agonizing…

25. Lies only exist if we believe in them.

BS. Lies exist, and are usually found out, but sadly too often after enormous damage has been wreaked.

28. The biggest lie is the lie of your imperfection.

At a personal level, perhaps. Looking outside to the world, by George, some enormous lies get people killed.
A couple offerings – maybe some overlap.

34. Be kind – Others may not remember what you said or did. They *will* remember how you made them feel.

35. Would you rather be right? Or Happy?

A couple of additions:

34. Don’t die with your music still in you. -Dwayne Dyer
35. The worst enemy has outposts inside your mind.
36. That which you judge you will one day become.
37. The purpose of life is to experience it and become the highest ideal of ourself.

Also the four agreements, from the book _The Four Agreements_
1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Never take anything personally
3. Do not make assumptions
4. Always do your best

Thanks for the insight on this list, about more than half of it I’ve experienced and from reading the rest, have prepared myself and made changes, truly inspiring and helps make sense of what things are when it happens.

From above: “My saying would be “Live life or die.”

From The Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy livin’… or get busy dyin’”

My favourite is, ” Go to the end of the block and hang a left. Keep going until you see a big blue house – That’s not it. Go further until you can’t go any further, then stop. There you are.”

nice.. i love this one “Your heart is your best compass” =)

great stuff, although I believe 14 & 30 are contradictory!

amazing collective.
there are soo many out there its hard to chose 33.
thanky uo for breaking it down into simpler terms.
everyone seems to have their own input being it everyone learns their own lessons based on life experiences.

Good list dude.

I love most all of these,and they foolow my own thoughts.My very favorite is…Be grateful for this moment,that is all there is.

Great Stuff!

“Life is Built” That is my input.

I love many things about Buddhism and do my best to practice many of its lessons.

The only problem with it is that, for me, to try and understand life without trying to understand the creator is like trying to make a recipe without knowing the main ingredient. This is the flaw, in my estimation, of Buddhism. The Eightfold path does have many good qualities – it’s just a bit too shallow.

Nice list…my own 2 cents added below…

34. Life is movement. There is no stillness. Even in breathing the chest heaves, the blood flows, the heart pulses, the brain makes millions of instantaneous connections. Those who seek perfect stillness will find disappointment. When you cease to move, you cease to live.

35. Keep your ego in check. The only thing we have that gives us any sort of superiority is our intellect. Goldfish eyesight is more evolved than ours, dogs have a better sense of smell, rabbits have better hearing, turtles can live much longer, elephants have better recollection, and even cockroaches will most likely outlast us. We’re just one part of the universe. Our reasoning allows us to “think” we’re more important than any other, and therein lies our greatest problem.

36. We’re not poisoning the planet, we’re poisoning ourselves. The planet doesn’t need saving, and it doesn’t need us to survive. The earth was here long before us, and will remain long after we’ve disappeared. It’s our existence as a species that’s threatened…our ability to thrive is what we must save.

37. Don’t be small-minded. To think “this is the only moment there is” is to reject the idea that other moments might be happening somewhere else at exactly the same time. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Brad Spencer
Wow, this list is amazing and beautiful in it’s simplicity.

So many resonated with me but this one is the one that was an “aha moment”

“Money is not the root of all evil, fear is.”

I can’t believe this but when I read this, I totally found myself agreeing with this but not following it. I am always talking about making “x” amount per day so I don’t have to work a corporate job. I need to let that goal go and enjoy what I’m doing more. Thanks for the enlightenment!


Brad Spencer

Monica Ricci
What an amazing list you’ve compiled. I’d love to list which ones resonate with me most, but I’d have to list most of the numbers. That being said, I have to agree with Brad that #3 about fear is especially impactful.
~Monica Ricci

axel g
That’s an inspiring list!

I really like number 29…

Inspiration for Change
Fantastic list on life’s powerful lessons.

life is the largest stage…hmmm….where did that thought originate? perhaps from shakespeare? all the world’s a stage? see, there’s not an original thought in the world.
That’s nice.

Jeff Slutz
Those are wonderful. They contain such a gentle and deep power.

Thanks for sharing!


sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right

Thank you, it made me cry. Number 1 was my favorite.


Great post, I would just add one more:

Be generous whenever you can

ohh and have as much fun as possible in ALL situations Smile

I liked the list alot and philly toms 2 cents as well. I keep a small list on my phone of ah ha moments i read from time to time and im going add some from here. But theirs to i don’t understand?

Coming is going, going is coming.

The hardest is found in the easiest.

Great…I agree with all.

My input (no. 17)… In the end, there is nothing to forgive or blame.

I love them all Jonathon but would like to expand the philosophy behind number 4. One needs to love oneself in order to love others. That is the foundation of happiness but how does one learn to love oneself? There really is some truth to faking it until it becomes real. I always tell everyone who has a poor self-image to make the effort every day to help others in need. Some need help with a door, someone always needs to get into traffic from a parking lot or to change into their lane, some could really use a kind word or a simple compliment, while others may only need a smile to brighten their day. The subtle rewards from helping others also slowly and subtly transforms the self-image of the helper in a positive way. The day will eventually come when the cumulative love from those who were helped becomes the love within and resurrects the love of self.

