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 Sexual Fetish Torture of Animals on facebook

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MessageSujet: Sexual Fetish Torture of Animals on facebook   Jeu 30 Mai - 8:27

27 de maio de 2013

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Posted to Animal Sexual Torture Fetish's O… by Janet JyotiMay 4
To: Mark Zuckerman CEO of facebook
A man named, "SAMY ALMOGRABI" has a very explicit page on facebook,of the most Graphic Torture of Animals I have ever seen. facebook will not remove him, stating that, "the content is not offensive enough" The content shows, all types of Animals being butchered alive, bound by ropes, cutting off pieces of flesh,whilst they are still alive, Video footage of animals writhing in agony as they torture them. People covered in their blood, smiling and trying to make it look as sexual as possible, by smearing themselves in the Animals blood. WE must be a voice for these poor Animals that are being tortured in this way. If they were humans, it would be a different story, however for facebook, animals hold no value at all. They are living,feeling,loving creatures,with a heart, sentient beings, that deserve better treatment than this..Please take the time and help me and the Animals, by signing this petition to get this banned from facebook.We are taking a stand and saying, "this is not acceptable" All signatures will be sent directly to Mark Zuckerberg.Thank you..
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Sexual Fetish Torture of Animals on facebook
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