The Fitness Diva
Great list, and I agree with much of it.

3. Money is not the root of all evil, fear is.

….how about “religion”, that’s the true root of ALL evil.

Liberals are the root of ALL evil.

I have a few life lessons as well but I can only put a couple of them into words…
1. If you worry why pray, If you pray why worry?
2. If you need to learn how to love you should start with someone you hate.
Tank you for your lessons they ring true to me as well!
your online reader Jesie

This is the best page on the internet.
Very Happy

Great quotes. I’d add something like:

- Success in any study comes down to a mastery of the fundamentals in that pursuit. Learn those fundamentals and you will succeed.

Dude Man
Interesting read … thanks !

Good list. But #3 Should be “The love of money is the root of all evil”

your lessons have exeptional value to me i have a lesson also anything you can get anything you want in your life but the question is what you do with it.our bodys are trapped to this planet but our minds are free

AJ Kumar
#32 about your beliefs is very powerful!

Belief – smack dab in the middle is the word: lie

beliefs aren’t necessarily true Smile

AJ Kumar

My thoughts create reality.
thank you for the list!

Dustin @ Beating the Grind
Our thoughts really do create reality.

The stories we tell ourselves are all that really matters. History illustrates it and our own lives prove it. That’s why it is so important to carefully guard the information that we allow ourselves to belief.

Our friends, coworkers, managers, children and spouses tell us a story – but it’s not the real story. There is no real story : )

Tell an inspiring story.

Nice post.

“If you want to be happy,be.”

umm amy religion might be the root of all evil for those who do not believe,for those who do it’s the root of life…

Very thoughtful blog.
One of my thoughts.. So far the croccus have always come up!

Great list and thank you for it. I would have to add,
we are all in this together…

excellent work mate. look at all the responses! amazing! It was good reading this.. i learnt some new ones myself =D take care.

I really like this list. It’s very helpful when you’re having a bad day. One I like to live by is “there is good in everybody, you just have to search a little harder to find it in some.”

Thank you for this. I really needed it.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” Vince Lombardi

Replace the word ‘problem’ with the word ‘challenge’ and it will change your perception positively.

Great tips! I’ve found that self acceptance, and acceptance of others are two never-ending tasks. But as I’ve improved, I am certainly happier for it.


Nice sayings, only for number 3, the original quote is not, “Money is the root of all evil,” it’s “Love of money is the root of all evil.” With the latter saying, in many contexts money is not a source of evil.

I’m not calling you wrong thought (I noted number 29, “Being kind is more important than being right!) The form of the quote that you imply in rule 3 is often stated.

Great list! A lot of truth and wisdom here.

1. If you must yield do so to give way, not to give up
2. You get what you give
3. The only constant in life is change, embrace it
4. Less is more

Thank you for such an enriching site…we are all in this together…sometimes our thoughts get in the way of our hearts…

Dylan Lumukanda
I really cherish this blog. Iwish we could come here everyday\all day.

Most of these are not life lessons they are your experiences

“All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be”

I recite that quote to my 11 year old little girl, when she is scared to try something new.
I live by it.


I like this list!
One correction: the actual quote for “money is the root of all evil” is actually “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” little bit of a difference there and kinda invalidates the fear contrast. They are both bad.

If you choose to become upset whenever the world doesn’t behave as you think it should,you are condemning yourself to unending misery.

Leo Tabibzadegan
Well said! I think if we all incorporated much of these life lessons into our daily lives we would be much better off as a species! Thanks for sharing Smile

This list makes me fall in love with life again, each time I read it. Smile

Free audio book

This is a wonderful, positive list.
I love this one: “Remember what your mother taught you, it came from the most sacred place of love that exists.”
No truer words have been spoken.

Kadena Tate
Fantastic list. Mine are “Look within. You are Worthy. Be yourself. You are Enough. Authenticity has no competition. Everyone is your teacher. Love all. Serve all.”


#3 – correction…it is the “love of money” that the Bible says is the root of all evil; not money itself.

what a great lessons! this the best thing that i have ever read!

Being a boss is none o yo business. Just ask Jon. No, Jon is not real. But if Jon is not real, then who is standing behind you?

I love your list. I totally agree with no. 3. I would really appreciate it if you could further comment on no.21. From personal experience I have learnt that sometimes you do not know what is best for you and going with yourself is not always the best decision. Though i might be wrong with my translation.

Respect all work..why do we work ? One,we love to do it,its are passion,it makes us happy,satisfy us.second,because its our need,we donnot have other options.
So if someone loves to do something we must appreciate it and even when its done of a need let people do it..n make there needs satisfy without harming the society for it is there decision to do so.

It’s my experience that if your days been bad and you are frustrated try to put all that has happened to you as a comedy scene just like you watch tom and jerry..and trust me there will be a smile on your face…

Keep smiling

One of the best lessons that I am happy to share to others is ‘Happiness is our birthright’. If we live with this principle, we can make a beautiful world of laughter and joy.

Add this from me…
Your DAD is the only person who can make you capable of being a DAD

Greetings from
“Go with yourself but not against yourself.” A great tool for our daily lives. Thank you so much for writing this post.
Best regards

kid tops
do what you feel,people will feel what you do.

-Freedom open your cage’s door to heaven, hell included.
-How you know what is right or wrong, is by believing yourself. Is anyone know the truth,they don’t.
-What you give and didn’t return is a gift. Don’t regret because it is not a bad thing.
-Simple make you predictable, complicated make unpredictable, just choose one because both have opportunities and threats.
-People don’t want you to be good or bad, they just don’t want them feel unsatisfied.
-Whatever people are, that’s their choice. Whatever you choose make you are. Why bothering others when you aren’t yet.
-There is no possibility, just probability.
-You aren’t destined, if you are, why bother to choose?
-Don’t punish people for what they did, because they will make it again.But think what make them don’t. It is worth.
-We are born with feeling, and it makes us weak.It is so human. We can died when we are not anymore.
-Why we learn to be mindful and not to be feeling? Did you ever felt to be mindful or mind to feel? Because when you are genius, you know how to spell HAPPY. but, when you feel happy, you never mind it because you are not clever enough.
-You not helping people by being kind, but being smart.

Adding more:
-Love isn’t better than cold heart, both are measurement of feeling.
-The most important thing in our life is not love or happy but satisfaction.
-Who love too much will too afraid to lose. Who brave too much wouldn’t love anything.
-No one never have love. It just how much.
-Someone who hate selfish people are selfish. Someone who hate people selfish are caring.
-Yes, dreams is hard to be reality. That is why we call it dreams.
-Who said “don’t look back”? It is lesson for the future. Who said “Don’t afraid to what will happen”? It will be your history.
-You’re nothing good, but better than nothing.
-How are you today?
-Don’t work hard unless it is worth.
-Don’t wait for miracle, it is miracle if miracle is coming.
-Who see positively found chance, who see negatively found threat. We need both to face something. Who never face it never found anything.
-When people say you are nice, it is not you, it is what you done. So, don’t stop what you are keep doing. Otherwise, you are not anymore.


3. Who doesn’t afraid anything might be the one most evil. Who fear many things might be the kind one.

4. Happiness is not come from Achievement, Qualification or Owning. It is from Grateful, Passion and Dreaming of it.

26. Our thinking not make them true, they assume it is.

29. If you are kind and do wrong thing, you are not better. While the evil one who did right thing can be acceptable. However, balanced is perfect.

30. You lost if you travel referring your heart. The compass is your mind. However, it is the tool to reach destination, not to enjoying the adventure.

However, nice quote.

Life is the hardest stage.

Great list. With #1 however, I choose to love difficult people from afar. Sometimes trying to love them in person means compromising too much of myself. Walking away with peace in your heart can sometimes be the best thing for some relationships. I think about what I have learned and move on.

1. Life is not a fairy tale
2. Never expect anything
3. Karma is always there
4. If you become happy, life will give you something that will make you feel miserable afterwards


I’m sorry but 29 is wrong if you are being honest with yourself.
Maybe I’m misunderstanding it but I would say:
A polite murderer is not a better person than a rude person who causes no actual harm.
I know I’m coming off as harsh but doing what is right is the most important thing, otherwise you just have good intentions which can lead to anything..

Carol Munga
#TrulyLifepointers….My fav no.27 & 29…so true.

Most of us lie to ourselves every day, we live our life blaming everyone but ourselves for our failures,the first thing we do is to try to find someone to blame when something goes wrong,until we learn to be responsible of our own destiny we’ll stuck in life finding someone to blame.

Some peoples heads are away with the stars while others enjoy the dirt.

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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Mer 26 Fév - 15:19

Life Lessons
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Unconditional acceptance is something we want, but rarely ever give out. When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that's true love.
#9885 Comments (0) - by Angel - Love - Yes, I agree. (4) - No, I disagree. (0) sharethis
You can’t control everything. Sometimes you just need to relax & have faith that things will work out. Let go a little & just let life be.
#9884 Comments (0) - by Angel - Life - Yes, I agree. (7) - No, I disagree. (1) sharethis
It's time to break the habits that have been holding you back. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer grows you.
#9883 Comments (0) - by Marc - Life - Yes, I agree. (12) - No, I disagree. (1) sharethis
Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it. Sometimes what you never expected turns out to be what you need.
#9882 Comments (0) - by Marc - Life - Yes, I agree. (9) - No, I disagree. (3) sharethis
You know you're on the right track in life when you become uninterested in looking back, and eager to take the next step.
#9850 Comments (0) - by Marc - Life - Yes, I agree. (16) - No, I disagree. (0) sharethis
You can't be afraid to have certain conversations. It's better to talk & find out, than to keep going & get nowhere. Communication is key.
#9849 Comments (0) - by Marc - Relationships - Yes, I agree. (15) - No, I disagree. (0) sharethis
Do NOT let the ghosts you once knew in the past overcrowd the possibilities of the present, or overcomplicate everything the future holds.
#9848 Comments (0) - by Marc - Knowledge - Yes, I agree. (15) - No, I disagree. (2) sharethis
You can be comfortable or courageous, but you cannot be both. By taking a leap of faith, you find out who YOU are truly capable of becoming.
#9847 Comments (0) - by Marc - Goals - Yes, I agree. (17) - No, I disagree. (2) sharethis
Be extra kind to the people in your life. The person you took for granted today may turn out to be the only person you need tomorrow.
#9846 Comments (0) - by Marc - Relationships - Yes, I agree. (25) - No, I disagree. (1) sharethis
Remember, giving up and moving on are two very different things. When things aren't adding up in your life, it's time to start subtracting.
#9845 Comments (0) - by Marc - Life - Yes, I agree. (20) - No, I disagree. (0) sharethis
Do little things daily to show your loved ones you care. Knowing that the person you're thinking of has you on their mind too means a lot.
#9844 Comments (0) - by Marc - Relationships - Yes, I agree. (14) - No, I disagree. (0) sharethis
There is a time to speak out and a time to remain silent. Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing whether or not to say it.
#9843 Comments (0) - by Marc - Relationships - Yes, I agree. (24) - No, I disagree. (2) sharethis
Today, surround yourself with people who lift you higher - those who see the great potential in you, even when you don't see it in yourself.
#9812 Comments (0) - by Marc - Relationships - Yes, I agree. (17) - No, I disagree. (3) sharethis
Happiness comes a lot easier when you stop complaining about your problems and you start being grateful for all the problems you don't have.
#9811 Comments (2) - by Marc - Happiness - Yes, I agree. (23) - No, I disagree. (2) sharethis
We must fail sometimes in order to know, and hurt in order to grow. Good things often fall apart so better things can fall together.
#9810 Comments (0) - by Marc - Knowledge - Yes, I agree. (12) - No, I disagree. (2) sharethis
Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break this negative habit. Talk about your joys, your loves, and your dreams instead.
#9809 Comments (0) - by Marc - Happiness - Yes, I agree. (34) - No, I disagree. (1) sharethis
Be a voice, not an echo. Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. Find the courage to bring your ideas and dreams to life.
#9808 Comments (0) - by Marc - Life - Yes, I agree. (26) - No, I disagree. (3) sharethis
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Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Mer 26 Fév - 15:19

february 2013

Picture Quotes
Random Quotes


Here is a collection of inspirational quotes that teach life lessons. Whether it’s living life to the fullest, or creating a meaningful life, we’ve curated these quotes to help you get your life on track.
The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.
The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
Henry David Thoreau
Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.
Marcus Aurelius
bukowski life lesson
More Picture Quotes about Life →
So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.
The Eagles
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
Norman Cousins
I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.
Charles R. Swindoll
Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.
George Bernard Shaw
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.
Helen Keller
The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
Mark Twain
The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.
Muhammad Ali
Our prime purpose in life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
Dalai Lama
Don’t be content in your life just to do no wrong, be prepared every day to try and do some good.
Sir Nicholas Winton
Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change. Life’s too short to be anything but happy.
Read 20 more inspirational life quotes →
In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry you make it double. Don’t worry; be happy.
Bobby McFerrin
So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things.
Morrie Schwartz
Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.
Dale Carnegie
The man who is intoxicated with life does not pass judgment, does not seek to come to a conclusion, does not impose his message on the world.
Henry Miller
We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill
Read 10 Inspirational Life Quotes by Steve Jobs →
We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
Joseph Campbell
Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.
C.S. Lewis
Do you know another great “life lesson quote”? Add it below in the comments or submit a picture quote…
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Mer 26 Fév - 15:20

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A life lesson is just what it sounds like -- a lesson you learn in life. It's really based on the idea of learning from your mistakes. These lessons could be described as defining moments that are remembered. Since they are based on an individual's life experiences, they are unique to each person.

Life lessons can occur in any area. Although we learn many things each day, we don't always learn something that we feel will affect our behavior for the rest of our lives. This separates a life lesson from everything else we learn. It is usually something we feel profoundly changed by.

For example, if we respond in a certain way to something and then face unpleasant consequences from our actions, this can make us rethink how we handled the situation. We would want to make different choices and decisions in the future to get the outcome we wanted instead of the one we didn't. This can serve as a life lesson so that when confronted with similar circumstances, we can consciously change our behavior. To put it simply, a life lesson teaches us not to make the same mistake twice.

Life lessons can serve to help us understand ourselves better. Since the lesson is learned through the consequences of our actions or reactions, in this way we can gain insight into how we think, act and react in certain situations. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons we can ultimately learn is that while we can't control everything, we can control our response to things.

An example of a life lesson in the area of work and career could be the revelation that making a modest living at something we are passionate about is better than working at an unpleasant or dull job for more money. Such lessons in relationships are as varied and unique as each relationship, yet there are common themes such as spending more time with loved ones. Some of us learn a major life lesson when a loved one dies and we wish we had spent more time with that person. This lesson can result in us spending more time with our remaining loved ones.

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10 Oscar-Worthy Movies Every Entrepreneur Should See
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Post 3
be careful who you trust. you have to harden your heart to the world. the people you trust are the ones who will hurt you in a heartbeat. most people would disagree but my story tells all. i trusted my biological father with everything in me. he raped me for a year and a half and is now being punished for it. you can't trust everyone, not even those who you think you can trust. --brittnay r.
Post 2
the most important lesson in life is to have fun.

people seem to have money problems these days and are always unsatisfied with their wealth status.

What's more important? money or a good life? You earn money for better life but why not put down the greed and instead live a happy life with no money concerns?
Post 1
One of the life lessons would be not to be judgmental. Very often we might not fully understand a certain issue or behavior, and later on in life when we are faced with the same situation, we realize, aha, that is what it really meant.

So be kind, always, a good life lesson.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 24 Avr - 5:02

1st january 2014

Philosophers Notes Challenge – Day 15: Mastering Your Mind and Body

You’ve crossed the halfway mark, 

Today’s day 15 of the challenge, and we don’t know about you, but our brains
are certainly overflowing with inspiration, big ideas and such and an ignited
passion to change our lives that we’re bursting with excitement to start.

So to help tie it all in together, today’s book in the challenge, Body Mind Mastery
by Dan Millman
, looks at a holistic approach to transforming your mind and body.

 “Body Mind Mastery provides a clear map to a less stressful, more meaningful
approach to practicing sport and life. It’s not about dedicating your life to your training,
but dedicating your training to your life.” 

– Dan Millman from Body Mind Mastery

So whether you’re an athlete, or more of a casual gym bunny, this book will not only
inspire you to take charge of your physical health, but of your mind too.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 24 Avr - 5:03

march10th 2013

just making sure you know about this great deal. It’s too good to
miss out and it’ll end at any time now.

If you hadn't heard yet, we've pulled together all 30 Notes from the Challenge into one
album. These are Brian's favorite notes from the entire collection!

>>> You can get it now right here.

During the 30 day Challenge this collection of notes will make it easy for you to:

  • Reference big ideas from your favorite Notes without watching an entire video...

  • Listen to Notes on the go, while you jog, queue, or commute to work...

  • Expand your horizons with no extra time from your busy schedule...

  • Spark new insights and ideas while staring into space…

  • Wake up with all the answers in your head while daydreaming…

  • Take in a lot more knowledge during your bed time reading…

Not only will you access these Notes from the Challenge in advance…

You'll ALSO get Brian's beautiful PDF notes so you can circle back anytime to review
the big ideas from each video.

That's 30 powerful Notes, available at your fingertips right here. Grab a hot coffee and
satisfy your knowledge hunger in one sitting…. Or browse through it during your quiet
mornings, evenings, or weekends at your own convenience.

That’s not all. Some really great stuff is coming up in the next few days. We promise,
if you take this up now, you can get in on the surprises and get started now. Just don’t
tell the people who are still waiting for it.

You'd rather find out now? Good.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 24 Avr - 5:03

may 10th 2012

[size=18]2 important things (one’s a suspense) 


The Philosophers Notes Team via 
Apr 1

to me

Hey aurélie iparraguirre, 
2 things important, real quick... 
First, we have a special activity that you can participate and experience. 
It’s called the Philosophers Notes 30-day Challenge. 
Each day for 30 days, you'll have a new video from Brian discussing his
thoughts and views on a particular book from the Philosophers Notes
But Brian’s video is merely getting the conversation started – it’s YOUR
thoughts we want to hear aurélie iparraguirre!
Brian hopes to connect with you and thousands of other like-minded people
across the globe in the world’s largest life-changing book club! 
In each video, Brian will discuss a particular book that has made a profound
difference in his life, in a bid to inspire you with yours.
And… now the suspense part. 
If you haven't ordered your copy of Philosophers Notes yet, we have something
special for you.
It’s a really special offer - one that we’ve never done before - for you. 
We prepared this offer for you just so that you'll be able to review the Notes as
Brian tackles each one in the Video during the challenge next week.
That’ll make it a one-of-a-kind educational experience… 
You’ll get all the details tomorrow. You're in for a surprise. Smile 
Happy Growth Hacking,
The Philosophers Notes Team
P.S. : “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word
in reality.”
Martin Luther King said that and now is the time you realize the ultimate truth his
statement holds. 
What Brian has created in Philosophers Notes will expose the unarmed truth for
you - in an easy way - and once you get that, you’ll find yourself bathing in
unconditional love. 
So watch out for your special offer tomorrow. 
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 24 Avr - 5:04

[size=18]Philosophers Notes Challenge – Day 4: Uncovering the secrets of the millionaire mind


Philosophers Notes via 
Apr 10

to me

What creates a millionaire mindset?
Is it brains, determination or this book?
Okay, we can’t guarantee today’s book in the challenge will generate
you millions, but it certainly has for others.
So to get a taste of how, take part in today’s challenge on Secrets of
the Millionaire Mind
 by T. Harv Eker.
Using the principles he teaches, T. Harv Eker went from zero to being a millionaire
in only two-and-a-half years. Eker is also the president of Peak Potentials Training,
one of the fastest growing success training businesses in North America. 
“It all comes down to this: if your subconscious ‘financial blueprint’ is not ‘set’ for success,
nothing you learn, nothing you know, and nothing you do will make much of a difference.” 

– T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
>>>Click here to take part in today’s challenge.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 24 Avr - 5:04

[size=18]Philosophers Notes Challenge – Day 8: Thinking and Growing Rich


Apr 14 (10 days ago)

to me

[ltr][size=16]We're up to day 8 in the Philosophers Notes Challenge, and by
now you've got a taste of what it takes to get into the millionaire
mindset, you've looked at liberating your spirit, and also
rediscovered how powerful the Law of Attraction is.

Not bad for only 8 days, right?
So to continue with the same theme of the last few days (where we've
being looking at attracting crazy amounts of abundance), today we're
going to be studying one of the best-selling success books of all time, 
Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

“When you begin to think and grow rich, you will observe that riches begin
with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work.
You, and every other person, ought to be interested in knowing how to acquire
that state of mind which will attract riches… Observe very closely, as soon as
you master the principles of this philosophy, and begin to follow the instructions
for applying those principles, your financial status will begin to improve, and
everything you touch will begin to transmute itself into an asset for your benefit.
Impossible? Not at all!” 
– Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich

So, are you ready to take part in today's challenge and learn how to think
and grow rich?
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 24 Avr - 5:05

[size=18]Your challenge, if you choose to accept...


Philosophers Notes via 
Apr 7

to me

On your marks. Get set. Go!
Okay, so maybe it’s not quite the Olympics. But we think this challenge will stretch
your mind further than Usain Bolt’s legs did in his epic race last year.
And in case you didn’t read our last email (it’s okay, we understand), the challenge
we’re referring to is the 30-Day Philosophers Notes Challenge.
In short, Brian Johnson, prolific entrepreneur with a knack for founding multi-million
dollar businesses, has released the insights that started it all for him, thePhilosophers Notes. 
And while we think Brian is a genius in his own right, these “notes” are actually a summary
of some of the greatest personal development and business books in history.
So to give you a little taste of these famous "notes," we want to invite you to join thePhilosophers
Notes Challenge, where each day, Brian will be releasing a new video discussing a different
book from his Philosophers Notes collection. 
The idea is to get your mind flowing with new juicy insights, and you chatting with like-minded
people about your thoughts... regardless of how philosophical they are (no judgment, we promise!).
So your challenge for today, if you choose to accept, is on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
by Stephen R. Covey.
One of the reasons we decided to start with this book is because it's been voted as
the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century, and has sold a staggering
15 million copies. So even if you have read it before, you'll probably will benefit from reminding
yourself the key insights.
One of our favorite quotes from the book is:
“I believe that a life of integrity is the most fundamental source of personal worth. I do not agree with
the popular success literature that says that self-esteem is primarily a matter of mind set, of attitude—
that you can psych yourself into peace of mind. Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony
with true principles and values and in no other way.”

>>> Click here to access today’s challenge
Simply click on the above link, listen to Brian’s video, and then add your thoughts in the comments box
below to take part in the challenge.
To unleashing that creative little genius inside of you,
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Jeu 24 Avr - 5:06

1st january 2013

The 30 Day Challenge was one of them. For the next month Brian will be taking
you through his favorite 30 notes, inviting the whole community of over 49,000
people to join the discussion.

And we also said that there will be one more surprise coming your way...
We just needed some time to put everything together and so we couldn't say
much yesterday.

But now everything is ready just waiting for you...
See, our mission here at Mindvalley is to do everything we can to boost your
learning experience. And there is no better time than now - right before the 30 Day
Challenge starts.

With this, you will make the most of these 30 days.
And that's why starting today you can get a special collection of notes, with all
30 of the notes Brian is going through in the challenge.

>>> You can get all the details here.
This is a great introduction to the program if you're a little overwhelmed by the
number of notes in the full collection… Or if you're just a little strapped for cash
at the moment.

Hope this helps!
The Philsophers Notes Team
PS: The best thing about our 30-Day Challenge collection? These notes are
Brian's top picks from all 5 categories. So you'll be able to explore a wide variety
of subjects…from personal growth to prosperity.

>>> Check out the full list here to see what you'll get.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Mar 13 Mai - 16:00

MARCH 20 2014

A funny thing happens to people when they try Philosophers Notes for the first time. After realizing how easy it is to "hack" reading so they can absorb so much more knowledge in just 20 minutes each day… They start to wonder what other little tricks they can use to get more done and live a happier life. So we've put together a little set of audios to help you get more out of your busy life. And we're going to toss it in for nothing, if you get Philosophers Notes before our special offer ends in 4 days. >>> We're calling it the "Focus Zen" audio pack. It's a set of 5 powerful brain-boosting audio exercises for your brain. All you have to do is sit back, plug in your headphones, and relax, as the audios train your brain to… Wake up immediately and effortlessly without caffeine. Rewire your brain to easily tackle tough situations and difficult problems. Sink softly into a calm and meditative state of mind on demand. Keep your mind from wandering and beat back procrastination. And perform better and complete everyday tasks faster than you thought possible. And it's yours free when you order one of the full Philosophers Notes packages in the next 4 days. So if you've ever wanted to be able to do more with your mind… >>> Just click here and claim your bonus audios now. Yes, you STILL get the discount. We're just sweetening the deal. And if you already bought the notes, don't worry, we're upgrading all previous customers and comping them the Focus Zen Pack too. We're nice that way. To your expanding wisdom, The Philosophers Notes Team PS: Imagine how much more free time you'd have if you could train your mind to be more productive and creative! >>> Reclaim your day with Philosophers Notes PLUS the Focus Zen audio pack now.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Mar 13 Mai - 16:11

APRIL &15 2010

Philosophers Notes Challenge – Day 10: Dream Big

How are you enjoying the Philosophers Notes Challenge so far, aurélie iparraguirre?
We've been getting a crazy amount of love and some pretty awesome insights
from you guys about the different books in the challenge.

Here's what Nadine Brauer, from the American Writers & Artists, Inc., said about
the challenge:

"Thanks Brian, have not read this book and enjoyed the quick overview. Looking
forward to reading and listening to the full note soon. Love the skill and challenge
level example and it is so true. The message is starting to get into my brain too
about practice. Thanks for the daily pick-me-up and reminder." 

Perhaps we're just ridiculous book worms, but we're loving exploring the key
findings from each book with you, so keep the discussions and comments going.

So, a little about today's book in the challenge. 
We think it should be compulsory reading in school, as too many of us underestimate
our own potential and shrink away from our own dreams and potential. 

The book in question is The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
“Think big and you’ll live big. You’ll live big in happiness. You’ll live big in
accomplishment. Big in income. Big in friends. Big in respect... Start now, right now,
to discover how to make your thinking make magic for you.”
– David J. Schwartz from The Magic of Thinking Big.

We can't recommend this book enough.
It really has the potential to shake your thinking to the very core and finally give you
the confidence to dream big.

So, to get started, you know the drill.
Simply listen to Brian's short video explaining the key powerful insights from this book,
and as always, leave your thoughts, feelings or well-respected wisdom in the comments
box to get involved! 

>>>Click here to take part in today's challenge.
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Masculin Nombre de messages : 22115
Date d'inscription : 17/05/2007

MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Mar 13 Mai - 16:12

Philosophers Notes Challenge – Day 11: Being Happy For No Reason

Hre you ready to rock day 11?
But before we start, let’s take a look at what some of you said about yesterday's

"Thank you Brian for the daily 10 minutes session. Since day 1, I am already
getting up at 5.00am to start my day. Prior to that, procrastination had been affecting
me a lot. Alas I've started to act confidently by thinking big confidently....!"

- Tirunavokarasan Manickam 

"Thanks again Brian, your notes on philosophy are brilliant and helping me to think
positively and BIG as I venture into starting my own business as a teacher and a writer..." 

– Kirsten McAleese

So to continue with the challenge, today we’re going to be studying Happy For No Reason
by Marci Shimoff.

This incredible book is like a boost of inspiration, but for the soul... quite literally, as
Marci Shimoff is the person who came up with the idea for Chicken Soup for the Woman’s
Soul. And in this book, she weaves together some of the best ideas from the positive psychology
movement with what she calls the “Happy 100,” ranging from people like Elizabeth Gilbert
(who wrote Eat Pray Love) to Michael Bernard Beckwith (founder of Agape Spiritual Center and
star of The Secret).

“Happy for No Reason isn’t elation, euphoria, mood spikes or peak experiences that don’t last.
It doesn’t mean grinning like a fool 24/7 or experiencing a superficial high. Happy for No Reason
isn’t an emotion. In fact, when you are Happy for No Reason, you can have any emotion – including
sadness, fear, anger, or hurt – but you still experience that underlying state of peace and well-being…
When you’re Happy for No Reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying
to extract happiness from them. You don’t need to manipulate the world around you to try to make
yourself happy. You live from happiness, rather than for happiness.” 

– Marci Shimoff from Happy for No Reason

So to take part in today’s challenge, you know the drill.
Just listen to Brian’s video and then share your biggest “aha!” moment in our discussion box.
>>>Click here to take part in today’s challenge
To the art of being happy for no reason,
The Philosophers Notes Team
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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   Mar 13 Mai - 16:40

humans despise those who criticize stuff, living creautr,es and them . they cant stand that thats wh they like those who criticize nothing % they think theyre perect or close to it and like their presence and friendship because they shut up ů in their lives, with their friends, familie,s in  their social newtokrs, emails etc they never write nor say something that is a criticize to the systme, to notions, to beings, to nothing no one : result, everybod loves them : they think youre sympatehtic when you dont citicize never ever and youre antipathique?, when  criticize evrtyhing and society sthablishment injusticies being they dont like and know dont like anyone people who do immoral stuff on their comuters and they read it so they wanna complain about it : just basically shut up dont you even critize nothing no one even if those dont know them coz the dont like ou even if you criticize those they and ou dont know ; if you say meat is cruel the think meat is not cruel so they dont like you because o that criticism : the absolutely relal wnt you to not ciritcize even if it got nothing to do with them : they want you to be all like this wold is perfect & everyones happy when we all fake to be perfect and we all pretend theres nothing bad on earth and everyones friends and smile! hypocricy thats what it is : you jsut say one thing about anthing they aborrecer??? even though the ones who criticie a lot quesiton everything are clever and right , even though theyre right thise who dont like them think theyre wrong : those who never criticier no one their connaisance , the world, the politics, nothing lie to themselves in their subconcious they find stuff that are wrong with humans the dont know, knwo politics, environment etc but they dont wanna recogize that: the know those who criticze are right and themselves who dont critize are wrong in their subconscient maybe but are to mauviette?? to recognize the truth ; wow the want to make this a world of hypocricy where nobody ceitice injustices in their neghborohood, job, school, the whole planet eart and stuff like thsi for isntance ou say youre cruel coz you buy dead animals and eat them = the dont like you because you criticze billions of humans and me myself and i of course comes first , as they take this for them not for the world : you critize saying humans are destroying the environment, no theyre not destroying it, we do what we want, we are nice, we respect eveyrone everything and were all friends! fake friends hypocrites who rpetend they see eveyrone as perfect but with a few beigns theyre talking bad about them behind their backs there theyre finally say what they think and no more lies but its a secret, they wotn tlel that persons coz theyd get mad and stuff ! so its not that they think everyone on earth or at least everyone the know is perfect but they fake, the act
its ok the can hate us all they want its better that we keep with our non brianswehd brains and right brains, the can keep on thinkin with their right ones, they can keep on living as hypocrites for the rest of their existences and us as truth tellers and truth seekers, they can live thinking illuminati animals transformed into food human and enrionmental injusticies animal cruelty and stuff are pure inventions , they can keep on doing all evil and pretending to be saints, and never ever criticizn nothign & nobody on earth its better that they hate us and we are free spirits and non conformsits and we do the right stuf and denounce all the bad stuff than be sheep liek them conformsits who pretend everythigns great on earth and who got no one true friend or family love because lal its pretending, this is sick ! we keep telling the truth while eveybods hating us, we keep on thinking not the rubbish they think and the keep on having their brains empty and full of rubbhis til the day they die, we msut not feel insutled, hurt coo they dont like us : we must keep the fight til we die even thoguh everone who dont know & know us hate us ! we dont care ! we must not care ! whats mroe improtant 
its better that the change us and we become brainless cruel superficial like them and conformed to this universe or that we keep our own original humane ideas and that we act for the world earth ? we must keep on being like we are not change because we are the one whore right to be as we are to denounce every rubbissh on earth oh yeah YAHWEH and theyre the one whore wrong to be ok with all the crayz inhumanities

NOUS SORTONS DES TENEBRES NOUS ALlons vers la lumiere, nous allons vers un nouveau monde fait dhumanite
lame humaien a retoruve ses aile, elle prend enfin son envol, lavenir glorieux qui nous appartient a tous, regardons dans le ciel,

un veut donner du bhoneur on doit pas hair et humilier personne on peut tous avoir une vie belle libre, lenvie a empoissone les esprit des homme, on a sombre dans la misere et les effusion de sang, notre savoir nous a fait devenir cynique, nous ressentons pas assez et nous pensosn trop, sans humanite la vie nest plus que violence, la bonte des etre humain, que dans la fraternite lamitie, vicitme qudun system qui emrisonne les faible, ne desesperez pas, qui ont peur des progres qua accompi lhumanite, le pouvoir qui etait aupeuple va retourner au peuple
on nous dit ce quiil faut faire ce quil faut penser
une machine dans les tete une machine dans le coeur
ce qui nest pas ai damour
le royaume de DIEU est dans les humain pas dans un seul humain mais dans tous les humain
il fau tous nous unir il faut nous abttre pour un monde nouveau, il font un esclave du peuple, il faut nous battre pour liberer le monde, pour en finir avec la haine, lintolerance, un monde qui menra tous les homme vers le bohneur, citoyen au nom de la DIEU democratie unissons nous tous
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MessageSujet: Re: philosophy   

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